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Digital Strategy Ninja, Small Biz Cheerleader. Rooting for my fellow hoodrats, good snacks 🧀, and the Colorado Rockies. | Denver, CO

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2009 vs. 2019 | 10 years ago I modeled my hair after Lyle Lovett, turned 21 in Vegas, and no idea what I was doing. Today, Im still that same person, only with better hair (🙌🏼 @_thehalfrican), better jokes, and a business. Holler. #theglowup


Well, that was good. Baseball (playoffs), biz magic, and a whole lotta fun. #bestnine2018


Beach sunset never looked so good. 😍 🌊🐠


Thank you @west_tx_transplant and John for having us at your beautiful wedding this weekend. What a wonderful couple, and a stunning bride, straight out of old Hollywood. Wow. Best wishes for so many wonderful years together! #neilledit


Take me back to the bayou. #Monday


Thank you to @ladieswinedesigndenver and @ga_denver for including me in this wonderful event tonight! So grateful to everyone who came to learn! #girlsruntheworld #creativepower


This past year we did Disney, we fought sickness, we got tattooed together (matching, duh), we saw our team go to the playoffs, we went up in a hot air balloon, we threw a music festival with our friends, and we made huge strides in our endeavor to become Domino’s Pizza spokespeople. Happy Anniversary, @cwllrd! Life is so much better with you in it!


Does my Momma look bad ass riding on the front of an old train or what?! Happy Birthday to the most wonderful human in my life, my best friend @pcapps! #cappsgirls #trainsplanesandconcerts #lovemymomma


Today MadCleo celebrates another year! Thank you clients, wouldn’t be here without your trust in my Insta skills. Thank you parents @pcapps, you’re support means everything. Thank you boyfriend @cwllrd, for being my venting wall, my daily support system, and my milestone celebrator. Thank you friends, for having my back on this journey. (Oh, and happy #NationalFeltHatDay) #MadCleoMarketing #WorkAnniversary #freelancelife #agencyofone #digitalstrategy


King Frankenstein | My best friend Frank showed up to my birthday party last week. #frank #bff #tbt #dirtythirty


Starting 30 about 2,000 ft in the air in a hot air balloon. Thanks @pcapps! And Poppa Goob! And @cwllrd for adventuring with me! #rainbowryders #hotairballoon #dirtythirty


The @temple_tantrum_fest was a success! Thank you, DENVER! . . Thank you to @neeffneeff for being crazy enough to really create a giant BLOCKPARTY. Thank you to @sick_sad_world_x and @hheyhhay for being my partners in crime and sweet angels of event planning and prep. I wouldn’t be here to tell the tale without you. . . Thank you to all the volunteers who SLAYED this weekend, if it wasn’t for y’all, we wouldn’t have had a Fest at all. . . Thanks to all of our artists, musicians, performers, vendors, and comedians. You made this beast so fun and inclusive for everyone. . . Big shout out to @cwllrd, my partner, my tree to lean on, my help-me-lift-this-gets-2-am-taco-Bell-for-tired-women STUD. There is no end to my gratitude for all of your help. . . Thank you to @ololove who drove all the way up here and went to work immediately with a smile, a patient heart, and some much needed sass. You kept me laughing and had my back every step. I owe you baby girl. . . Thank you @theblockdistillingco for helping us out with alcohol and menu planning when I was panicking. I 😍 y’all long time! . . Thank you to @heysarahfu and @kimmy_kim_kim_kim_kimmmery and @fleming_af & sweet Ahalee for coming out and partying with us! Thank you to @1of1mag for officially photographing the Fest. Thank you all for your support! . . To everyone who followed on instagram, sent me messages, and listened to me talk about this thing for the last 3 months, THANK YOU! . . THANK YOU ALL! #templetantrum #templetantrumfest


Thing hunky guy @cwllrd looks good on field. #coorsfield #rockiesmovieday #thesandlot #birthdaybaseball


Happy Birthday to my main man, @cwllrd! You are one hunk-a burnin’ love, baby. 😍 #herftyberfty #29andfeelinfine