wienerschnitzel What's your favorite childhood memory at #Wienerschnitzel? 🌭 #favoritemeal #hotdog


What's your favorite childhood memory at #Wienerschnitzel? 🌭 #favoritemeal #hotdog

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_pinche.khriz, 2 months ago

I lived across wienerschnitzel when I was a kid. My favorite meal was the two for two. Came out to $2.39 including tax. Good ol' days..


bhoyete, 2 months ago

In Reno with my GF getting that chili lovers combo was $3 at the time. It’s now increased 300% shame on you will never taste the good times anymore. (2003)


saulcruz867, 2 months ago

Going there on my birthday and the guy with the glass eye was not working that day


justme_nessav, 2 months ago

My mom was working at a costume store next door to a Wienerschnitzel and she bought me mini corn dogs and fries... I was so stuffed after that I fell asleep under a rack of capes. Best nap I ever experienced to this day.


joshthejrk, 2 months ago

@wienerschnitzel Being able to eat at a wienerschnitzel. 😢 Moved away when I was 10 and y'all don't have any (that I know) on the east coast.


whitemareonelmst, 2 months ago

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t say my favorite memory at @wienerschnitzel is eating a hotdog while having my own hand up my butt like this kid so very appears to be doing.


taytruman112, 2 months ago

Eating it


wickedpixie75, 2 months ago

My Family has always loved Weinerschnitzel. But my husband is from California I'm from Texas, we found out it has always been a part of our lives. So on our son's first birthday he had his first taste of mini corndogs. 12 yrs later still his favorite hot dog. ❤️❤️


growingmyownherb, 2 months ago

Skating there with just enough change in my pockets to buy my favorite: 2 chili dogs, chili cheese fries and a Pepsi...mmmm


growingmyownherb, 2 months ago

@growingmyownherb also with my friends


beast_mode_chef314, 2 months ago

I wouldn't say childhood, but this was the last meal I had before marrying my wife!


xoacxo_, 2 months ago

@beronika_ibc when we got rotten ice cream lmaoo


beronika_ibc, 2 months ago

@xoacxo_ lol yesss we still continued to eat it lol


_.dom_bmx._, 2 months ago

Eating chili cheese fries after church every sunday for the past 9 years


melannjer, 2 months ago

My dad getting Wienerschnitzel and bringing it into Disneyland for us to have lunch in Frontierland and always getting plain hotdogs because as a child I didn’t understand the goodness I was missing out on! @jerkeith 😂


omegam217, 2 months ago

Going there for lunch 🤘🤘🤘🤘