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🌅 Sunsets, Sunrises 🌄 and inbetween 🌌 Land- & Nightscape Photographer from Switzerland 👉 Check out the best in high res. on my little website

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“Magical twilight” Early fall mornings have something magical that is hard to explain or describe.


The eagle and the rock


Upside down OK, one more from the Sierra as I miss these mountains quite a bit...


“The Lady and the Stars” ✨ The Alabama Hills at the foothills of Mt Whitney are a photographer’s dream. And all the natural arches like Lady Boot Arch in the picture are just amazing. I could spend days exploring, wandering and just soaking in the beautiful scenery. Finding your car again in the dark is different story though, ask me how I know... 😏


“The Mountain” Ever since I spent a night on top of Mt Whitney at the end of my John Muir Trail, I get goosebumps when I get to see it again. This time, it even put a extra shiny glow on for me. Sunrise was a show.


Time to say goodbye Hike 2/Day 6: Last day of the hike, a final look at Banner Peak before we headed back to civilization. Adapting is always hard and painful after a few days outdoors. Everything is so loud and crowded. For those that followed this trip report, this wraps up the pics from the backpacking trips in the Eastern Sierra. There will be a few more from the Owens Valley before the Swiss Alps take the stage again.


No cloud, no beauty? Hike 2/Day 5: It does not always have to be sunrise or -set or puffy clouds. It’s beautiful out there no matter the time of the day.


„Zen“ Hike 2/Day5: spending time in the wilderness puts your mind in a different state, a state of peace and relaxation, your pulse goes down and all worries disappear, you feel alive and it is just all GOOD!


“Cloudy delight” Hike 2/Day 5: the skies had pity with us photographers suffering from clear blue skies and sent us a nice little consolation


„Nights of wonder“ Hike 2/Day 5: After a day of rest at the lake, we were ready to shot the night. The sky presented itself in the best light, except for a slight breeze that disturbed the reflection. It’s fascinating how the reflection of the stars gets distorted by a little wind but at the same time enhances the color of them.


Friends in high places Hike 2/Day 5: A rest day at 1000 Island Lake, nowhere to go, nothing to do, just enjoying ourselves - life can be so good


“Luminous Morning” Hike 2/Day 4: a few hours up the trail, the next lake which was our home for two nights: 1000 Island Lake; Banner Peak is still playing the main act in the scenery. BTW, there are a lot of islands in this lake, but not a 1000 (I counted them)


„Morning Glory“ Hike 2/Day 4: Ritter and Banner shine like there‘s no tomorrow. A climb is high on my bucket list


Shine on Hike 2/Day 4: ... and this is why I backpack; being out there at night, listening to the sounds of nature (including that occasional squirrel that scares the sh.. out of you), enjoying the dark skies and the Milky Way that is so bright that it even casts a shadow, that’s what it’s all about, that’s what makes me feel alive!


Sunrise Now! Hike 2/Day 4 - This is why I hike!