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adventures & stories #EmesArts by Photo ❌ Video -> Warsaw📍


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'JUDGE' • Sometimes we need some discipline right? Sometimes we just need a freefall... • • Exif: D7100 38mm | 1/320s | f2,8 | ISO2000 ___________ #EmesArts


'Jumper' Good flashback is a summer flashback...? It is just like an old squad in Town. EXIF: D7100 20mm | 1/200s | f6,3 | ISO100 ___________ #EmesArts


'Narrator' With power of @gopro in vertical perspective. This is Berlin. INFO: GoPro 4 Silver, Protune ___________ #EmesArts


'Distraction' Don't associate this with dEstrUction... It becomes annoying when I feel 'in between' - just like PKiN above. Fortunately, it doesn't take so long when we have something we could 'jump into' 🙏🏼 EXIF: D7100 50mm | 1/640s | f4 | ISO100 ___________ #EmesArts


'Lost in sunset' Looking up, chasing perspectives, reflections, becouse there is no truth besides it. INFO: D7100 17mm | 1/400s | f8 | ISO2000 ___________ #EmesArts


"Urban Ninja" Just practicing my telekinetic superpower and ALMOST stops the train! 😶🙈... Maybe when some photo of the same object gets blurry, merging two of them add sth more? INFO: D7100 17mm | 2s | f9 | ISO100 ___________ #EmesArts


'Never settle' Cruising, exploring, admiring... Saw some mirror on the street corner and shot the man on reflection! INFO: D7100 50mm | 1/125s | f2.8 | ISO200 ___________ #EmesArts


'SOPHISTICATION' You see this leg, right? COINCIDENCE?! This #FANCY boy just knows how to hang around. I must see him in full or rather 'chick mode' next year. INFO: D7100 1/80s | f2.8 | ISO100 ___________ #EmesArts


'Two worlds' With this subconscious search for a spot where i can get some perspective, would I missed this view? INFO: D7100 1/200s | f2.8 | ISO100 ___________ #EmesArts


'HUSTLER' I planned to see this little guy for a while. After last in this year - 'Chopin concert', I finally made it. This is Mandarin Pose. INFO: D7100 1/80s | f2.8 | ISO640 ___________ #EmesArts


'Jump to lightspeed!' • Going back from Łazienki Królewskie. What did I see there... just WOAAAH! Curious? Check next posts! • • INFO: D7100 1/3s | f9| ISO100 ___________ #EmesArts


'GHOST' • What are you chasing? • • INFO: D7100 1/3s | f4 | ISO100 ___________ #EmesArts


'LOOP' • Do you feel sometimes that 'everything is a copy of a copy of a copy'? • Ps. Last seven photos were made during short way to this mall. • INFO: D7100 1/80s | f2.8 | ISO100 ___________ #EmesArts


'Mall - Hall' • After saying Hi to this kid I finally reach target. I really didn't thought that I would end that day with such a golden view... • • INFO: D7100 1/200s | f3.2 | ISO100 ___________ #EmesArts


'Simply Joy' • Did this young fellow need sth more? I don't think so... What do we need then? • • INFO: D7100 1/1000s | f2.8 | ISO100 ___________ #EmesArts