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I was recently interviewed by @mindbodygreen about my journey to financial health, which (unsurprisingly) paralleled my journey to physical and emotional health. After my recovery from drug addiction, I found myself using other things (food, for one, but also shopping) much like I used to use drugs. The cycle went like this: • Feeling empty/lonely/unworthy/unloved -> wanting to feel better NOW -> deciding to Do the Thing and feeling overwhelming anticipation -> doing it and experiencing the rush that comes along -> immediately feeling let down and anxious about what I had just done -> realizing I had only dug myself a deeper hole -> experiencing stress from the consequences -> feeling ashamed and embarrassed, so I hid -> feeling empty/lonely/unworthy/unloved. • Am I talking about booze or drugs or cookies or buying shit I didn't need? IT'S ALL THE SAME CYCLE, and if you’re stuck in one, it’s all too easy to transfer that behavior to other compulsions. • For me, taking about money was the hardest. In my head, my debt and lack of financial responsibility was more shameful than my drug addiction. But keeping it in the dark only led to more shame, isolation, and stress, and the cycle perpetuated... until I did my first Whole30, and everything changed (starting with my relationship with food). • Many of you sent me DMs yesterday saying "I'm embarrassed. I need help. I need to come clean." I hope this series from MBG helps you understand you're not alone, there is nothing to be ashamed of, and dragging it out into the light is (always) the first step. XO (, LINK IN PROFILE) • [Image: a photo of me, a dark-haired smiling woman, with a quote from the article: "I was adding to my debt, and it was incredibly stressful, but I couldn't stop shopping. I think anyone who's stuck in this cycle of compulsion, guilt, shame, and stress can understand. Looking back, I wish I had been brave enough to share this with someone."] • #justmelissa #financialhealth @youneedabudget


You’ll just have to guess who is who here. • M (on the phone): “I’m in LA this week...” M: “What. I’M in LA this week. Where?” M: “Santa Monica for meetings.” M: “SHUT UP. I’M in Santa Monica for meetings!” M: “Want to meet for coffee?” M: “I’M ALREADY ON MY SCOOTER.” • You know my love for @marksissonprimal is undying, but it’s also well-earned. He’s as generous, charming, and caring as you imagine, and the man makes a damn fine (now award-winning!) @whole30 ketchup. Always good to catch up and give this one a hug. • @primalkitchenfoods #sissonlove #santamonica #bestdayever #sendmoreketchup


Don’t tell my mom I rode a @limebike in a dress and booties in rush hour Santa Monica traffic but those meat sticks weren’t going to fetch themselves. • #wholefoodsrun #stilldonothavemyluggage #santamonica #scootering


I have been working on this move from @leadersofmovement and I think it’s going really well. (You never realize just how big your butt is until you try to balance on a yoga block.) Note, I’m WAY better at this on the floor and I’m gonna make him do it with me when we hang out later this week. • [Image: me, a tall woman with brown shoulder-length hair in a grey sports bra and magenta tights, in front of the grey concrete wall in my gym. I’m being filmed from the side. I squat, feet together, down to a yoga block, and attempt to balance in a “V” with my butt on the block. I fall over backwards, laughing. In the next clip I readjust and laugh more because why is this so hard? I hit the correct V-position for a hot second, lean forward, step onto one leg, and “pistol” back to standing.] • #yearofstrongandbendy


I took my People to #church, and I can’t remember the last time I was this happy. • [Image: me, a tall woman with shoulder-length warm brown hair, facing away from the camera. The sun is reflecting off my wind-blown hair and I’m adjusting a grey and yellow backpack as I look out over a large blue lake. There are big mountains in the distance, and along the edge of the lake, the foliage is bright in shades of green, orange, and yellow.] • Since you ask often, this is the @ultimatedirectionusa Fastpack 15L, and it’s brilliantly designed. I wear it for almost every day hike. This + their 25L (which came with me to Norway last year) + their running vest round out my “day pack” collection. I bought these with my own money. See: #melissaexplainshikinggear for the vest (from a few seasons ago). • #silverlake #bigcottonwoodcanyon #hearttoground


My flows are expanding; from yoga-ish push-up flows to stringing squat variations together to stuff like this, which are as much about balance as strength. I’m liking them because they force me to go slow and move deliberately, and that feels good on my brain right now. • [Image: a video of me going through a sequence of movements, filmed from the side. From standing, I bring the right knee up in front of me, then extend the foot so my leg is straight out. From there, I drop into a pistol, then rock forward until my bent knee is on the ground in a kind of lunge. I then rock back into a pistol, stand with foot extended straight out, and transition into “airplane.” Return to standing on one leg; that’s one rep. I repeat the sequence again sped up in this clip.] • #yearofstrongandbendy


