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Stop lying and saying it’s not a lie. I’m used to incidents where I don’t know what the truth is and I’m used to getting hurt. I accepted it all even it was contradictory because I didn’t have the courage to break everything. You’re not coming. I’m alone. Silent Night // My dream team @fefymorales


I don’t like people who watch the clock all the time. Memories I kept losing flit through my mind. No matter what I do, I can’t get rid of the past. I can’t keep moping forever. I’m not special. No matter how many times I try. I never know what to do at this point // @hailzfrey


Now I'm turning to dust in a world that's twisted. Don't come searching when I go missing. Close your eyes or just try to look away. Don't want to hurt you. We live in a world someone else imagined. The ghost of what's left of me all but vanished. Remember my heart, how bright I used to shine // @itsflipinliz


Regardless of how lonely it gets, I still want to see you. I have no need for reasons to feel this way, but I can see when we have reached a point where return is no longer possible . . . Everybody let's tag #tacobell @tacobell on this one haha. With my beautiful rasta queen @velaviee


In the immutability of time, I’ve been left to thought. I have yet to find your feelings in this vacant heart. Although my feelings are caught in an unending loop, I seem to never be able to paint that same picture again // @arianemerciaa_


Sitting on a bench when the streetlights go out. If you look up all you can see are ideals floating upwards. It was a shooting star. Tell me yo continue living like this. I have to gather all the miracles that are spread out in the milky way and try and overcome this // @leidysortiz1


If you reach out to the ideal that lies ahead of hope tomorrow you'll brush against it. It's beautiful because it doesn't last. I finally understand the meaning of that phrase. I'm sorry, I've become more of an adult // @danielacastrillonn


There's no way all of your dreams will come true. Even you should know that even I can accept the sky that looks like it's about to fall. It'll be OK, that kind lie. I want to become an adult // @momotanner


Your words murmured softly, you say it. Although I can't see it when I move forward, a path is opening I feel my soul, take me your way, even while I struggle I’m sure I can walk on forever. It isn’t by chance, and it isn’t your usual dream // @rene_velazco


From the useless rumors, which one was it that i heard first? Face it and you will be friends. Don't tell lies like these. My heart being agitated from deep inside, a burning sensation runs through my body. Actually I'm expecting something from this thing called "reality".


Makes me want to scream that we live on do u hear me? I cant play it safe no more. I've got nowhere to go home to. There's still so much in life to remove this feeling. I even welcome this pain for the things I miss // my rasta queen @velaviee


Sins don't end with tears,You have to carry the pain forever. Who am I waiting for in this maze with no exit in sight? A blank notebook. Make me want to release my feelings more and more. What do I want to escape from? Is it reality? // @kukibarretov


It's not like I want to go back to the way things were back then, I'm just searching for the sky I've lost. I hope you understand. Stop making that sad face as though you were a victim // @doyouwannabeth


I had a purpose then, pursing the path to catalyze our dream. But it’s a winding road, where you stumble and sway your way amongst the crowd // @itsgrecia


This time is not a portriat about a model. This time I wanted to post a pic about myself that my boy @c.michaelphotos took of me couple weeks ago. There is something that i really wanna say and is thanks everybody for the full support you are giving me this year. Believe it or not that support has helped me to keep working hard and grow up the most i can. I am a truly believer that everything in this life is well deserved if you work for it and don't wait for anybody to give you everything. This is what i call discipline and in this game nobody is going to tell you what to do or what would be the best choice for yourself. Work hard for what you want and you will definitely see results. Play the game enjoy the journey and take risks every single day of your life because you never know what door is going to be open for you. You guys are freaking amazing and more things are coming up. This is a constant and non stop learning. God is the real boss


Like I'm the greatest thing, you ever hated Holding weight, but they'll never say hesitated I won't be aided the only time I'll ever pull the lever is when I wanna hear you say I levitated // @hannah_nicole_8