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Graphic designer & guitar tinkerer from Los Angeles, CA, ancestors from Corsica (just so you Corsicans know why I'm following so many of you).

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Jumped the gun on my last post, event got moved to new location! Come join us this Sunday at California Car Cover for our 10th annual toy drive. Bring some toys and spread some joy! Plenty of cool cars, a food truck, and live music. Focused on older cars, but all are welcome. All proceeds go to Alliance of Relative Caregivers #toydrive #hotrods #musclecars #classiccars #lowriders #oldshit


I’m always teasing Brutus whenever he starts barking at his reflection in the sliding glass door, but then I woke up to this and thought one of my cats had somehow gotten outside and was rubbing her face against the post on the patio.


We finished up my legs last year, finally got some good photos of them. It’s been a long journey so far, only a little farther to go! All tattooing by Greg James @gregtattoo @tattoosdeluxe #tattoo #hanya #geisha #dragon #foodog #ouch


Another “something something day?” Here’s Bill Purray being his usual talkative self in his favorite spot above the kitchen cabinets #blackcatappreciationday


Found this while going through some old photos. This is what happens when you try to shoot a panorama while your dog is walking across the backyard 😜 #dogsofinstagram #caninecentipede


Damn, this one’s gonna leave a mark. Lost my dear sweet Bijou yesterday morning, almost a month after her 15th birthday. She’s had a rough run over the last year, so at least I can take a tiny bit of comfort in knowing that she’s not suffering anymore. As much as I loved her, I wish I could have done more. Giving some extra love to her brother Brutus right now ❤️ Video at the end is the last one I have of her, standing up and eating her breakfast the day before she passed.


Hard to believe Brutus and Bijou both turn 15 years old today, where does the time go? Happy Birthday to my two best buddies ever ❤️ #dogsofinstagram


Brutus & Catalie Wood #unlikelybuddies


Didn’t want to wake Brutus up when I left for work today, so I left his dog biscuit where I knew he would find it. #dogs #dogsofinstagram


Gremlin loves when the warm morning sun shines through the bedroom window. #cats #catsofinstagram


Apparently Winnie (aka “Winnie Pooper”) thinks she’s a Kardashian #officedog #badonkadonk


At first Marilyn didn’t even know Catalie was under the blanket. I guess she just figured she was a really warm cushion, which in all fairness, she kind of is. #catsofinstagram #cats


Girlfriend said she was going to the store for some beets.... #photoshop #drdre #beats #boredatwork


Felt bad about having to wake these two up this morning. Fourteen years later, it’s great to see that they still have moments like this ❤️ #brotherandsister