I did a thing. ✂️ • [Image: Me; a smiling woman in a black sleeveless shirt, with green eyes and warm brown straight hair, chopped into a long bob just below shoulder length. She left all of her long extensions on the floor of the salon because she got tired of hiding behind them. Her hair is still slightly damp and unstyled, and she likes it all so very much.] • Thank you, @jill.ianb. ❤️ #justmelissa #newhairwhodis


#MelissaExplainsMSPDining: I received a ton of recommendations for Whole30-friendly dining in Minneapolis, and while I only got to visit a few spots, I wanted to share the collection with you in case you were passing through. (Not every reco made it in; I’m sharing the ones that came up again and again.) • Note, I’m NOT on a @Whole30 right now, so while everything I ate was GF, I didn’t ask questions about added sugar, and I did include some food freedom delectables in my meals (see: bacon caramel popcorn 🙌). • ▫️The Red Cow (pictured: Barcelona burger, no bun; fries ordered “GF prep”, bacon caramel popcorn) ▫️Butcher and the Boar (grilled gem lettuce salad, no croutons; wild boar hot link with pickled veggies and grainy mustard ) ▫️Bachelor Farmer ▫️Spoon and Stable ▫️112 Eatery ▫️Brasa (an all-time favorite, just couldn’t get there this time) ▫️Agra Culture ▫️Burch ▫️Barbette ▫️Restaurant Alma ▫️Hola Arepa • [Image: a dimly lit table featuring a bunless burger topped with manchego, roasted red pepper, and prosciutto on a bed of lettuce; accompanied by a tall tin of thick-cut fries. There is a small cup of ketchup and a pickle spear in the foreground, with a small cup of spicy aioli in the background. In the distance out of focus is a bowl of bacon caramel popcorn, which was worth every bite.] • #melissaeats #myfoodfreedom #minneapolis


Today I spoke to @target HQ in Minneapolis all about YOU, my @whole30 community. Who you are, what you want, and how they can support you and your family’s healthy Whole30-inspired lifestyle. The feedback was fantastic, and I’m excited about what might come of this opportunity! Thank you for having me, @teamtarget; I look forward to speaking to your Brooklyn Park team tomorrow. 🙏 • [Image: me, a tall, dark-haired woman in a buttercup yellow short dress (from Target) and white and grey floral heels, holding a black sign that says “Melissa Hartwig Book Signing” with an arrow. I’m standing in the middle of a sculpture of two dozen small soccer balls, all painted red, stuck atop tall white rods of various sizes. I’m grinning big because I just SPOKE AT TARGET, y’all!] • #whole30 #whole30target #changeyourlife #community


I loved my time on the @probooknerds podcast, in part because we got to geek out on my favorite #melissahartwigreads, which always makes me happy. But I also talked a lot about how my recovery (from drug addiction) plays a huge role in the rules, structure, and support offered through the @whole30. In under 30 seconds, this is why. • For those of you changing your life with the #Whole30 right now, feeling like you have been out of control with food for so long, wondering if you will ever be able to get off the sad Ferris wheel you’ve been stuck on... you can. And you will. And when I tell you I understand how you feel, believe me... I understand. You’ve got this, and we’ve got you. ❤️ • To listen, visit (link in profile; just click on this photo) • [Image: logo for the Professional Book Nerds podcast, featuring a pair of white reading glasses. My episode (263) and name scroll below, along with a transcript of the audio presented.] • #changeyourlife #recovery #foodaddiction #sugaraddiction #booknerds


Today I wandered but never felt lost. #church • 4 hours, 8 miles, 5 lakes, 2 peaks: Brighton Lakes trail -> Mary -> Martha -> Catherine -> Sunset Peak -> Mt Tuscarora. (Spotted from the trail: Dog Lake, Cecret Lake) • [Image: me (a tall woman with long, dark hair, wearing a grey top and bright blue pants) sitting on a rock jutting out over a steep drop. My back is to the camera and I’m leaning forward, looking at the tree-covered mountain range ahead of me, and the lakes below. It’s a bright, sunny day and the wind blows my hair behind me. I spent a while here.] • #beaUtahful #utahisrad #bigcottonwoodcanyon #brighton


Yesterday I got married to this lovely lady on Amazon Prime, then we filmed a killer Instagram Live where the camera only fell over once, THEN she taught me how to model and I think we can all agree I‘m a natural. • Friends like these make my heart happy and my cheeks hurt from laughing and reaffirm my purpose in this life. I love you and I’m glad I could provide you with a safe haven for your butt wipes, @danikabrysha. (And a huge thank you to @culinaryrecovery for cooking dinner in the background. Our IG Live is UP on @danikabrysha for another 4 hours or so; go get it.) • #whole30 #modelmeals #wifey