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Hi all!! I’m currently beginning my journey to China! I’m going to have relatively limited access to social media so I might not be very active (or I’ll be active at weird hours!) 💕 . 📸: @omarthecosplayphotog


I didn’t get wrecked by the rain for the first (and probably last) time today 😜


It’s Wednesday and I keep forgetting to post oops 😅 . 📸: @blkjack21


Happy Sunday! I’ve been wearing less makeup like this lately and it’s been making me feel a lot more comfortable with wearing less makeup. It’s still fun to dress up though!


I wanted to share something with you all that’s important to me- @livelovepolish just came out with a new line; the Felis collection. I’m super pumped about it because 100% of the proceeds go to the Koneko Cat Cafe in NYC, who adopt at-risk cats and help them find their forever home! As you all know, I recently adopted my fur baby Tuna and livelovepolish reached out to me to send me the collection due to my love of cats and promotion of adopt don’t shop! I’ve been shopping with livelovepolish for a couple of years now so I was super stoked when I saw this collection. If you or someone you know loves nail polish, I would highly recommend the Felis collection! All of the colors are beautiful and have a super cool color shift, and they’re magnet activated so you can achieve some cool patterns as well! Even if you aren’t interested in nail polish, I fully support organizations that help at-risk cats and I urge you to help out some animals in need this holiday season. . *disclaimer: this post is not sponsored. I received the Felis collection with no payment or stipulations that I must post: the opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own and I freely chose to share information about this product.


*me when its 66 degrees F outside*


Here’s a spider woman pic I didn’t post oops! . 📸: @m3_photo


I just realized I never posted a proper full-body shot of silk- oops 😅 better late than never I guess! ❤️🕷❤️ . 📸: @synbiostael


✨witchcraft on her lips✨


It’s not a throwback day but I want to share more pics of my Halloween costume 😈


It’s Wednesday my dudes 👀 . 📸: @omarthecosplayphotog


I asked on my story if you guys wanted to hear how I got Tuna and a lot of people said yes! 🐱 . Tuna was a stray that came by my house a lot. After spotting her a few times, one of my roommates started leaving out food for her. After a couple of weeks she came by every night and would hang out by the window and watch us- eventually my roommates and I decided to try to pet her and she loved it! After much debate (and convincing by my roommates) I decided to take the steps to adopt her- I checked with my neighbors to make sure she didn’t belong to anyone and I took her to the vet to check to see if she had a microchip. She had no microchip and our neighbors said she’s definitely a stray- and the rest is history! 💕 . If you have any questions about her I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments- or I will be putting up questions on my story!


Hello I’m trying to survive the end of the semester how are you 🤪 . 📸: @synbiostael


So I went as my cat for the last party of Halloween...