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See you soon Sydney 🙌🏼


Istanbul - a melting pot of cultures and religions. Over centuries this city has been the battleground for physical and ideological warfare, but it’s hard to picture this when witnessing the serenity of the blue mosque. The calmness of the city at sunrise has to be seen to be believed. So I may have gone a little cray on the photoshop this time 🤔🙊 swipe to see my editing in two stages. At least I’m honest!


Just some locals enjoying the warm and crystal clear water on Turkey’s southern coast. We spent the afternoon jumping off the boat into this beautiful sheltered lagoon. Can you spot the paraglider?


Peaceful early mornings in Lisbon ✨🇵🇹


Göreme is a small town in central Turkey with a really interesting history. In the Roman era it was inhabited by Christians who were retreating from Rome. Before that it was stuck in the crossfire of rivaling empires so the natives carved their houses into the landscape to escape the turmoil. We arrived late at night to the sound of the call to prayer echoing around us (swipe for video). It was eerily beautiful and easily one of my favourite moments in Turkey.


So many cute colourful buildings all over Portugal, especially in Porto 🇵🇹💛


For four days we sailed along the southern coast of Turkey, stopping in bays such as this one to anchor for the night. We slept under the stars and dove into the crystal clear water as we woke to the hot sun ☀️ @go_sail_turkey


Traveling with the photogenic miss @em.milne was a dream ✨ We were asked if we were sisters by nearly every person we spoke to, and on one occasion we were even asked if we were a couple 😂 #besties #love


These beautiful blue tiles are known as ‘Azulejo’ and can be found all over Portugal. Dating back to the 13th century, these tiles are deeply embedded in Portugal’s history and culture - plus they’re reealllyyy nice to look at 😍💙


These rickety old trams had so much charm as the clanked up and down the steep hills of Lisbon.


Last night’s incredible sunset over the Douro river ☀️ Porto is a vibrant, colorful city with so many street artists, photographers and musicians. Plus there’s wine bars every second shop so I’m in heaven!


Usually I love to photoshop tourists out of my photos but not when I inadvertently capture a proposal!! 💍👰🏼🤵🏻 P.s she said yes 😍


Adventure time with @em.milne ☀️


Sunrise over The Hagia Sophia Mosque ☀️


Laughing because I just realised I’m 100% dressed like Esmeralda from Disney’s Notre-Dame 😂


sunset or sunrise ☀️


Hotel goals ✨🇮🇹


If you’re watching my stories you’ll know I’m definitely not in Ravello right now but whatever 😜🇮🇹☀️