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Prov 3:5-6

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not much has changed 💌


the shadow only proves the light


For me, a million followers on @Instagram is a reminder of my platform. I need you all to know how important you and your voice are too so I asked a million (well, about 50) of my family members & friends how to make the world a better place. Here’s what they said! Share how you can make the world a better place below. Thank you for being a phenomenal online (& real world) community 🖤 (•SWIPE•)


🖤 from “private lives” by noel coward


@dearwhitepeople Vol. 3️⃣ • Sam & Lionel & Troy & Coco & Joelle & Reggie & Gabe & Al & Rashid & Kelsey & Brooke & Kurt & Muffy & Clifton & Silvio •


Met an icon last night. He likes to dance and eat s’mores: THE @michaelkors 🦋




Heyyyyy!!!! It’s Election Day 🗳 and I want to post your Voter Selfies!!! Go to VOTE.COM to find your polling place, and #Vote! Take a picture with your “i voted” sticker and @ me on your instastory with the hashtag #PHENOMENALVOTER so I can RESHARE it with the world!! Thanks for bringing us together @phenomenal.ly 🖤