r_sipes @taggerdesigns killed it with my #ISDE helmet! Thanks man!! @officialleatt


@taggerdesigns killed it with my #ISDE helmet! Thanks man!! @officialleatt

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4chees, 2 months ago

@jackmorrison4070 and I are working on setting everything up for the AMA team again. Looking forward to you kicking some ass again too!


ridefast_sardinia_mx, 2 months ago

U will ride isde and mxon??? Good man


motohose, 2 months ago

BUT ..... has any one else raced MXoN, ISDE and won a Pro Flat track too in the same year?


jared_tebo, 2 months ago

@motohose Sipes is pretty awesome, I love it when riders are good all around and can showcase that. Amazingly enough, @christophe_charlier was on the Winning team of both the MXON and ISDE in 2017, which was pretty unreal 😱 Good luck @r_sipes I’ll be watching at Red Bud 🤘🏼


rowantrefz, 2 months ago

Need more pics of this 😎💥💣