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Wearing @prettylittlething cuz I’ve been told I am one 😏 ahaaa jk. Anyways we ate a whole pizza to ourselves right after this was taken. Oh, and with truffle fries.


Not to toot my own horn (fucking beep beep) but I deserve everything good in the world 🚘 || PC: @reymarkable_p


Starving for connection not craving attention || PC: @ohmichellelaura




👯‍♀️ H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y B E E B S 👯‍♀️ My twin and soul sister, it is your day to bloom wild 🌼🎂🌸 Thank you for always being there, pushing me to do better, always having my back, doing “waaaahhhh” cry faces with multiple dubb chins to all the bullshit, feeding me carrots and hummus with @abbyborum, listening to my “songs of the day”, memes, oh dear lord dealing with my Snapchat derpiness, being my partner in crime, going on adventures with me, and ummmm just being an E-I-O of a best friend who I call family 😂💓 you helped me grow as a person and it’s your day to blossom... like these baaaabyyyy’s breaaatthhh (inside joke) lol 💐 love you @dalenadbui 💝💖✨


Love her but leave her wild 🍂 || PC: @joe_johnson


Remember, the Universe gave up celestial pieces to craft you. So much it had to conspire in order for you to be here. So be here. Be exactly who you want to be. Create the art you want to create. Speak your heart into existence. Bloom where you are planted. Dig and dig and dig into the core of your passion, and hold onto whatever ignites something inside of you, hold onto whatever stirs your soul. Get to know yourself and own it; never apologize for the way your heart beats against your chest. Never apologize for taking up space. Just be here. Be here and remember - you were bred from crashing and folding of the Universe into itself. Life may be messy, but you were born from a chaos that existed between stars. The same energy flows through you. Turn it into art. Turn it into strength. Turn it into beauty, like it turned itself into you. - @rainbowsalt || PC: @joe_johnson


I’m ever so grateful for everything and all of you. 👩🏻‍🌾 Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving filled with an abundance of gratitude, and of course, food 😋🍁🍂 || PC: @patrickandrada


Fun Fact: I left my bralette at home like a dumbass so I substituted the top using my belt. Creativity at its best, hehe . 🤓 || PC: @shootwithali


Heal yourself first. The rest will come later ⛪️


Antigua aesthetics🌱📚


Nature is my church and love is my religion 🧚🏼‍♂️ First selfie I’ve posted since May of 2017. My au naturale no makeup self showing eye bags and blemishes. Not defined by anybody’s terms but my own. I’m happy and healthy, and that’s all I really care about. I’m currently in a place where I’m stripped away from social media (unless i have WiFi lol), and my makeup melts off cuz of the heat. I’ve been comfortable in my own skin. This journey of self-love has been quite the experience. Hoping to inspire y’all to have a body positive outlook, and to love yourself entirely. To be less human and more being 🙏🏽✨ Anyways, I have been getting compliments on the only thing that’s not natural on my face. My brows! Those aren’t natural. I mean, c’mon guys, my eyebrows aren’t that perfect... well now they are all thanks to my cousin @thebrowbarista_ check her out! She’ll make your brows bomb 🤘🏼


Do not allow the infinite source of power lingering beneath your surface become enslaved to certainty. Change is a symptom of growth 🌿


We are here on earth to unearth who we are 🌱|| PC: @cressmas