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Mick Fanning


The Search has just got weird!! Welcome to OUTER INNER SPACE!! Loving this new road that @cocom4debarrelkilla and I are following. Send through some topics for us to chat about. #thesearch @ripcurl_aus #outerinnerspace by @vaughandeadly and @nickpolletstudio


White wash wiggles 📷 @corey_wilson @ripcurl_aus #thesearch


Search team assemble!!!! Let’s do this @cocom4debarrelkilla 📷 @trent_mitchell_ @ripcurl_aus


Fire it up!! New boards for a new Search! Time to pack up and get on the road! #thesearch @dhdsurf @markrichardssurfboards @ripcurl_aus


Congratulations on an epic career legend!! Did it with class and flare but as humble as they come!! All the best in the next chapter I’m sure it’ll be just as amazing. All the best @craiglowndes888


Won’t lie been loving watching everyone go crazy at J’bay! A little jealous of the waves too haha makes me want to go surf it again soon. 📷 @tallteef or @badboyryry_ I think 🤔


THANK YOU PARKO!! What you’ve achieved throughout your career is truly incredible. Style and Grace always showed through your surfing. But to me it’s been your friendship that I truly value. Thank you for being such a brother to me. Love you mate. You made yourself and your family proud!! @joelparko


Hanging with the groms!! @jettschilling and @calebtancred had a task from @microsurfacademy to organise a trip to the Gold Coast by themselves. Go to @wsl to watch the full clip of these classic groms!! 📹 @nickpolletstudio


Swoop like a eagle 🦅📷 @corey_wilson


Epic times hanging with Team Australia!! Little twinny shred to finish it off! Sharing with @thegreenapple10 cheers @surfingaus @mysurftv @rob_machado_surfboards @kswaveco


Kenny Powers ain’t got nuffin on DH!! @dhdsurf