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Gluten free food & travel🚫🌾🚫 Creative at @leoburnettldn / @wearefallonlondon Bunny mad🐰 Fan of anything green🌿 #fdbloggers founder.


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Could very much eat yesterday’s dinner all over again today 🤤. I’m obsessed with the roasts at @leadbellysbar, and they sure know how to do Christmas. 3 courses, tons to choose from, and most dishes are GF. Stuffed and chuffed is an understatement 👏🏼 #gifted


When you feel like shite and your mum turns up with your fave donuts 😍 PS @borough22, loving the new boxes 👌🏻


Went to @milkcoffeeldn. Didn’t order the Young Betty for the 283682th time. (Partly because they’d sold out of the cornbread... But proud of myself for branching out regardless 🌚). The other GF option - the sweet corn fritters, with avo, bacon and halloumi - was actually pretty good. And they even let me order a side of burnt butter hollandaise 🤤


Reunited with my favourite Aussies 💖 #droppingbears #shirley #blesstherains


Couldn’t have put it better myself ☝️ It would be a crime to come to a new city and not have donuts. ALL of @wearenutie’s cakes, cookies, donuts and savoury options are gluten free and in I had no idea what to get. Both the vegan Cookie Monster donut and s’mores were off the chain. Even the non glutards enjoyed them. Excellent shout, @ellielfield.


Shark snooping 🦈🕵🏻‍♀️🕵🏻‍♀️🕵🏽‍♂️


Dream scenes at Manly Beach, lunching at @manlywine with local @rach.mcewen and @lblenx. 2x Cobb salad, the best chips ever and zucchini fettuccini 👌🏻V good whistle-stop tour considering the 22hr flight and drizzle 🙌🏼☔️


Safe to say we fell asleep in the meditation class 🔮🧘🏻‍♀️🕉


Blaaaady beaut of a morning chasing the sunrise all the way to Cape Byron Lighthouse. Much needed brunch at @thepasscafebyronbay ft GF corn and halloumi fritters and a double shot flat white to counteract the 4:30 alarm.


A visit to Whitehaven / heaven, meeting sea turtles, dolphins and a fuck ton of fish 🐠🐠🐠🐠


Aussies: brilliant at beaches, brunch and, what I’ve recently found out, food labelling. 80% of the menus are labelled GF/DF/V which makes things a hell of a lot easier. Our first breakfast at Airlie Beach at the seriously good vegan cafe @bohemianraw complete with GF granola. 🌈🤘


48 hours in one of my favourite cities with one of my favourite people 🇭🇰✌️Shout out to pump coke, wine and coffee for keeping us awake for 30 hours. Now for Cairns ✈️🇦🇺


It needs no introduction. Always living life on repeat at @milkcoffeeldn. Best brunch in London (order the Young Betty with cornbread) and with what better person than the one who got me addicted over two years ago, @refrainfromthegrain. Even treated me to a #Booberang whilst Balham veg buyers looked on confused 🍈🍈Can’t wait to see you and Haz next week 🚬🐶 #checkyourmelons


Stretch Armstrong called 📞 He wants his limbs back 🦑


What I would give to be eating this right now ☝️🙏 @brickwoodldn smashing the GF options. PS miss you @refrainfromthegrain 💖#gfbff