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Trust in the Lord with all your heart & lean not unto your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him & He will direct your path. Prov 3:5-6

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Season 1. coco x sam x joelle x lionel. @dearwhitepeople


B unit. A throwback.


There are districts where the vote is so close we can help swing democracy in a direction that benefits YOU & YOU can help. #1 by voting, and #2 by volunteering. You may live somewhere you know the votes are predominantly blue, but you can use your time to make sure the scale tips blue in places that are able to lean one way or another. This is a practical way you can affect change. No more wondering. Go to thelastweekend.org to find out where you can help make change happen. Why blue? Well, right now in this country, being red is not inclusive. Neither party is perfect or makes the country absolutely perfect by being the majority, but right now a republican majority means there is power in place that hurts more people than it helps. Volunteer with @swingleft to help change the course of our history for the better.


Thanks @amandaseales for having us at @smartfunnyandblack!!! Never could have dreamed of being a part of a game show so real, so fun and so black! I took the “L”, but it was to my girl @ashleyblaine so I’m good with that! Also (cough) I was in the lead until the ultimate question😛 🖤




I just saw this. Incredibly powerful. Now It’s your turn. 🖤 #monstersandmenfilm



As an American citizen, Two things are for certain: being registered to vote is your privilege and voting is your right. Today is the national day of shining a light on YOU. Everything that you love/hate about the world around you in this country is directly related to your policy makers, judges, district attorneys, etc.—And we ELECT them. There are resources (@rockthevote @aclu_nationwide) that will educate you on all of your ballot options & how they directly affect you. Go to VOTE.Gov to register today, please :) #nationalvoterregistrationday #Nov6


Nothing changes if nothing changes. Register today and vote on Nov. 6 w/@RocktheVote #nationalvoterregistrationday #NVRD


EMMY WINNER, yes. But BEAUTIFUL HUMAN. Regina should be in the center of this pic, but she orchestrated a photo op for us with our moms and jumped in after! Congratulations!! You’ve deserved this for years. The trophy doesn’t define your talent, but it is damn good for you to be recognized by your peers for your work. And Congrats on your EMMY NOMINATION Zazie. It was lovely to meet such a lovely gal!


Aint no party like a @netflix party cus a Netflix party...........sorry—-you had to be there #DearWhitePeople


Our thriller ••• The Perfection ••• will premier at @fantastic.fest this Thursday 9/20! Allison Williams x Richard Shepard. See you soon Austin! 🎻