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@Whole30 headmistress, 5X NYT best-selling author, SLC local. YES: #JanuaryWhole30, 10-city book tour, yoga, deadlifts, Converse, books, mountains

If I told you I was an introvert, would you be surprised? I'm not shy or anti-social, I excel in social situations, I like parties and events, and I'm not nervous to speak live on national television or in front of sold-out rooms. But definitively, I AM an introvert... and none of those qualifiers have anything to do with introversion. • The best way for me to illustrate “introverted” is me in bed in all my clothes; a routine I employ after every event. It's a watered-down hiding in the closet; after meeting hundreds of people and being "on" for hours, I need my own space to decompress... so I climb into bed and wrinkle my dress until I feel capable of interacting with the world again. • It's hard for extroverts to understand an introvert's need for space and time to recharge after expending so much energy in social situations. I can handle huge events, 3-hour signings, and 3-day conferences with ease, genuinely enjoying the interactions and feeling energized by the experience. The last person in my signing line gets just as much of my energy and happiness as the first. • But when it's over, when the cameras are off and the crowd is gone and I’m backstage getting my things packed up... I'm DONE. I need space and alone time like you need to breathe. It's an overwhelming NEED, and if I don't get it, if I have an extra-chatty Uber driver or a persistent guy at the bar where I’m eating dinner or a house full of visitors to come home to, I feel like I'm going to crawl out of my skin. Sometimes, even Instagram DMs feel like too much interaction. • So, on behalf of introverts everywhere, if we tell you we‘re “going to bed” early, or we need an hour in our room, or that we’re fine if you go on without us and we’ll just stay here... please just give it to us, and don’t take it personally. Once our charge is out of the red and back into the green, we’ll be much better company, and happy to engage again. • This post dedicated to my friend Steve, who at the gym this morning didn’t blink an eye when I said, “Please hug me but then go away because I can’t talk to you anymore.” That was a great hug. XO • #justmelissa #introvertsuniteseparately #introvertsohard


#melissaexplainsrxbars: Recently, our friends at @rxbar changed the labels on a few products, leading to compliance questions. TL;DR the Chocolate Sea Salt bar is still Whole30 compliant, which DOES NOT give you license to start shoving these in your face-hole. • But first, the longer answer, sourced from #RXBAR co-founder Peter Rahal: “The ingredients in our bars haven’t changed. We did have to relabel “cacao” as “chocolate” because it is ground and formed into bits. There is still NO added sugar; bars still contain only 100% chocolate (aka cacao), ground and formed into chunks.” • Now would be a GREAT time to remind all my @Whole30’ers that just because something is technically compliant doesn’t mean it’s a good choice for your Whole30. These bars are as close to candy as you can get within the confines of the Whole30 rules, and I see ZERO reason for anyone to eat one of these cacao or maple flavors during your Whole30, emergency or not. There are other less Sugar-Dragon-triggering flavors; choose those for your emergency food stash. That’s not a rule; just my recommendation... in the end, you all have to take responsibility for your own programs. • For a more detailed view on the role of dried fruit and nut bars on the #Whole30, see #melissaexplainsrxbars; please read the last TWO (oldest) posts. • #whole30 #whole30emergencyfood


A dizzying view of our biggest crowd yet, at the JCC in Atlanta. 750 in attendance, most Whole30 alumni, many doing the program right now. • My entire interview with @thedanabarrett is LIVE on the @whole30 channel for the next 12 hours; come watch and get a sense of what the Whole30 is all about, in my own words. • Thank you to everyone who showed up last night; not just for me, but for each other. YOU are #Whole30, and I couldn’t be more proud to lead the community today, and reflect back on how far we really have have come. • #whole30booktour #iamwhole30 #changeyourlife 📷: @rsliss


