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This was one of my favorite places that I visited in 2017 😊 Hopefully I get the chance to revisit the Dolomites in 2018! 🙌 Where do you dream of visiting this year? ✈️ #Dolomites #Italy


Went for a little drive out on Mountain Loop Highway today with @priya_mareedu 😊 #MountainLoopHighway #Washington #PNW


Maui sunsets with @chelseakauai 😊 We drove up the mountain and popped through the low layer of clouds just in time to watch the colorful bands of pink and orange start to streak across the sky. As the color intensified, we frantically began looking for an opportune spot to pull over and take it all in. We didn’t have a particular spot in mind so when we came across this overlook, we both got really excited and knew we had to stop here. It was a sunset to remember 😊 #Haleakala #Maui #Hawaii


Same waterfall... different perspective. Definitely one of the best I’ve ever been to 😊 #Hawaii


I love watching clouds move… especially the low, wispy, clouds we often get here in the winter. When @chelseakauai, @christianannschaffer, and I climbed up Mount Storm King last weekend, we were treated to some of these clouds. We spent way too long up there, shivering in the cold, completely mesmerized as the clouds rolled through the valleys below us. #MountStormKing #OlympicPeninsula #Washington #PNW #PNWonderland


Today’s adventure with @vagabondhearts started off as an ambitious adventure to the mountains in search of waterfalls, but with a road closure and us just being tired of the rain out that way, we decided to head back to Seattle after 1 waterfall and took a walk in this park near my apartment instead 😄 After the cold rain in the morning, this warm afternoon sunshine was definitely a welcome change 😊🌿


I love a good adventure and being able to share my experiences with you all through stories taken on my phone. But my adventures aren’t always the safest places for a phone so I’m excited to be using @ZAGG screen protectors to help my phone screen survive each outing. Their Warranty is something you Can Count On: A limited lifetime warranty means if your Glass+ gets worn or damaged, ZAGG will replace it for the life of your device. #InvisibleShield #LiveFearlessly #ad


Out of all the national parks I’ve been to in the US, Olympic National Park in Washington is my favorite. - The diversity of the landscape there is incredible… rugged coastlines, snow capped mountains, rushing waterfalls, alpine lakes, and lush rainforests… it has so much to see! - I’ve visited this park probably 20+ times over the past 5 years of living in Washington but somehow it still manages to leave me in awe with every visit. - But now, what I probably enjoy more than seeing it for myself, is watching friends experience this magical place for the first time. I wish I could take all of my friends there! 😄 - This video is of @ChelseaKauai experiencing the vibrant rainforests of Olympic National Park for the first time 😊🌿 #OlympicNationalPark #Washington #PNW #PNWonderland


I spent the last few days running all around Washington with these two wonderful people. Yesterday’s adventure was especially good though! We went out to the Olympic Peninsula where we found fog and snow and then more fog from up on this summit. More from the day in my story 😊 #OlympicNationalPark #PNW #PNWonderland


Exploring the Redwoods in Northern California 🌲🌿 - - The redwoods always amaze me... you can see a person in a photo of this place but you just don’t get a true sense of how big these trees really are until you’re walking among them. #Redwoods #California #PNWonderland #PNW


Another one from that roadtrip up the moody Oregon coast with my brother, @joshmatti. I’m not sure who the guy is that’s standing out there but he sure adds a sense of scale to this mysterious landscape. #Oregon #PNWonderland #PNW


I took a few days off IG there while celebrating the New Year with friends down in Oregon. But before I start posting from 2018, I wanted to take a moment to look back on this past year and re-share some of my favorite experiences and places. It was definitely a crazy year full of adventures and wonderful experiences with friends. Thank you so much for all your support and for following along on my journey this past year 🙏 Here’s to making 2018 even more epic! 🙌 Photos from: (1) Maui - (2) Bali - (3) New Hampshire (4) Washington (5) Slovenia (6) Banff (7) Israel (8) Georgia (9) Patagonia (10) Kauai