nbc Currently bowing down to @Oprah. An incredible speech by our Cecil B. DeMille Award winner! ❤️ #GoldenGlobes


Currently bowing down to @Oprah. An incredible speech by our Cecil B. DeMille Award winner! ❤️ #GoldenGlobes

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@jonesanna4166 right back at ya 🖕🖕🖕


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@jonesanna4166 i know everything


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Please everyone tag @tonibraxton × @selenagomez in my last post. A woman had a liver transplant and was diagnosed with lupus just like @selenagomez × @tonibraxton.🙏 PLEASE I NEED YOUR HELP GUYS. Help bring their attention to the post. THANKS!


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The amount I ask for from the Philadelphia Eagles is 42 billion dollars. Over 420 billion dollars was generated for the Philadelphia Eagles Organization and owner Jeffrey Laurie. I am only asking for 10 percent of one year. 42 billion dollars. I was told today I was approved and hopefully leave for Germany tomorrow a wealthy person. I am splitting the 42 billion with someone I use to know Stevo Meyer aka Steve West.of #ibm. Hoping Steve is nice enough to get me released.


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@sharons55555 Thank You. Same thing I'm thinking


dancelj9, 4 days ago

Glade I read the posts. Thought I was the only one who doesn't like her


im._barbod, 4 days ago

Cqn you say the nbc's ferequency plz??


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#boycottnbc if you love America


wokeup2recovery, 1 day ago

I am currently so disappointed with NBC news. I am recovering from a fatal eating disorder after 15 years and nearly dying. I am doing well and am on my way to recovery. After I had a snack and out my feet up to help with the pressure of refeeding I turned on NBC news with Lester Holt, and found myself being told by a doctor to essentially starve myself if I'm interested in losing weight, according to a "highly effective new diet". The story promotes people to not eat and essentially from 2pm until the next day at 8 am. Is this safe?? Both mentally and physically, how can NBC promote this, especially in today's world. Did you know that eating disorders are the number one killer of all mental health illnesses? Did you know that starving will lead to binging which could lead to purging and at best a lifetime plagued with a terrible disease and at worse dying from a heart attack. NBC I ask you, is this ethical, is it worth the story, is this right? Should I let this trigger me because a doctor on you news show told me to "reset my metabolism?" Well luckily for me I have chosen to fight for my life and nothing can falter me in recovery. For this I feel sadness and anger that NBC was so irresponsible to the millions of people struggling as well as to the normal women who up until tonight might never have even thought about starving themselves. I am both digested and saddened.


potterz907, 23 hours ago

I just threw up in my mouth