Let me tell you a story about what it means to be a @whole30approved partner. @simonhallprivatechef is a Knoxville-based chef who delivers Whole30 Approved fresh, seasonal meals straight to your door in Knoxville, Nashville, and Atlanta, and who has his own incredible Whole30 transformation story to share. When he heard I was doing a special event with @lululemon, he volunteered to cater the entire event, on his own time. • He showed up early Sunday morning with family and friends, bearing this roasted salmon and papaya winter salad with a citrus vinaigrette... enough for 80 people. He stayed for the whole event, serving people after their workout and answering questions about his food. Knowing I wouldn’t have much time between events, he also packed up a special double portion for me (and another for @tmacfitness) to take back and eat the hotel. And then he drove the 2-1/2 hours back home. • THIS is what it means to be Whole30 Approved. A desire to serve my community, to connect and engage and offer value above and beyond your products or services, and a love for the program and the people who are using it to change their lives. In return, you will earn the fierce loyalty of my Whole30’ers, and my undying and vocal support. • I turn down 90% of applicants for Whole30 Approved, because THIS is what you need to bring to the table, and people like Simon are few and far between. • WE ARE WHOLE30. And we take care of each other. Please support all our amazing partners at and @whole30approved.#whole30 #whole30approved #iamwhole30 PC: @twopeaswellness


This morning’s @tmacfitness + @whole30 + @lululemon event brought me back to LIFE. We sweat. We hugged. We ate. We laughed. THIS is Whole30, and the giant smile on my face all morning is why I love partnering with Todd (even if I gave him the finger in round 2 of side plank). • Thank you to @simonhallprivatechef for catering our event, @jakemckenzie07 and the lululemon team for hosting, and our friends at @parnassusbooks, @vitalproteins, @dnxbar, @rxbar, @tinstarfoods, @galacticsnacks, and @primalkitchenfoods for putting together the swaggiest bags out there. Hey @tmacfitness, should we take this show on the road or what? • Try a free month of #TMAC20 workouts at, code “whole30”. Check his NEW beginner workout series, and the new “Strong and Bendy” workout featuring me! All levels are welcome, all will be empowered and inspired. • #tmacdoeswhole30 #whole30 #mindright #whole30booktour #lastnightseyemakeup 📷: @hannahrcoll


Last night’s Austin event at @bookpeople was EPIC. There were people piled everywhere—and my “backstage” wasn’t at all backstage because there were crowds on all sides! So good to see everyone, sign your books, and answer your questions. Off to Nashville! • 📷: @frelack, who showed up 2-1/2 hours early with @bfried to get a front row seat, MY KIND OF PEOPLE, and @rsliss who kept getting distracted from her photographer duties by all the cute babies.


Welcome to January, when everyone is talking about the @Whole30—and you either love us or hate us. • I’ve read so many articles this month in which experts with letters slam the program. It’s almost like they’re all reading from the same cheat-sheet. “It’s too restrictive to be sustainable. You’re not getting enough nutrients. Eliminating entire food groups is unnecessary.” I even saw one article claim the Whole30 is “bad for the microbiome.” (I’msorrywhat?) • The thing is, when asked what they’d recommend instead, here’s what the experts say: “Everything in moderation.” “You have to find a balance.” “Listen to your body.” “Practice portion control.” “Eat more vegetables.” “Drink more water.” • These are actual quotes I have pulled from real articles; advice offered by those whose job is to guide us to a healthy diet and healthy habits... experts who think the Whole30 is the problem. • I’ll be the first to say the Whole30 isn’t perfect. It’s not right for absolutely everyone. It doesn’t work exactly the same for absolutely everyone. I have never claimed otherwise. • But if you’re going to so aggressively criticize a program that has helped millions profoundly change their lives over the last nine years, you’d better come to the table with something better than “Everything in moderation.” News flash: you’ve been saying this like some kind of dietary automatons for the better part of two decades now, and it’s still. Not. Working... in case you haven’t noticed. And by continuing to impart the same trite, ineffective advice, you implicitly place blame on the people you are supposed to be serving—if it’s not working, it must be THEIR fault, because “everything in moderation” is SOLID, okay? • Guess what? WE’VE NOTICED it’s not working. And so have millions of motivated, committed, fed-up people who are willing to do the work if it leads to real change. So write your articles and say your words, over and over and over again, under the premise that one day, people will “get it.” We’ll just be over here, you know, actually getting it done. • #whole30 #iamwhole30 #melissarants


