fuckjerry #OPRAH2020


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@jempope1 Jesus fucking christ 😂😂


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@sueage I know you saw this but so good


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@jesseleclair lol 7000 point dow rally in one year is a joke? Hows echoing your high school teachers opinions going for you


weedshits, 1 day ago

@mayo.ketchup theres a strong chance youre an anti white misandrist if you think thats the case


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@wayde_marshall121 #bringon2020


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@weedshits no, I’m just being a realist. Even though in the US there are many liberals and left-wing advocates, there are many citizens with strong 1950-esque values. That’s the truth. Also, we don’t need another celebrity president.


weedshits, 1 day ago

@mayo.ketchup “1950s values” sounds like a way of lobbing un-cited platitudes at conservatives as per the usual. I don’t disagree with you entirely though- some choose to identify as conservative because it fits their genuinely racist agenda but most of us aren’t that.


mayo.ketchup, 1 day ago

@weedshits I never said every single American has that agenda. But the truth is that many do, and there are many, many red states with a heavy weight on the electoral college votes, so the possibility of Oprah winning diminishes because it is very unlikely that people with those values will vote for her.


weedshits, 1 day ago

@mayo.ketchup but she gets california just for running blue which is like nearly a third of the college. Also your argument for red states voting red out of spire or racism is anecdotal at best- and i strongly disagree. I respect your right to an opinion however.


mayo.ketchup, 1 day ago

@weedshits i said that the possibility of her winning those state diminishes because of the values most people in those states have, you can look back at the last 10 elections or so, and see a voting pattern that simply says “hey, this is very unlikely to happen”. It’s not about me thinking that they’re voting “out of spite”, I’m just drawing a rather vague and loose conclusion based on previous results.


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I post the same watermelon everyday but each day it gets worse


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