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Shooting video work that requires a lot of movement? Try using our TwistGrip System and you’ll be in for a treat! 📷 @lielaine


A little advice for great snaps? The PIXI EVO Mini Tripod will give you the stability you need to capture stunning photo and video. Combine it with our Lumimuse LED Light to get the perfect lighting. 📷 @lielaine


Ten days, -20 degrees, one ultimate goal: explore and document one of the most adverse yet scenic environments: Greenland. When faced with such a situation, 10 days might seem like a decade and your preparation, common sense and situational adaptability will greatly determine whether such an adventure will make or break you. 📷@directionless_donna


A little advice if you’re shooting in a winter wonderland: snow is sometimes even too bright for our retina to grasp, let alone for our camera lens to accurately depict. In order to get your exposure and white balance as decent as possible, a good starting point is to shoot in RAW, as what you mess up, can generally be fixed in post-production. 📷@directionless_donna


Different means unique - as with everything related to art, we all have our differences; our likes and dislikes. This is where the beauty of creativity and individuality lies, as after all, it would be boring if all our photos were all the same. 📷: @directionless_donna


The weather in Patagonia is highly unexpected, but as successive weather fronts met us on our near five hour off road drive to our next stop, I managed to preserve this moment of remarkable lighting, the desert landscape resplendent against the ominous rain clouds' approach. 📷@almackinnon


“On California coast, a rare confluence of conditions is required for optimal conditions: patience and a great deal of skill and experience are required. Here's elite big wave surfer, @gerglong, facing his inner demons and rushing an ultramarine beauty in brilliant sunshine at the most surreal of surf breaks.” 📷@almackinnon


“In mid-December much of the northern hemisphere was treated to one of the most spectacular meteor showers in recent times: the Geminids. I was fortunate enough to take it all in from my sleeping bad on a cloudless night in a remote region of the Baja desert. To get the most out of the situation I have been using the Pro Light 3N1-36 backpack, Manfrotto polarising filters.” 📷 @almackinnon


Bringing Light - It was end of February and the weather was quite calm. I went to Udria (Estonia) to take a walk and then it started to snow. I decided to put car behind me and set the camera on the Manfrotto 190 XPRO tripod. I think I made 8-10 photos and one of them took a second place in “Manfrotto NightPhoto 2017” contest. 📷: @mr.mag180


“On a July night I ventured out, because Noctilucent clouds were playing in the sky. I noticed that bats were flying low over water and catching insects. Suddenly, an idea arouse in my head. I had to stay very quiet for hours and along with a photo was rewarded with a sight of a flying mammal as close as 20 centimeters to my face.” 📷: Sven Zaćek


Green sky - “The solar wind brought colorful Auroras to the Northern Hemisphere as low as Italy. In Estonia they were racing above my head. Even though I was a little bit ill from spending countless cold nights outside to photograph owls, I still went out to see this amazing sight and capture some moments forever.” 📷: Sven Zaćek


When you travel, you often have to shoot in the hardest conditions, that’s why you need reliable gear. The Befree Advanced adapts to every kind of surface, so you’re always ready to capture the perfect moment. #TravelBeyond 📷: @ladzinski