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Loki the Wolfdog

Breakin’ hearts since 2012. I’m a low content Wolfdog living in Colorado where the adventures never end. @sharktoof is my pet.


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Since that first breath, we’ll need grace that we’ve never given. _ “Wooden Heart” -The Listener #lokifootage


GIVEAWAY! We’re giving away our Wolves in the Wind photography presets for Lightroom to three Loki followers. Even if you don’t have Lightroom on your computer, you can use these presets on the free mobile Lightroom CC app. Here are the details: 1. Tag a friend who loves taking photos and tell us in comment what you love taking pictures of. 2. Follow @jessepackwood, the wizard behind this project. _ (Jesse created special files to download to your phone and a video tutorial on how to get our presets on your phone. Email him with any customer care related questions at jesse@lokithwolfdog.com) _ Winners will be chosen sometime on Wednesday the 21st.


Haters will say it was photoshopped. But no, IT WAS DOUBLE KISSES. _ Photo cred: @kylor


I won’t deny it. I’m a ruff ridah. You don’t want to snuggle with me without treats. _ #builtonBFG @bfgoodrichtires #KM3 #sponsored


Those icy blue mountains laying in your eye speak words I never could. #heterochromia _ Photo ninja: @kylor


Look how they shine for you. _ Sitting there watching him sleep on the edge of that desert cliff, felt like just that. _ #bealpha


Snuggles - it’s how the light gets in. ✨


Don’t go lonely.


Step inside. Winter is coming, and it’s got our heart beating heavy. _ Song: “Shelter” @dermotkennedy _ Camera: @exitworldfilms #lokifootage




Life starts to feel like the tide. We go out, it exposes things, we discover. And as soon as we make it out there somewhere, there’s a pull back in - back home. So there’s a distinct point where we turn, and then everything changes, just a bit. And that pull home is just as strong. Then the moment we walk in the door, and breathe, the pull begins again. _ #letsgoplaces @toyotausa #4runner #sponsored