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Dream scenes for @refrainfromthegrain birthday. It felt necessary to visit to our fave spot, @milkcoffeeldn, followed by a birthday @borough22 donut. The young betty, with cornbread and burnt butter hollandaise will forever be the best dish in London.


After consuming over 15 office Deliveroos over three weeks, this was so so so needed. Lush brunch at @thebrocacafe - their gluten free and vegan huevos rancheros with scrambled tofu. Make me feel alive again 🙌🏼🌱


Women can’t compete in the Tour De France. Why? Because some think they aren’t physically capable of taking on all 21 stages. So for every female cyclist, these 13 women, @donnonsdesellesauvelo, are riding it anyway. Pumped and proud to be supporting these brilliant women on their incredible journey to 21 stages in support of equality. They’ll be riding one day ahead of the men, so although the men’s race kicks off today, they’ve already completed stage 1. Shoutout to the whole team who got this film shot, edited, posted and out the door in less than 24hours. Could not be happier working with equally passionate people on a project that could make such a difference. Please help support any way you can. Share, tweet, write, tell your friends, tell your colleagues, so that one day soon, women might have their own official TDF race. #ThisIsOurTime


The last moments of daylight featuring the insanely good @othersidefried @honestburgers special. 💯 GF bun as ever 🍔🙌🏼 Yes I took this photo on the office floor, and no I don’t care if that’s weird. 🌚


He’s only gone and done it again. On Thursday I tried @borough22’s delicious new creation inspired by NYC’s Christina Tosi... the one and only Cereal Milk Donut❗️ On hearing they’d be in @thebrocacafe this morning, just had to get a couple more. The combo of the cornflake crumb and cereal milk flavoured icing is just 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 As always, these are gluten free and vegan.


Almost impossible to choose which taco was our favourite at @breddostacos, a place I’d previously dismissed because of the ‘bread’ sounding name. BUT...four incredible GF tacos to choose from: fried chicken, pork, egg and peanut, and sweet potato 😛 Fried chicken may just edge it. 🏆Margaritas also essential.


#ThisIsOurTime. ➡️ Unfold today’s @telegraph Sport cover wrap for the full story. I don’t usually put work on the grid, but this one’s an important one. So proud of our @skodauk campaign in support of female cyclists. Not just because they look 🤘, but because they’re actually in support of change for the better. From all our research and speaking to female cyclists, there’s a real issue in the sport. Female cyclists aren’t getting the coverage and opportunities they deserve - pros and amateurs alike. This needs to change. Only 28% of UK cyclists are female VS 72% of men. Oh, plus in the year 2018, some people that still think female cyclists aren’t as good/talented/quick/strong... 🤨 These women are brilliant and they need to be celebrated. Shoutout to the dream team who got this out the door at rapid fashion 💚 Hope this inspires you to jump on a bike this weekend. 🚴🏼‍♀️ #ActsNotAds


🙌🏼PROPER PASTA🙌🏼 I’d always get so envious when my housemates would cook pillow like pasta shapes filled with all sorts of nice stuff. Pretty simple, but there’s never really much on the GF front. I’ve tried odd brands that have gluten free versions, but they’re nowhere near as nice, accessible and well priced as this gluten free spinach and ricotta ravioli from @tescofood. Also, at £1.20, it doesn’t come with the hefty GF price tag. You’ll find it hiding in the normal fresh pasta section, so keep your eyes peeled. 👀🍝


Great name. Great pizza. Even better for gluten free 🤘 @4hundredrabbits 🍕🐇 Available on @deliveroo in SE London.


Antibes-Cannes-Nice. Lush trip with this 🐀 Minus the horrific 12hr journey home.


Saving the best ‘til last. The most insane fresh salmon steak in the centre of Nice to finish off the hols. Fresh fish is literally on another level here. And completely understanding of ‘sans gluten’. Now fingers crossed our flight isn’t cancelled...


Dream house. Just a couple of 100 million too short. 🌵💶💸💰


Pit stop in Cannes & cake for breakfast after hunting down Bridget Bakery. Standard pastries and gluten free cake, granola bars and cookies. Gluten free hasn’t been the easiest to find, but when you do it’s 👌🏻


Racked up a strong 7 hours of walking today. Worth it for our trek around Cap D’Antibes 🌵🌱🌴


When you can’t stop taking photos of the architecture. 🌱🌵🌴


One of the most beautiful spots in London. 🌸🌺🌷


Do you ever get food envy of yourself? Making myself hungry on the way into work looking at Sunday’s feast at @theretreatkitchen. The family owned cafe is vegan, with tons of gluten free options, and a good excuse to wander round Richmond for the day. 🌿


Happiest when surrounded by 🌸🌿🌺🌷🌹🌴🍃