Anyone can go ONLINE and LEGALLY buy a child for sex. And it’s LEGAL.

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alien.07, 6 days ago

@briana419 go comment to every individual who replied asking how they can help and tell them go just google it. There’s no need to tell me. I’m fighting for these kids every day. As I mentioned before, I had family who was trafficked. What are you doing to help stop it? Commenting online to strangers?


dalesi36, 6 days ago

This is insane, how is it possible


foxone88, 6 days ago



hoganbcmj, 6 days ago

Who and where are the people who are paying for this? How are millions and millions of dollars being made? Why aren't more media outlets talking about this?


jogiarmo, 5 days ago

@hoganbcmj I’m confused too. Many questions ... hmmmm


harjysang, 5 days ago

What!!???? 😱


alkamye, 5 days ago

This is horrifying, heart-breaking and absolutely unacceptable


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lapincoya, 4 days ago

@hoganbcmj @jogiarmo, pedophiles come in many shapes and forms. Many professionals, head of companies, politicians, tv personalities. There’s a reason why there isn’t more coverage in media or it isn’t a priority for governments. If women have had trouble speaking up, can you imagine kids? It’s troublesome. It’s sick. The blacknet exist and has come around media, but quickly gets swept under the carpet.


joyferromoore, 4 days ago

What can I do to help @therealdebramessing ? I am flabbergasted and horrified!!


cynji_444, 4 days ago

This has been goin on, whatvit seems forever! Even more now, this day and and age, in America! What's the world coming to that as we grow nothing is done!! We are talking about our children, our new next generation, innocent little beings! From the ages as young as 8 month to 13 years old😱😠👶😖😥😭It's scary, traumatic, disgusting, immoral! It angers me to believe that these kinda monsters still exist. That they are that fk up in the head, consuming and breaking innocent souls is what gets them off! Heaven help them!!


tdaddyhov, 4 days ago



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lomutocathy, 4 days ago

I am someone just punched me in the gut. #ThisMustStop


rhondaduncan100, 4 days ago

More people should see this post


pskbklyn7, 4 days ago

THIS is what our "so-called" government should be focusing on and stop the bickering to pass "this or that" (which are important), but this issue is mortifying and unacceptable. #keepsharing #riseup


greg72268, 4 days ago

I'm horrified by this and deeply disturbed ! But with all the recent scandals in the media right now I'm not surprised!


ambermarie_13, 2 days ago

@jessd4015 this?