wavyelite I saw someone else post this and everyone got in their feelings but if it ain’t my house I’m not cleaning up anything that ain’t my mess 😂🤷🏽‍♀️.


I saw someone else post this and everyone got in their feelings but if it ain’t my house I’m not cleaning up anything that ain’t my mess 😂🤷🏽‍♀️.

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zoegrafoula, 4 days ago

I did it so everyone's parents would remember me and like me lmaooo


doriyen, 4 days ago

This tweet was a fail lol. U clean up cus u want to clean not for anyone else. No one wants to party in filth.


butterflydemon, 4 days ago

Uhh. Who does this?


pink.dolphen, 4 days ago

Nah that's just proper


emilyclubleyy, 4 days ago

@shxn_xx_ us this morning?🤔


officiallyjazminem, 4 days ago

Fake tidying or is it being raised right? Wherever I go I help clean up. This is how ho's who aren't house trained justify being how they are. Don't come for us lol.


shxn_xx_, 4 days ago

@emilyclubleyy first time u ever tidied 🤔


petty.ash, 4 days ago

Sometimes I see a mess and be like damn sucks for them but help clean A LITTLE bc I know how much it sucks cleaning after a party.


lizzzwagerman, 4 days ago

@luckyzwagerman u


liz.losee__, 4 days ago

Depending on the house. If it seems like they actually try to keep it clean and neat I would clean up after myself or help out, but some houses are just disgusting. That’s where you can throw up on the rug and no one gives a shit.


smh_bre27, 4 days ago

I hate dirty areas so I mean I will literally just start cleaning and not know it


yourlocalsarcasticbitch, 4 days ago

If it's my friend's, of course I am? I know they're pretending to be chill and not clean up cause it won't look cool, but inside they're scared their parents are going to kill them.


kaiithegemini, 4 days ago

Y'all know some people genuinely aren't dirty . y'all are telling on yourselves 😭😂


wavyelite, 4 days ago

see, everyone is in their feelings 😂


wavyelite, 4 days ago

‘some of us were raised right’ man shut up , some of us don’t like cleaning up after people 😂 we ain’t maids.


hellishspam, 4 days ago

I do that shit bc i hate a messy room OOF fuck lookin like wifey material,,,


anthony.iglesias, 4 days ago

I love when people simply disagree they “in they feelings” 😂 😂 😂


rose.in.full.bloom, 4 days ago

The last party I went to I passed out on the couch cuddling a piece of pizza and broke two nails falling down getting my boots on to go and having like 3+ girls help put on my shoes on n get in the back seat oh Lordy one of them even did my seat belt for me ✌️😂😎


wavyelite, 4 days ago

@anthony.iglesias you can disagree without acting all high and mighty.