theellenshow This was the beach at Montecito from the mudslides... 5’ thick, 20’ wide. Two football fields long. It’s now all in the ocean.


This was the beach at Montecito from the mudslides... 5’ thick, 20’ wide. Two football fields long. It’s now all in the ocean.

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lynda.parsons, 4 months ago

The economics of that recovery, for both of us, is daunting. Even for it must be difficult. For me, when that disease took hold of my body, I couldn't even take care of myself for seven or eight months. My son, who is an attorney, came and took care of me. So since I felt it that illness, my economics have struggled. There was a time that my limited income was sufficient for all my needs and some of my wants. Since I am retired my income has not increased but the cost of goods and services has more than doubled. One of my challenges is to eliminate as many extraneous costs as I can. Even now, was a very small and limited income, I often give cash to those by the road or on the corners or even in a restaurant, that have needs far greater than mine. I know God doesn't deal with paper money so I trust in him to provide for me as I share with others what little I can. I can adjust my needs, those folks who have lost their jobs, their houses, their hopes, have me is greater than mine. We live in a political climate where the economy looks absolutely stunning right now, or I should say the stock market. It's the top 20% of our population who will benefit from that. For the remaining 80% his struggle. I believe the we are living in a false economy. It is deceptive and I think a recession that will look more like a depression is on the horizon. The higher the economy Rises the lower it will fall. We must be prepared for that. Those in political positions today do not listen to their constituents, have been given permission by their president to say whatever it is they feel and have no filter between their brain and their mouth. These things work to tear apart the beautiful tapestry that was our country, the United States of America, formulated under God. I believe our politicians laugh all the way to the bank. I don't believe there is one of them who struggles economically. The poor and those who are falling out of the middle class are no concern to our leaders. Lord have mercy on our country. We have not been , morally above the bar or spiritually responsible. We have sacrificed our High Calling for money and Power. Thank you, Ellen for listening.


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What was that


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😭😭 How awful


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This is a disgrace


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Breaks my heart


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So sad 💔


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We have got to drastically change


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Oh my gosh😢


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Is it being cleaned up?


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What happend


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Why is it in the ocean


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So sooooo sad