No filter, gorgeous buttermilk biscuit. #buttermilkbiscuits #biscuits #nofilter #whitelilyflour ♥️

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kendalljosanders, 1 month ago

Please do a tutorial. I cannot get mine right!


lifeviewedbyme, 1 month ago

@kendalljosanders 2 cups Lily White Flour, 3/4 cup buttermilk, And 5 tablespoons of ice cold butter. I always keep my butter in the freezer. Unsalted. Combine butter with flour until size of peas. Make a well then add buttermilk and fold flour into milk. Once the flour starts to pull away from the bowl take it out and put on a floured cutting board. Make sure your hands are floured as well. Don’t use the White Lily flour on the cutting board. I feel like it has a metallic taste. Make into a rectangle and fold in the sides until you have your dough. Usually not more than 4 folds. Roll out and cut not twisting cutter. Should make 8 big biscuits. Use a baking sheet and silicone baking pad. In the south I’m guessing you can get away with 500° for 8-9 minutes. When you pull them out of the oven they should be lightly browned on top. But not too dark. And then brush melted butter over the top. I love to eat with homemade rhubarb jam or just on their own. Goes well with most any soup as well.