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Breakin’ hearts since 2012. I’m a low content Wolfdog living in Colorado where the adventures never end. @sharktoof is my pet.


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We must be free not because we claim freedom, but because we practice it. _ Song, “For Island Fires and Family” @dermotkennedy #GoPro #Hero7 #LokiFootage


Don’t tell anyone, but I didn’t wait 30 minutes after my snack before getting in the water. 🏊🏽‍♂️


Liberty for wolves is death to the lambs.


In youth we learn. In age we understand.... ..that we don’t need to get rid of toys, they just get bigger 🏎🚒 _ @toyotausa #4runner #keepitwild #sponsored


Would you rather live with four seasons or by the ocean? _ It’s a question I’ve wrestled with my entire life.


I haven’t been given much in my life except for you, and that’s enough for every life I may ever live. - @a.r.asher


Smoke my heart Burn my soul Part by part Or as a whole ~Samba _ Something new is coming in collaboration with @wolfgangmanandbeast Excited to share it with you soon.


Drove out West for a long overdue visit with the little feather, Yote. He’s doing well in southern Oregon with my fam. After a few seconds of surprise, we was back to terrorizing Bailey’s ankles. 😂 _ My heart is full remembering where he’s come from. His life as a desert rat turned into the Lund watchdog roaming the woods in the PNW.


Road trip diary 📕: Minute 36. Took three naps and already ate all my snacks. My brother keeps tooting. Morale is low. Will write more when i can... _ Come follow our adventures in the @gopherpaw, we’re headed to see a little beast on the west coast.


My Mama always said, “You got to put the past behind you before you can move on.” And I think that’s what my running was all about. -Forrest Gump


Then Loki said to Skaði, the goddess of winter: “Do your worst, and I shall do mine.” _ Music: “Stadium Pow Wow” @atribecalledred Edit: @exitworldfilms #LokiFootage