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Trust in the Lord with all your heart & lean not unto your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him & He will direct your path. Prov 3:5-6

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In Crazy Rich Asians when Rachel is running through the party with its creepy carnival fun house aesthetic, one of the Young family members yells after her about being Cinderella. I can’t believe I missed it on my own. Coming into the wedding with her beautiful powder blue ball gown & hair up like a crown—which her friends helped her to achieve—she was Cinderella! Duh.. I know.. Duh.. But then I thought of Disney’s tv remake of Roger’s & Hammerstein’s Cinderella—the Brandy & Whitney Cinderella as I’ve always affectionately called it. That movie was important, but I don’t remember it ever really being discussed—I was also 7 so I don’t think I was thumbing through opinion pieces in TIME magazine. Now we discuss diversity in popular media with every casting or film release, but then it was powerful because it happened to be commentary without any explanation. It didn’t fight to do anything other than tell a story we knew with people who ethnically didn’t seem to fit together to make the advertised picture on the front of a puzzle box. Everyone represented puzzle pieces from different boxes & the mosaic of the film was the true art—not just the version of diversity Hollywood thinks is profitable from time to time. It was like going to see a show on Broadway. The actors playing family are often an ethnical hodgepodge, but there is never an extra slip in your program to edify on how that is posible—it just is. When you get into conversations on the importance of how Disney casted their leads for Cinderella, one of the main topics is the desirable prince cast as an Asian man & the woman he chose cast as a Black woman—both statistically least desirable when it comes to dating in America. Here they were in all their glory & in the leading roles of the story. I loved Crazy Rich Asians & want to see more films like it. We need to see varied cultural representation in mainstream stories to allow people underserved to be seen, heard & welcomed to their seat at the table, but also to expand the collective national perspective beyond monolithic stereotypes. I also loved seeing myself & a world without color limitations in Cinderella & want to see and make more films like it.


Victorian little LO peep pirating your soul


Mon Amie @camilleswinbush 💜


What had happened was... @tashareikobrown blessed my face, @theshelbyswain played with my hair, @waymanandmicah dressed me up, @adinareyter splashed me with jewels, @stepupwomensnetwork & @lionsgate invited me to host, & @spywhodumpedme cracked me up (catch it Aug3rd)


Part of being a person of color awakened to the injustices of black people is constantly being aware and heartbroken about yet another person of color wrongfully taken from this world because of a situation based in fear or hate. It’s a part of the process to share and protest about it, but it is heavy on the heart. I wish more people who are white would take note of what @annehathaway just did and said. Please share this weight in the world with us. Please share the injustices on your social medias sometimes. Your person/page doesn’t have to turn into a walking picket sign, but you make the effort to post about the women’s marches, you make the effort to post about senseless gun violence, and you take the time to post about bullying/homophobia. You as a person who is white in America can make the effort to understand the experience of those who are not, and be vocal about the truth. Be an ally. Be an amplifier. If this is the home of the brave, prove it ❣️ #NiaWilson #sayhername


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Some people focus on being THE best. But that’s subjective to the opinions of others and has a finite peak. I find happiness & success focusing on doing MY best—which grows with me when I accomplish every personal goal. Thank you for allowing me to share that with you today @hercampus


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Dear @jameslarosa, I am so incredibly proud of you. You made a baby, loved it, and when it was taken away you never stopped fighting to get it back. You are proof of what love, hard work, and determination bring. Dear @hitthefloor fans, You all loved this show from day one. You’re the reason it was such a hit and the reason Devils Nation will Rise Up on its new network @bet. PS. YES you’re gonna see my stank ass on the show! Now stop asking and watch the premiere of Season FOUR tonight at 10/9c ;) love yall! #onceadevilalwaysadevil😈


Currently sitting at 950k followers. Wow.. Even though it is ‘just a number’ and this is ‘just an app’, I feel like a team captain—in a position of influence and responsibility. No day is promised, so before we reach that 1mill mark, please know I appreciate all 950,000 of you for being on my team today. Thanks for rockin with me. I wish you love 🖤 📷: @marcusezell


Sorry to Bother You, but go see this movie. (Said in my Logan voice—which is pretty hoarse at the moment🐴)