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Yesterday's Gone Out Now


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If you’re at World Island in Leeds this weekend, I'll be watching the game at the Water Lane Boathouse. Unfortunately it's not big enough for everyone in Leeds to roll, so tweet me a pic of you in your favourite Liverpool shirt I'll pick the best shirts to come join me.


Thank you for having us Seoul 🇰🇷




Now that I've got your attention. Thousands of you have showed interest in this years cooking school, but we’re having issues with the video entries. If you’re still down, follow the link in my bio and we'll be in touch.


Yes young chefs, it’s that time again. For those that don’t know, I run a free cooking school for kids with ADHD between the ages of 14 - 16. So If you’ve got ADHD, live in London and are free at the end of August, You can apply for the course via the link in my bio 👨🏽‍🍳👩🏻‍🍳


Keep and eye out for the new @gomacollective doc. Mikey’s still doing important stuff in places where it matters.




Finally @tommisch Geography out now tommisch.lnk.to/geography





I sat down with my best mate Tommo for @thecalmzone to help push the importance of young men talking openly about their feelings. Easier said than done but yo, I've seen the biggest men cry and all it did was make me respect them more. Don't bottle it in lads. Link to the full video in bio.


Gained a new mate yesterday. This is Gerard, very inspirational young man. He really didn't want me to post his fundraising page, but it's in the link in my bio. Long story short, he had an accident 7ish months ago, and subsequently lost mobility in his legs, wrists and hands. We spoke for ages about Jazz and it's importance in hip hop, he blew my mind.