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Mattias A. Klum

Artist, NatGeo Fellow, photographer and filmmaker. Professional speaker. Environmentalist. WWF Ambassador. Artist duo Alexandrov Klum

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I took this photograph in Svalbard near the Nordenskiöldbreen (Nordenskiöld Glacier). Roughly 60% of the Svalbard archipelago is still covered with glaciers and the islands feature many fjords, mountains and on top of this a relatively healthy polar bear population. Protected areas make up 65% of this unique archipelago. #arctic #fjords #meal #seal #polarbear #protectwildlife #conservationphotography #alexandrovklum #mattiasklum #protectthearctic #protectbiodiversity #stopclimatechange @thephotosociety @irisalexandrov @alexandrovklumofficial @natgeotravel @natgeo


The variable bush viper or leaf viper, is a venomous snake endemic to west and central Africa. This beautiful viper grows to an average total length of 46 to 60 cm (about 18 to 24 inches). Females are usually larger than males. It inhabits mostly dense rainforests, preferring low and thick flowering bushes next to small creeks. I photographed it in Congo on assignment for @natgeo #mattiasklum #protectbiodiversity #artistduoalexandrovklum #viper #congo #ecosystemservices @irisalexandrov @natgeo @natgeotravel @alexandrovklumofficial


Our latest documentary The Young Sea or “Havets Öga” is now released in Sweden and available on TV4play and C More play! A film about the natural life in and around the Baltic Sea where @irisalexandrov and I along with our team follow the seasonal cycle around one of the most beautiful yet threatened brackish seas in the world. “The Young Sea” shows the hidden life, beauty and unique adaptations of some amazing species that live in the Baltic Sea. The English version can be found on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play and Vimeo (Worldwide except Sweden). Available through our agent @journeymanpictures #protectbiodiversity #mattiasklum #nikonambassador #balticsea2020 @tierragrandefilms @alexandrovklumofficial @bellagavelin @olahogberg @natgeo @natgeotravel @journeymanpictures


This female cheetah and her lovely cub gave me and @irisalexandrov an unforgettable experience. Stunningly beautiful, lightning fast and so vulnerable all at the same time. The world’s fastest land mammal is racing toward extinction, with the latest cheetah census suggesting that the big cats, which are already few in number, may decline by an additional 53 percent over the next 15 years. Please support big cat and cheetah conservation. Photographed in Phinda Private Game Reserve, South Africa.#southafrica #bestjobintheworld #cheetah #savebiodiversity #conservation #nikonambassador #wwf #africa #ecosystem #engineer #beauty #power @natgeo @thephotosociety @alexandrovklumofficial


Some good news!!! ”Forty years ago, Dian Fossey and the world were devastated when a family of mountain gorillas — named Group 4 — was decimated by poachers. Group 4 was the very first group of gorillas to be studied by Dr. Fossey after she established the Karisoke Research Center and included individuals like Uncle Bert, who she named after her own uncle, and Digit, the first gorilla to accept her presence.” Over the course of 1978, four gorillas in Group 4 were killed by poachers and another three died as a result of the group’s disruption. By December of that year, only three of the original 11 group members remained together. With her beloved Group 4 destroyed, and the mountain gorilla population headed toward a low point of only about 240 individuals, Fossey feared the species would go extinct before the year 2000. Instead, today, due to the intensive protection efforts Fossey initiated, mountain gorillas have reached a new historic milestone: their numbers have gradually increased over the past 30 years, and are up from 240 to 604, based on the latest census. (Another separate population of 400 individuals bring the total number of mountain gorillas to just over 1,000). I photographed this magnificent mountain gorilla in the Volcanos National Park, Rwanda. Quotes from @savinggorillas #dianfosseygorillafundinternational #protectbiodiversity #mountaingorilla #mattiasklum #nikonambassador @irisalexandrov @natgeotravel @natgeo @alexandrovklumofficial


I’m happy to be nominated for a prize called ”speaker of the year”! Follow the link in my bio to vote for me! #talarforum #åretstalare #speakeroftheyear #purpose #passion #speaker #protectbiodiversity @alexandrovklumofficial @irisalexandrov @natgeo @thephotosociety @talarforum


After a few weeks of work in Hawaii and Tanzania @irisalexandrov and I are back home in Sweden again. Soft, humid and almost monochromatic countryside near are home is soon ready for winter. Time for thick sweaters and candlelight dinners....#protectbiodiversity #happybirthdayansgar #landscapephotography #nikonambassador #beautyiseverywhere #art @irisalexandrov @thephotosociety @natgeo @alexandrovklumofficial


Two baby elephants cuddle in front of my camera in Selous, Tanzania. Young elephants spend a lot of time playing by chasing and pulling each others tails. The splash and spray each other with water and mud. They often "trunk wrestle" and practice fighting in pushing and pulling competitions. They can usually stand and walk within an hour of birth and if a elephant calf loses its mother the other females in the group will take care of it. The bond between a baby elephant and its mother is frequently described as the closest of any animal on earth. This is not just another cute animal picture but in my opinion yet another reminder that it's not just humans that can show compassion, empathy and caring. Perhaps it´s finally time for us humans to realize that other species are much more advanced than what we used to know aknowledge and believe. Can’t wait to head back to Selous next week with my partner @irisalexandrov + @ansgarklumphotos + + @biancalexandrov and #dorian for @zoomphototours #elephants #babies #calfs #antipoaching #selous #savetheelephants #tanzania #play #caretakers #instagood @natgeo @irisalexandrov @alexandrovklumofficial