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Demetre 💙 Denim 💖 Cancer Sun (7/18) ♋️ Taurus Moon ♉️ Libra Rising ♎️ Spiritual Gangsta and Goddess.

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My child is an entire mood. Her diva energy is something else 😂


This is very important.


Ok 👏🏽 @morphebrushes 👏🏽 give us what we want then. All the shades! I need mine. I wonder what my color is called because I suck at matching foundation idk what shade of nude natural beige or yellow I am apparently. 😂


I don’t know who needed to hear this but... strong doesn’t always mean what some of y’all be thinking, let’s fix that. You got my support.


Queens be like, “My hairs growing, look it’s only been like 3 weeks!” (On a serious note, I think I was meant to be bald like that’s my gender 😂😂) #baldheadedbychoice #bigchop #teamnatural #peopletalktomenice #igetmaddcomplimentswhenimout #ibelookingaroundlike #whoshetalkingto #igetweirdlookstoo 🤷🏽‍♀️ #buymesunglasses #buymeearrings #myedgecontrolistheshit #igotanegghead #iknowsomebodywholikeit 😂😂


Conversations that used to trigger me inspire me. It’s time to dig deeper, a change is happening and you get to choose your path. I choose to enlighten and understand. I choose to agree to disagree. I choose not to insult the intelligence of others. I’m making progress. We’re making progress. Prepare yourself for change. You might have to get uncomfortable.


Sometimes you don’t want to look like what you’re going through. Everyone grieves differently. Be gentle with yourself and trust that you know how to do what feels natural and safe to you.


You couldn’t face it without you...


Why is sis like this? 😂😂😂😂😂 Like, look at that energy, ok live your best life I guess, with your face 😂😂😂💕She knew I needed her this day, thank you Denim for being you, for me. I love you and your brother in ways no one could ever understand or take from me.


Affirmations for those who need them, like me. If it comes naturally to talk negatively to yourself, there’s a problem and if you don’t know how to shut up the negative voice in your head, you can start with affirmations. I listen to affirmations while I do my make-up some mornings, and while I sleep. Nothing about self-love is weird. “Fake it til you make it, right?”


A thing or two about truth.


Not just on Sundays... | But on a serious note, here’s a disclaimer. 1) There has always been a fire within me and I’ve grown to become less and less afraid of speaking my truths. Regardless of anyone else’s “consequences” for me. 2) I like to read/study/learn for fun — I might not be the type of person you want to start a debate with. 3) To add to that— I don’t have to curse or insult to get my point across. I enjoy using my “big girl” vocabulary. 4) I have no problem admitting when I’m wrong and learning from my mistakes — do you? 5) I recommend therapy, to everyone. And that’s not a joke or insult. I mean that in all seriousness, for all intents and purposes.


I don’t know who needed to hear this but...


Spent $6 at the beauty supply store and came up on bubbles and barrettes. .99 a pack for bubbles there, $7.99 on Amazon for the same quantity, I think tf not lolz. But yeah, this is my first time putting either of these in her hair and I’m so excited for more styles and growth ❤️