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If you’re afraid of heights... don’t look down.


Switchbacks on switchbacks.. if you guys ever want your legs feeling like spaghetti go on this trail.. Tag a friend who you know loves these types of hikes 😂😜


It’s moments like these.. Where you feel your heart beat And let the sun take you away


Moody light rays atop Angels Landing.. if you haven’t hiked this I urge you to this year! Happy adventures everyone!


If you are not willing to risk the unusual you will have to settle for the ordinary.


Afternoon hangs w/ @jess.wandering @everchanginghorizon and @jakecure , this spot was so peaceful as we saw no one in sight for miles..


New Years Resolution - Find more switchbacks


My favorite part of photography is going to unique spots and finding different compositions... what about you guys?


Thanks everyone for a successful and supportive 2017, looking forward to sharing my new adventures of 2018 with you all. Here is an interesting angle I found in Arches National Park. 😎


It’s always a pleasure visiting my hometown, I never appreciated landscape photography when I lived here.. you can certainly say I’ll be coming back a lot more.


Finding the hidden details on the first light of day at Zion National Park.. Coming here with a zoom lens really helped me see this place in a different perspective. I chose this peak particularly because it looked like it had open bloody wounds.


The land of the arches... Almost feel as if I traveled back in time walking through these amazing structures.


Watching the morning glow paint the valley purple and red was an experience everyone needs to wake up for..


One of the unique features of Zion National Park is how the Virgin River works it’s way through the park, offering majestic views from high above.


It’s easy to get lost here.. simply stunning to walk through this magical canyon.


Afternoon hangs in Colorado, but honestly where is the snow? Im having withdrawals 😫


To experience horseshoe bend in full, I recommend going left of the barricade they recently built, away from the tourists and have the whole place to yourself. Can you guess what lens I shot this with?


Arches in the desert come in all Shapes and sizes, the scale of some of these amazing rocks are truly mesmerizing.