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you are such a perfect arrangement of atoms ✨

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I hope ya’ll have a beautiful, magical, wonderful day :) 💙💗


haven’t posted here in a while... again :). maybe i should have a co-owner. if you’re interested, please let me know! I hope ya’ll have a beautiful day/night ♡


me being inactive because school is shit and this account losing activity & followers bc of it makes me so so happy :) (*note the sarcasm) hey loves, i am so so sorry for being so inactive and not replying to dm’s or posting at all. there is a lot going on behind just a screen and an account. I really hope you all still support me understand, i love you all 💙


haven’t posted in a while, i’m sorry :(💗


13 reminders ♡ : • the past is in the past, focus on the future • opinions do not define reality • everyone’s journey is different • time is the essence of healing • judgement is a confession of character • overthinking will lead to paralysis/sadness • happiness is an inside job, found within • positive thoughts, create positive actions • smiles are contagious • sprinkle kindness, it’s free • you only fail if you quit/do not try • what goes around, comes around • the quicker you choose to move forward, the quicker the suffering ends those reminders are so inspiring and i love them!!! i want you all to know that even though i don’t know ya’ll, you all are very beautiful & loved :) ♡


this makeup look 😍


‘leave every bottle as empty as my promises just like the last time i swore i'd get sober for this told you i fought ‘em they tempt me i’m begging to live hands on your shoulder i told ya i'd get sober for this’ 💙


hey loves, how are ya’ll? :) i archived all my other pictures from the last ‘theme’ and restarting it. i don’t know if it is because of the instagram algorithm but i have been lacking motivation to post.... it’s like there is no interaction at all and so many people even swipe away from my story :( comment something that might help me reach more people and give me some tips cuz ya girl is dead and she lacks a lot of creativity these past few months... so comment below 💙💙


hey loves, I haven’t posted here for almost a week... again!! after tomorrow i’ll be back and try to be active. my account has been death for almost 2 months i think, so i’m doing my best to bring the activity back. i hope ya’ll had a beautiful sunday and ily💕


“sometimes, you just need a break. in a beautiful place. alone. to figure everything out.” ☁️ // these two pictures have been exploding my feed since i follow a lot of fan accounts of hers but goddamn look at this beauty tho!! 💞


hey loves, new theme has started!! i hope y’all like/love it!! ☁️


“love yourself first” ☁️💕


hey loves, i haven’t posted on here in like a week and i’m really sorry about that!! i have been focusing on school and distracting my mind with anything other than social media. i am going to try to post again and i will be really active in about a week and a half because my test week starts tomorrow. i hope y’all understand!! love youu☁️💕


*insert pretty quote* ☁️ // hey loves, i know i said this a thousand times but i will say it again, i’m sorry for being inactive! school had been killing me completely and it is not fun at all!! i hope y’all understand and that you all have a beautiful day!! Ilyy💕


“someday we’ll find what we are looking for. or maybe not maybe we’ll find something much greater than that.” ☁️ // tag your 3 favourite accounts!!💕


“you don’t need all the things you think you need— to do all the things you feel called to do. you have all you need, right now, right here—now go make life beautiful.” ☁️


“i like the night. it’s more than a period of time; it’s another place. it’s different from where we are during the day. we’re different from who we are during the day. little more hidden, little less seen.” ☁️


hey loves, today has been the absolute worse for me but i hope y’all had a beautiful day!! look at those two puppies, they will put a smile on your face if you haven’t smile today!! 💕☁️