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Dedicated to better photography. πŸ“Έ #MeAndMyManfrotto | #Manfrotto

In places like New Zealand, you realize that our planet is definitely one of the greatest gift we ever received. Capture its great beauty is the best job anyone could ask for. πŸ“·: @renan_ozturk


Spiky mountains, impressive colors, water filled valleys and endless skies. Capture all of that, in a click-beat. πŸ“·: @renan_ozturk


@taylorfreesolo facing the stunning landscapes of New Zealand, with the best travel companions: Manfrotto Windsor Backpack and the 055 carbon tripod. πŸ“·: @renan_ozturk


β€œI loaded up waders, underwater housing, filters and the carbon fibre Manfrotto 055 tripod and started up the canyon with the intention to get up close and personal with the place, and the desire to present a fresh perspective.” πŸ“·: @paulzizkaphoto


Johnston Canyon is one of the best place to shoot, because of its incredible natural beauty and its infinite potential for photography and exploration. πŸ“·: @paulzizkaphoto


β€œI scrambled down to a hidden waterfall that dropped into an idyllic pool of water. I tried to highlight the beauty of both the world above the surface and the one underneath.” πŸ“·: @paulzizkaphoto


If you want to create unusual images, we suggest you exploit the location at best, capturing it from the most unusual angles. πŸ“·: @volodyavoronin


Pack everything you need in our Bumblebee-230 backpack, then take our 290 Xtra tripod and leave for the unknown. That’s all you need to do. πŸ“·: @volodyavoronin


A majestic sunset ahead of you. The great reflexes of the water. Unique colours. The jump. Click. That’s how you get a great shot. πŸ“·: @volodyavoronin


β€œA tripod was absolutely essential and I used the Manfrotto 190GO! In many shots the tripod was half submerged in a fast flowing stream so it needed to be sturdy and it did a great job.” πŸ“·: @tomarcherphoto


It’s hard to describe places like Glowworm Caves. The first adjectives that come to mind are: magical, astonishing, rare. It’s a daydream. πŸ“·: @tomarcherphoto


Visiting Glowworm Caves, you will discover a breathtaking underground world. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience, literally. πŸ“·: @tomarcherphoto