Dear @xcelfitness, I cleaned the floors for you today. You’re welcome. • Dear god, am I obsessed with this scaled zombie press. If your floor is slippery, I WILL DRAG MYSELF ACROSS IT. • #yearofstrongandbendy #zombiepress #ish #coresohard


This. This. This. THIS IS @WHOLE30. • As has been pointed out to me a number of times, our tag line, “Let us change your life,” is rather audacious. But nine years after coining it, I hear stories like this daily, and I continue to stand by it. • The Whole30 is about food at the surface, but it’s about SO MUCH MORE than food. (Listen up, national “worst diet” publication-who-shall-not-be-named.) And I am so proud of @whatinthehall for this non-scale victory, and inspired by her bravery in allowing me to share this here with you. “I can block out your name,” I offered. “I’m happy to share my journey,” she replied. Damn, that’s badass. • #whole30 #changeyourlife #NSV #iamwhole30


You’ve asked me about my hamstring and hip-focused cool-down flow, so here you go. This is sped up like 400%, and I normally spend more time in each pose, but I wanted it to fit on Instagram. I do this once or twice on each side, followed by (not shown) a long pigeon on each side. The whole thing takes me 15-20 minutes. Also, for some reason I’m super into adding elevator music to my video clips RN; I will not apologize for this. • I’ve been doing this flow after almost every workout, five times a week for the last two years. Have I always been flexible? No. Is this decidedly boring and unsexy stuff what got me there? Yup. #melissaexplainsflexibility • The flow: runner’s lunge, half-splits, lizard, pyramid, forward fold. I have taken many liberties with each pose and maybe they’re not even named correctly. #yearofstrongandbendy #melissashamstringflow #yogaeverydamnday #giraffelegs


In today’s Story, I keep saying I’m having the Best Day Ever. Considering yesterday, I met Liam Neeson and was on @livekellyandryan, you might be wondering what possibly could have happened today to make it so incredible. • My morning interview was fun, as a bunch of local news station staff are doing the Whole30 and were excited to have me. Then I went to the gym, and spent as long as I wanted doing whatever I wanted. After that, I accepted an invitation to @fowlandfodder for lunch, where I sat for a leisurely meal, finding the chef and staff lovely and the food delicious. I walked back to my hotel in “balmy” 35 degree weather, decaf in my hand and music in my ears. And I’m writing this from bed with no pants, because I have 30 minutes of down time before my next interview. • Some days are amazing because you’re on national TV being referred to as a 5-time NYT best-selling author. Some days are amazing because you finally get to touch a barbell and go for a walk in the sunshine. I feel really lucky that I can recognize both as Best Days Ever. • #justmelissa #maketodayamazing #whole30booktour


This morning I spent 4-1/2 minutes on the @livekellyandryan show talking @Whole30. And they kept calling it a “diet,” and you keep sending me DMs wishing they wouldn’t. • I get it. Thank you for your fierce loyalty to the spirit of the Whole30. ❤️ But in a 4-minutes segment broadcast to 10 million people, “diet” translates and attention-grabs in a way that “reset” or “program” doesn’t. I don’t object to them doing it. I got my talking points in (it’s a 30-day elimination and reintroduction; it’s all about how you feel; whole, real foods; zero mention of weight loss), and they featured the food, website, and books. • Just get them to us... the parents, grandparents, daughters and sons, best friends and co-workers and your mother’s neighbor’s hairdresser. Just GET THEM HERE. We’ll do the rest. • Also I met Liam Neeson. I’m just gonna go home now. • #whole30 #iamwhole30 #changeyourlife @kellyripa @hmhcooks #funpickles