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This was the first time I shot a bow and arrow and suffice it to say I didn’t quit until my right forearm stopped working. Also I kicked my Dad’s ass on the really far targets and wasn’t even gracious about it. Someone bring me some hay bales and a wrist guard stat. BTS in my Story. • #callmekatniss #hungergamesedit #needmorehay


My first solo summit of Mount Raymond, and it did not disappoint. Also I think I blocked out how steep + sketchy this one gets after last year‘s trip. I had the entire peak to myself for an hour, so I meditated, read my book, and generally appreciated Utah being such a dump. Grossness all over your screen in my Story. • Butler Fork -> Mill A -> Mount Raymond, 8 miles, 3,000 elevation gain, ending at 10,168’. (@alltrails:, link in profile.) • #church #mindright #melissahikes #melissahikesutah #mountraymond #bigcottonwoodcanyon #beautahful #utahisrad @visitutah @visitsaltlake


Shinrin-yoku is a Japanese term that means "taking in the forest atmosphere" or "forest bathing." John Muir called it “Wilderness (as) a necessity.” I call it church. • For more, see the earliest two posts under #melissaexplainschurch.#melissahikes #melissahikesutah #bigcottonwoodcanyon #doglake


I made up a flow today! All by myself! It took me like 17 hours and my shoulders are EXHAUSTED and it’s only like 6 moves how do you yoga teachers do this every. single. day? • I wanted something that would help me stick chaturanga from a variety of different entry points; I tend to either pop my butt up or drop my shoulders too low. 62 reps and four camera angles later, we have one tiny video. Please watch it 184 times so I can feel like it was all worth it 🙏. • #yearofstrongandbendy #yogaeverydamnday #melissaflows 🔊: Big Wild, Venice Venture @xcelfitness


I just finished the season finale of the This Sounds Serious podcast today and it did not disappoint. I haven’t been this obsessed with a podcast since S-Town. Glorious right up until the very end. Also, it took me an episode and a half to figure it out. NO SPOILERS HERE or I’ll block your mom. • #thissoundsserious #melissahartwiglistens <- #newhashtag #intopodcastsnow #🤷🏻‍♀️ @castbox_fm


My dad is legit this extra, and that’s what makes me so lucky. Happy Father’s Day to the guy who never stopped believing me; not when I called him from rehab; not when I told him I was quitting my stable, insurance-providing job to see if I could make this Whole30 thing work; and not when I told him I was going to start single-mom-ing when my son was just a year old. Love you, Captain Tom. ❤️ • To those of you who lost your dads far too early, with their physical passing, emotional withdrawal, or lack of engagement in your life... sending love on this day. • #fathersday


Today I went to #church. Eight glorious miles exploring Desolation Lake, starting at Mill D North. (Link to @alltrails in my profile.) I’m about to vomit nature on my Story, so head over there to witness Utah being gross all over your phone. • #melissahikes #melissahikesutah #desolationlake #bigcottonwoodcanyon #beutahful #utahisrad @visitsaltlake @visitutah


I've been sharing my 5-year-old's summer lunches in my Story this week, and overwhelmingly you're asking me to either share more of these, or adopt you and make all of your lunches. Feel free to follow along, and don't look for toothpicks in any grocery store in the south-SLC area, because I've purchased them all. (Featuring @lunchbots, which are stainless steel, super durable, and easy to pop in the fridge for a few hours to help keep food cool in hot summer months. I bought these myself, with my own money. None of this is sponsored, it's just how we eat.) • Slide 1: @applegate deli turkey + strawberries; snap peas, @lazizfoods hummus, @madeinnature Cranberry Pistachio Figgy Pops (2, cut in half so he thinks he's getting more) • Slide 2: @applegate deli turkey + blueberries; black olives, @epicbar pork rinds, @happyfamily veggie + fruit pack • Slide 3: @applegate Chicken Apple Sausage; raw pistachios; blueberries; @happyfamily veggie + fruit pack • I also send him with copious amounts of snacks, including meat sticks, @seasnax, a kids' @rxbar, or plantain chips, and a giant Hydroflask with @hint or @spindriftfresh water. Also, the only thing that isn't Whole30 here are the pork rinds/plantain chips (sub Seasnax) and the hummus (sub applesauce). • #melissaeats #whole30kids #whole30summerlunches #melissaexplainskidslunch


