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I want to take a quick moment to give my stance on @juniperridge. You are not stewards of the land if you harvest culturally sacred plants that native people have said TO NOT HARVEST. Wildcrafting with the utmost sensitivity and respect in practice is NOT WILDCRAFTING AT ALL. . From @juniperridge's website: . "STEWARDSHIP All of our plants are wildharvested with the utmost sensitivity and respect for the existing wildscape. We return to the same stands year after year to carefully monitor regrowth. We never use alien or invasive species and are actively involved in native plant restoration projects from San Diego to Seattle." . As settlers, to say you don't harvest "alien" species and instead focus on taking native plants from native folks is cultural appropriation and violence. Plants that are abundant and "invasive" have something to teach us, especially white settlers. They are plentiful and when we harvest from them we can support native species of plants by giving them space to grow.


This year the raffle proceeds from the Portland Plant Medicine Gathering went to @canoejourneyherbalists. If you want to contribute to the Intertribal Canoe Journey, you can supply dry herbs, work in the @plantainprojectpdx gardens that supply herbs for the journey, or, as always, contribute financially. It's imperative that settlers, especially people with colonial ancestry, give reparations to BIPOC for safe and culturally significant herbal healing. Sharing medicine is a gift to us all. So grateful to make these kinds of connections at the Portland Plant Medicine Gathering! I was so inspired by y'all and am thrilled the plants have loving homes with all of you. Other local groups that I encourage you to support are @browngirlrise and @sacredlattice!


At the Portland Plant Medicine Gathering another day 💚 Come say hello and try an elderberry syrup sample!


Here's a glimpse of some of the plants I will have available this weekend at the Portland Plant Medicine Gathering! Video featuring Clem at the end! 🐰 . ❤️🌿❤️


Want to know where to get home-grown personal care for yourself and loved ones this holiday season? Take a look at this schedule of Maple Twig Medicinal events! . @mercycorpsnw @queercraftpdx @qcenter . 📷: @v_a_l_l_e_y


I greatly appreciate the personal feedback from supporters like @swansnest.lahlah. Hearing about how the plants have blessed you is a great honor 💜 . This time of year I've been pushing a lot of my "products." In a capitalist society, money means a lot, and the support y'all give me is real appreciated. But just to be clear, I don't own my "products" and sell them to you. The plants that grow in my garden or fall from the trees are not mine. They are yours as much as mine. The price you pay for my wares goes to support me being able to have a relationships with the plants in my garden, growing personally along with them, and pour love and energy into them to provide for your health needs. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to develop plant and human community relationships, and I hope that you feel that energy, too. To me, it is a mystery and magic that helps me to both connect to my ancestors AND do the work to learn where my boundaries are. What I should not take. What does not belong to me. How the plants don't always say, "Yes," but when they do, it's because we are caring for each other. As @bloom.daughter said, in response to the herbalist who wild harvests and "asks for permission," but always gets a "yes," "Well I asked the plant and it told me, 'Fuck you.'" So no, I don't carry certain plants because I would be perpetuating manifest destiny. .


So excited for the 4th Annual Queer Maker & Healing Arts Fair and Community Fundraiser!! December 1st and 2nd, 11-6, come get goodies from your local queer trans animist witch! I'll be there on Saturday for @queercraftpdx 💜


Check out this Small Business Saturday event where I will be tabling as a member of the Mercy Corps IDA program! I'll have single herb and tincture blends, mugwort bundles, salves, lip balm, and more! Buy local for the holidays at this special @mercycorpsnw event. ❤️🌿❤️


This evening catch me and @ktrlutherie at @the_high_water_mark! 6-10pm. Katy will be selling leather goods and I will be selling dye plants, salves, tinctures, and lip balm. Hope to see you there!


We are dying. I keep losing people in my trans community to murder and suicide. I have been mourning. The intersections of violence that regulate gender are colonist, capitalistic, racist, and ableist. The government does not care about us. Sure, vote, but a lot of people can't and those are the people dying. In many ways I am at a loss for words. I self-soothe through memes, so here are a number of more serious/informational ones and then I'm gonna post funny ones because while I need to cry and express my rage I also need to laugh and celebrate who I am.


Support Medicine Makers of Color during the first annual POC Plant Medicine Market. This market will be an awesome kick-off for the Portland Plant Medicine Gathering!


See you at the Portland Plant Medicine Gathering, November 9th, 10th, and 11th! Although I'll be vending and unable to attend workshops, there are some great ones to check out!! . Repost via @thegreenwitchapothecary


I'm gearing up for holiday craft markets and have a couple coming up! Want a custom order? DM me! . Monday, October 29th, from 6-10pm I'll be at the High Water Mark for Artshitz, an art and craft flea market, tabling with @ktrlutherie . I'll also be vending at the Portland Plant Medicine Gathering at NUNM the 9th, 10th, and 11th of November! . Tattoo salves are available at @constellationtattoo as part of a fundraiser and on my Etsy page (link in bio) . 📷 @v_a_l_l_e_y At @constellationtattoo


Check out @ktrlutherie and I a week from Monday at the High Water Mark to get our wares! Katy will be selling their leatherwork and I will be selling salves, tinctures, lip balm, and maybe plants? 6-10pm . Support local artists! Admission is free ❤️


A coral castle for fairies and crawlies 🔮🐞🐛🐜🐌🐉🏰