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Being so close to these amazing animals, in their natural habitat, and being able to capture them in a picture: what an unforgettable feeling. 📷: @thurstonphoto


The South African coastline has a special allure. If you’re a travel photographer, this destination should definitely be on your bucket list. 📷: @sharynhodges


The words “Stairway to Heaven” suit this amazing picture just perfectly. 📷: @sharynhodges


Shadows, lights, sand and dunes: different elements that combined together can create gorgeous desert patterns. Get them all with our XPRO Ball Head! 📷: @thurstonphoto


Yes, the Golden Hour rule applies in the desert too. The sun close to the horizon gives room for memorable sunset shots. 📷: @thurstonphoto


“At Anjihai, the beautiful graphical patterns are so surreal you can’t stop looking and capturing the landscape with both a wide angle lens and a zoom lens.” 📷: @lielaine


“The morning fog dancing in between the trees was absolutely gorgeous. Before the sun comes up, the fog provides a picturesque ambience.” 📷: @lielaine


A new friend showed up to say hi and to give that extra mile to the picture. 📷: @tomsvensson1