If I could pick ONE move in the gym that has elevated my hiking game, it’s the high step-up. @johnparker__ introduced me to it a few years ago, and after one winter working on them, I returned to spring hiking SO much stronger. • I have stupid long legs, but you don’t have to start as high as a 30” box. (Scaled version in second video.) Two pointers I learned from @bretcontreras1 : Don’t push off with the trailing leg—notice mine never bears weight. And don’t round the lower back. (Am I doing it perfectly here? 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m not a trainer, so ask yours.) • NOTE: You CAN weight them, but I don’t. I just go slower and do more reps/sets, or raise the box. (The weights throw off my positioning.) • #yearofstrongandbendy #highstepups #🍑 @xcelfitness 🎼: Chet Faker What About Us


The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell, by @robertdugoni. I must be getting soft in my old age, because this one was neither dark nor twisty. In fact, parts of it were so sweet, my pancreas hurt. HOWEVER, the story was incredibly compelling and a fast read, the characters were brilliantly drawn and quite lovable, and even if it did wrap up with a VERY pretty of a bow at the end... I loved every fairy tale-worthy word. This is a great summer read if you want something meaningful and heartwarming. • I promise my account hasn’t been hijacked by a nicer, sweeter Melissa. I just really liked this one, 💖🦄🌈✨. • #melissahartwigreads #crotchshot #kindle


I love it when friends do the Whole30 because I have an excuse to cook big batches of my favorite dinners. Also I ate half the plantains before I thought to take a photo. • Plantains pan-fried in @tinstarfoods ghee, plus this taco salad: @panoramameats grass-fed beef + sautéed (diced peppers and onions + grape tomatoes + sweet potato) + TONS of @primalpalate Taco Seasoning + a drizzle of @tessemaes Habanero Ranch, over romaine. #WHOLE30#melissaeats @whole30approved #whole30approved #tacomonday #itsathing


"You're not looking for a cookie, you're looking for a connection." • I shared this thought on my podcast with @lewishowes last year, and have found myself repeating it constantly in response to your Food Freedom questions, most recently at my @mountaingamesvail event on Thursday. Helping you navigate Food Freedom and your relationship with food is one of the hardest tasks, because it's not really about the food. But here is the idea I keep coming back to again and again: Connect. Connect. Connect. • We numb ourselves with food because we feel disconnected. From ourselves. From our higher power. From each other. These behaviors that we are trying to free ourselves from occur in isolation; hiding food, eating alone, feeling guilty or shameful after we consume. We can be at a full brunch table eating the same thing as everyone else, yet still feel isolated in our relationship with that food and our bodies. Irrationally, we look to fill that hole with more food, because it's learned and convenient and biochemically actually works for a moment to make us feel better. • But the more we eat, the emptier we feel. We KNOW that food is never going to fill that hole or satisfy that need, but we don't know what to replace it with. So we continue to eat. • I'm going to suggest we replace it with connection. Geniune, open human connection, ideally in person (although realistically, a phone call, text, or FaceTime would also do). In this moment, before the craving gets desperate, insistent, immediate; before your brain orders you to extinguish this feeling NOW; as you notice what is about to happen, because we always know it's about to happen... reach out for a connection. • In this moment, you need to be heard, to be seen, to know you are not alone. You need to acknowledge how you feel, drag it out into the light and name it, because that is how you can reclaim your power. And you deserve to feel loved, even if it’s just a comment of support + ❤️ from a total stranger on the internet. • Let someone do that for you, and I promise it will nourish you the way no cookie ever has. • #myfoodfreedom #connectionnotcookies #whole30FFF #emotionaleating 📷 @photolohre