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Enjoy The Little Things🌻

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Accept that others can think what they like – and sometimes their opinions will be hurtful and wrong. But they don’t know your story – and their judgments may be false – so ignore what they are saying, and get on with your own life. • Do you own any pets?


paperback or hardcover?


when you're about to give up is when miracles happen • movies or books?


Do y’all like my fall theme. You seemed to like it more!


Do you have a crush? • I don’t care what anyone says, brilliance is sexy. Intelligence is sexy. Maturity is sexy. Having a mentally stimulating conversation is sexy. Having a great body is good, being fit is great, health is important. Charm is nice. But intelligence? Intelligence is sultry.


Imperfectly perfect Your eyes, they hide all your deepest secrets, waiting for me to uncover them. Your lips, curving up into a smile when I kiss them. Soft and quick, gentle but hard. Your hands, they fascinate me when I take them in mine. Marveling in the fact that they fit in mine so perfectly. Your laugh, I love when even in the most serious times you can just giggle and light up the entire universe. I love the way you move. Clumsy and falling over your own feet, but to me you’re the most graceful being alive. All the little things make me love you even more. Your flaws, your imperfections, they all make you perfect, because I love you. - credit to rightful owner.


life suggestion: enjoy all the little parts of your day you’d normally just dismiss as not much. romanticize life. realize how much you appreciate that the sun is out or how much you appreciate the warmth of your morning cup of coffee. take the time to appreciate the little things and suddenly your day won’t seem so bad. • Apples 🍎 or oranges 🍊?


It's funny how you can forget everything except people loving you. Maybe that's why humans find it so hard getting over love affairs. It's not the pain they're getting over, it's the love. - @ thelovejournals


So someone (GOD KNOWS WHO) reported that I used their photo when they could’ve reported a million others. But for some reason they wanted to report mine because it was due to “copyright issues”. All I’m saying is it’s whatever.


Happy Halloween Everyone!!! • Fc: 17,883 Comment any Halloween emoji!!!


Be the type of energy that no matter where you go, you always add value to the spaces and lives around you. - positivevibesandflowers on tumblr • Comment your name and where you’re from!