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Matt Biolos

Kelly, Piper, Saylor, Ryder, River / Surf / Snow / Get up n Go / ...Lost Surfboards x Mayhem / Catalyst shops / San Clemente / Mammoth / The World.

I got a little heavy handed with the flouros, on these. Thanks to @inertiamike For the 24 hour glass jobs....


@markrichardssurfboards: In the house today. Fine tuning, and finishing touches, on boards for a couple dozen lucky devils, who placed orders over the last month. Mark wrote up another dozen or so more custom last night, @etsurfboards.


@cocom4debarrelkilla is up to his old tricks his latest, laceration laced, romp through the rocks, entitled “ Eel Boy” now playing “all ova’ da inta’net”.


Railing...full on. . . Textbook technique by Jedi master @koloheandino22 #Bali: Last week. 6’0” 18.88” 2.38” 28.50cl #Whiplash @lost_indo


Last minute reminder: @markrichardssurfboards and I will be @etsurf / @etsurfboards tonight. Both of us designing and writing up custom surfboard orders. There’s also local live bands, libations, food and folly, to keep everyone feeling groovy.


...soft core pornography. . . . @lostsurfboards X @catchsurf #RNF


Congratulations boys! Looks like a 1-2-3 Clean sweep for #SanClemente @loscabosopenofsurf #ProJr. In pumping surf! @crosbycola 1st👏🏻 @kadematson 2nd💥 @jettschilling 3rd 🎉 Safe to say the future looks bright. Props to... @laird_myers semi final finish, and to @nico_coli and @_tarowatanabe_ quarters. ((@dimitri_poulos was 4rth in final, I couldn’t fit you the screenshot))


Got the bug to lay down some color today. ‘80’s inspired flouro fun, for the the the prodigal son, @koloheandino22



Chilean @guillermosatt is Quivered up and ready for winter. #Whiplash #TubePig #Driver #PocketRocket


The #CrowdKiller. “Don’t call it a fun board.”


“Rich kids, and all their lazy money...” #Influences