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Same location… just 1 year apart. - I spent Earth Day on Sunday, hiking to suspension bridges next to Grey Glacier in Torres del Paine National Park with @venturepatagonia and @vagabondhearts . While the hike was beautiful, what I’ll remember most from it was seeing firsthand just how much this glacier has receded in the past year. The first photo you see was taken on Sunday (04/22/18) and the second photo was taken from the same spot last year (04/05/17). That much ice gone, just in the last year, at this one glacier. - I know it’s not officially Earth Day anymore, but I think any day is a good day to be reminded of just how fragile our planet is and how important it is that we care for this beautiful sphere we get to call home. Every little bit helps. #EarthDay #TorresDelPaine #Chile #Patagonia #VenturePatagonia


The beauty of Torres del Paine National Park in Chile. - 🏔🏔🇨🇱🏔🏔 - With rain in the forecast, we spent today, and will probably spend tomorrow, inside… dry and warm. But with the extra days here we are preparing for some exciting adventures we have coming up in the park with @venturepatagonia. #TorresDelPaine #Patagonia #Chile #VenturePatagonia


Some moments you just can’t plan for. - - Also, this is probably the most magical guanaco I’ve ever seen. ✨🌈 - - Also, the airline I fly home on, LATAM, is on strike so looks like I’m staying in Patagonia for a little longer than expected. Guess there could be worse places to be stuck though 🤷‍♂️ Excited for more adventures here in Chile with @VenturePatagonia! 🇨🇱 #VenturePatagonia #Patagonia #Chile


This short hike and viewpoint was one of my favorite spots from my Patagonia trip last year so I was super excited to revisit it again at sunrise yesterday with @vagabondhearts and @venturepatagonia. It was an early start to the day and we battled some serious winds at the top, but being there and taking in this amazing view was an experience worthy of the effort. It’s one of those places that’s tough to imagine ever getting tired of visiting. - Swipe left for the full pan ⬅️ #VenturePatagonia #Patagonia #Chile


Backing up the morning’s photos over breakfast. With the Swift 7 by @acer_america, it’s easy to make anywhere your office. #Swift7 #MakeYourMark Windows Hello: the password is you. #Windows10 #ad https://bit.ly/2uI8R1O


Sunrise at this famous view of Fitz Roy. This mountain is still the most beautiful mountain I’ve had the privilege to visit so far on my travels. #FitzRoy #ElChalten #argentina #Patagonia @venturepatagonia #venturepatagonia


After a long hike up the night before, it was nice to be able to relax in my tent all morning and work on some photos from sunrise. With the Swift 7 by @acer_america being the world’s thinnest computer, you can pretty much take it anywhere. I had the opportunity to do just that in New Zealand and took this ultralight laptop everywhere I went. Check out my blog post for more from my experience with the Swift 7 (link in bio). #Swift7 #ad #MakeYourMark


Today’s sunrise in one of my favorite places 😊 I’m about to throw on a backpack and head up for a closer look over the next few days with @venturepatagonia. See you when I’m back to civilization ✌️ - #ElChalten #FitzRoy #Patagonia #Argentina #VenturePatagonia


It was an early start in Puerto Natales today with @venturepatagonia. As we drove down dirt roads in the dark, I had no idea when we were going, but I hoped it would be some place interesting. After parking the car in what seemed like the middle of nowhere, and hiking up a nearby hill, we were greeted with a view of this landscape. I’d say it was definitely interesting! and not something I expected to see in Patagonia. - Look closely for @tomastricallota in the photo. #VenturePatagonia #Patagonia


The colors of Patagonia in April are simply incredible. This image was taken on today’s sunrise hike to this beautiful lake just outside of Ushuaia, Argentina. @venturepatagonia #VenturePatagonia #Ushuaia #Argentina #Patagonia


Our Patagonia trip is off to a great start down here in Ushuaia, Argentina. Today’s adventure took us up a mountain, through fall colors, and into the snow. The summit greeted us with some intense winds but also some amazing views of the surrounding mountains. Check out my story for more from this hike ✌️ 🚶🏽‍♂️- @tomastricallota @venturepatagonia #VenturePatagonia #Ushuaia


I just boarded a flight here in Seattle to begin the next adventure… to Patagonia! 🙌 It is going to be a long trip down - SEA ✈️ LAX ✈️ SCL ✈️ PUQ But I’m super excited to get back to these mountains so here is a gallery of 10 images from last year’s trip to Patagonia. Hoping for some magic again this year 🤞😊 #Patagonia