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Warm starry nights under Delicate Arch. This shot was extremely difficult due to the 30+ mph winds. I had to use the weight of my body on my tripod to keep it still while not falling off the cliff to my right side. Experiences like this make the shot extra special. - Peep the story for behind the scenes look of the shot.


Nothing speaks of adventure like walking up to a 5,000ft drop off, right? 😅 this spot was absolutely bonkers! Thanks @destinyhopeplusthree for being my human tripod 🙏


Wandering the depths of the Utah slot canyons... it’s incredible all the natural formations we found down here. One of my favorite hikes to date.


Captivating sunsets in Zion. No matter how many places I visit. Nothing strikes me more than southwest landscapes, the raw beauty of when the red rocks light up at sunset is something that can’t be beat. - Shot on Sony a7ii F4 at 16mm (16-35 f4 Zeiss) ISO 100, 1/125 shutter


Woke up way too early for this sunrise... on little to no sleep I trekked out in the meadows to find this gem. What’s your favorite spot in Yosemite?


Here’s to unforgettable sunsets, good friends and action packed trips 🍻 I’ll be venturing to Yosemite National Park this weekend! What about you guys!?


From a memorable sunset of me in my hometown of San Diego. . Often I receive messages on how I travel so much, the harsh reality is I work mon-fri 9-5 and have the opportunity to only travel on the weekends. I’m a father of two little girls, 26 and live in Phoenix, AZ. . Sharing my passions for photography and travel with you guys have been awesome specially with receiving all the incredible messages from you guys. . It would be wrong of me to say if I don’t get caught in a creative rut... however this platform has helped me wake up and get inspired and make real connections, real friends and real experiences. Thanks again for everyone supporting me so far!


Writing an itinerary for Zion workshops in collaboration with @alexstrohl x @moment ! Tell me your top favorite hikes! I would love to know!


One of the most inspirational hikes I have done. It’s insane to know places like this in the world. See how insanely big this place is with @_ashlee.ann_ for scale. 😱


Nothing like golden summer light in Sedona, this place holds pure magic ✨


Who’s all in vote for making every road in the world S-curves! 😜


An 18 mile trek took @im_nicolemarie and I to unparalleled views of the Grand Canyon. Over 99% of the visitors of the GC only view it from the rim, However viewing it from the bottom you can respect how big this place really is.


Exploring the 👽 landscapes of NM. With every twist and turn was new sets of hoodos and strange sightings. After a while, @lvm1na and I lost track of where we parked. With no trail system in place this place warrants you to get lost in a landscape of possibilities.


After views like this I’m really hungry for some IHOB 🥞 🍔😂


Was pretty disappointed after I filtered this water it didn’t taste like Gatorade Glacier Freeze... but the views made up for it 😍


Playing with textures, colors & shapes in the desert. It’s amazing how many natural wonders of the world there are, the world is an open canvas ready to create. The best part, it’s free.


Enjoying last light in Zion. Easily one of my favorite National Parks! What’s yours?


Peaceful mornings overlooking Lake Powell. We took a few wrong turns and ended up getting here at 2:30 AM & sunrise was at 5:30 AM. Safe to say I don’t get much sleep. However when you get to experience views like this you suddenly get a rush of energy & soak in the good times 😎