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CEO @vipeel - Mom 2 Jude, Serene & @Ozzieottothedood 📍Hollywood, CA 🇨🇺🇱🇧Cuban-Lebanese

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Look at all that beautiful glowing skin 😍So much fun seeing the @vipeel team for the first time in 7 weeks- can’t wait to be back in January!! Also how lucky am I that I can work with my husband Dylan without wanting to kill him. Swipe left to see 3/4ths of the Otto team in red and my incredible surprise bday cake🥰🥰 #happyholidays #vipeel #viderm #tistheseason #glowingskin #keepglowing #hollywood


*Warning* emo post ahead. Do not proceed if you have no Interest in breastfeeding and mothering 🛑Oversupply. It sounds like a great thing right? You have TOO much milk for your baby? What could go wrong? Well, it’s a blessing and a curse. It makes me more susceptible to painful engorgement, clogged ducts and my beloved mastitis. Now I am healing from my third terrifying bout of mastitis (1st with serene) blaming myself for all the things I probably did wrong to LET this mastitis get me. Because that’s what we do as moms- try and figure out what we did wrong. For the past week I’ve been in excruciating pain, had a 103 fever that I could only get slightly down with a cold bath, went from sweats to chills back to sweats, I’ve Smelled like a fart all day from all the cold cabbage I’ve been putting in my bra, sent Dylan to the store to buy me every homeopathic remedy under the sun, pumped and nursed and nursed some more through the pain, almost had Dylan take me to the Hospital because i was crying in so much pain, and then to top it all off I’ve made baby Serene throw up because I had to take antibiotics to beat this. And now I’m here still in pain after a week but seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I don’t know why I’m sharing this but maybe it’ll help someone else out there too. To every mom who says they’re trying “their” best, remember that your best is THE best for your child. I’m trying to remind myself of that everyday and trusting the universe 🙏🏼 also no filter on baby Serene’s perfect skin 😍#motherhood #motherhoodunplugged #breastfeeding #newborn #mastitis


Happy one month to my baby girl Serene! You are a dream come true. Mommy and daddy survived our first month of #2under2 Repost from @jandb_photos @TopRankRepost #TopRankRepost Serene at 26 days ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ @jandb_photos J&B Photography, Los Angeles Maternity, Birth, and Newborn Photographer ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #newborn #newbornphotography #losangelesnewbornphotographer #babyphotographerlosangeles #losangeles #losangelesphotographer #venturacountynewbornphotographer #newbornposing #lanewbornphotographer #lababyphotographer #woodlandhills #babies #babypictures #losangelesnewbornphotography #babiesofinstagram #babygirl


When you live in a castle #theottos #happyhalloween


One week old and already making trips to Paris #sereneotto #babyserene #oneweekold thanks tia @sushisami for being an iPhone artiste #3rdoutfit


My doctor said I basically laughed her into this world- that has to be a good omen ✨ Everyone say welcome to our daughter Serene Dylan Otto, born October 12th, 8 pounds 2 ozs and 20 inches long #newborn #babyserene


97th percentile in height, weight, and head size #overachiever #toddlerlife #juju #judekhalilotto


Now that’s what I call a (weekend long) baby shower. Facials at @facehaus, my fav salted caramel coffee from @rubiesanddiamondsla, divine massages at @cielspabh and dinner plus a matching pj sleepover @thenomadhotel. The girl who has no name and her momma feel so loved💗 thank you Tia’s @agoodstone and @rachel_lauren #babyshowergoals #babygirlcomingsoon #34weekspregnant


“Soo did you just eat a lot of hor d'oeuvres or are you expecting” Dressing this bump is getting hard! #thingspeoplesaytome #31weekspregnant #happyhumpday #happybumpday


An extraordinary weekend in Carmel for Simon and Ellie’s wedding ceremony Tucked in the redwoods ❤️ #carmel #santaluciapreserve #elliebgluck


Here’s a gratuitous photo of my baby to make you smile on this hump day #happyhumpday #toddlerlife #guayaberalife


Now entering the strange mysterious final dimension also known as the third trimester. #madeit #28weekspregnant #homestretch #babygirl


The face you make when you realize tomorrow is Monday. Swipe to see how my child likes to torture himself—->> #justlikemommy #sundayfunday #toddlerlife


13 weeks until this becomes me 😍 Also hospitals have been using these same swaddles for a mighty long time, whoever makes em has the market cornered 😳#throwbackthursday #27weekspregnant #twoundertwo #nofilter


Happy 4th- a day late because we out here in Melbourne beach doing something incredibly Unamerican and hanging out as a fam without cable and internet. Obviously Not on purpose- it’s literally just been out for two days. Just letting you all know we aren’t dead! #happy4th #summervibes #fl #didthispost


Happy hump/bump day. #24weekspregnant #hawaii #humpday🐫


Just kicked some scavenger hunt bootie with most of the Hollywood @vipeel team. We had to do some weird stuff like eating from a stranger’s plate and singing a random person our fav 90’s tune, but Obviously our team won 🙌🏼🙌🏼 #vipeel #viaesthetics #teamvipeel #teamvi #citywalk