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Ludovic Othello Ⓜ

MAURITIAN WANDERER MRU 🇲🇺 TRAVEL | SHOOT | REPEAT Social Influencer. 18.09.1999 © All photos are mine DM for inquiries.

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I am curious and I am proud 🌸


Sun Caressed. Delightful Wanders.




Red and Green Blasts. Guava Pattern.


Dramatic Thinker.


Look whom I met today.


Love's a prickly thorn bush in a field of sunflowers It's bittersweet, And boy, can it leave scars, But in time, wounds can heal, my dear friend I thought we were both hopelessly in "love", while you were preying on another, now I realize I was just hopelessly hopeless for you And I'm much smarter than to fall for a silly boy who can't be bothered to wait until I'm ready Don't think you can fool me again, My heart is beating to the beat of my mind now, which you no longer occupy, Instead of walking through the bush of thorns, I simply try and walk around them straight into the heart of love, Real and true love


To manifest the beauty of life, think beauty, dream beauty, and see the beauty in the simple things all around you.


Don't cry, don't cry, it won't end Pain will always be my friend Don't cry, don't cry Pain will always be my friend


Urban Sunset.


Watery Deepness.


Flickering light, images flow by of cats and vamps and wolves on the sly the undead tango with the dead oh.. the books I have not read. When something happens, something small turns the whole place withall popcorn doesn't pop no more it's all a matter of blood and gore. For when in the jungle, the quiet jungle the lion roars tonight the baser beasts fail to mingle and move out of MY sight!


Submerged by confusion.


Come under my umbrella, umbrella, umbrella. Come under my umbrella, it's starting to rain. With thunder and lightning and thunder and lightning. Come under my umbrella, it's starting to rain. ☔⚡


GASP. @othello_and_ambrym here's a big one 😛.