lilgrizz103 The longest days are leg days 😥 
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crazyhorse5061, 4 months ago

Wow and pretty


edison_5760__augustus, 4 months ago

Legs are not my favorite. Always been my weekness. Love upper body. Love seeing your workout posts. You remind me of my daughter. She lifts a lot. I spend alot time with her in the gym. Keep it up your doing so good. I know how hard it is to move away from the rez and make it. It always makes me feel good when I see someone from the rez do so well. Over 20 years being married to my wife I see how hard it is to grow up move away and be a success. Congratulations on being so good and making it. I got alot of respect for you. Keep grinding. And happy New year..


lilgrizz103, 4 months ago

@spartandad1 Thank You and a Happy New Year to you too 😎💪