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⚠️I’m Taty, 22 y.o 🍓Lure SG 🔞Twitter @lure_lady 🔥PURPLE_BITCH on Chaturbate 🦝MotherOfRaccoons ⤵️SuicideGirls page⤵️

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Did you watch Evangelion? I love this anime too much❤️


I’m waiting for “Detective Pikachu” because I love Ryan Reynolds loooool


Did you know, that I create a personal page for Kuzya’s photos and videos? Kuzya is my pet raccoon❤️ Follow @lure_sg if you love raccoons and if you wanna know information about that animal 🦝🦝 ps: old video with my pink hair lol


I really like cartoons from Cartoon Network❤️ and my fav are Rick and Morty and AT❤️ What is your fav cartoon from CN and fav character from Adventure Time?❤️


I was really sad yesterday( and I wanna tell it to my new/old followers again. Of course you can say that I shouldn’t respond to bad comments and ignore haters BUT IM AN ORDINARY GIRL!!! I’m angry about this fact that new joined people write me that I copy Belle Delphine because I do ahegao face. Belle is cool and beautiful girl and she does the best ahegao, but it doesn’t mean that she was first who did it. Ahegao is SUPER POPULAR TREND in Japan and in the World. And a lot of girls/boys follow this trend. And a lot of girls/boys do same cosplays because WE NEED TO COSPLAY TRENDS, because our followers wait for it and they wanna see cosplay to popular characters which everyone know(like Jinx, Bowsette,, MyHeroAcademia, Harley Quinn etc). AND IT DOES NOT MEAN THAT WE COPY EACH OTHER! REMEMBER! I posted photos with tongue, kitty paws, pink hair and cosplay more than 2 years and it was before than Belle became popular. And you can check my old posts and notice this fact. And I have braces not for copy Belle, so because my teeth were crooked HOLY FUCK!


Just old cosplay😋 you asked me a lot about personal Kuzya’s (my pet raccoon) Instagram and you can follow this page for his photos and videos ➡️ @lure_sg ❤️


Sometimes people write comments that I’m too thin and these comments can be so rude like “eat a sandwich”😂 well, my height is 163 centimeters and my weight is 45 kilos. As you noticed I’m so little lol I’ve always been skinny because genetics and good metabolism) I haven’t been on diets) I eat all that I want) I don’t smoke and don’t drink alcohol) and I’m drug-free) and I feel so good) I hope it helped you lol


Some people wrote me that is too late for Bowsette cosplay( I know, but better late than never😋 next cosplay is Velma from Scooby-Doo lol