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I’ve been thinking about taking the Manweaveunit Online Course and I have been seeing it on Instagram. I wish they had a payment plan, so I could pay a down payment and they give me immediate access and I pay on my balance each week. — 💈Does this sound like anyone you know? Well, you can make a down payment and pay weekly. ✅🙌🏾DM me @manweaveunit or Text “Unit” 615-496-3977 💈🙌🏾


I need your help. People keep emailing, texting and DMing me and they ask me the same question, who is the best Non Surgical Hair Replacement Expert and I tell them that there are a lot of great barbers out there that do great work. Usually I refer them to barbers based on what area they are in. I have a few rich men that keep asking me if I could pick one, who would I recommend because money is not an option to them. Some have private jets, some live out of the country, some are in Africa dealing in Oil, but 2 things they have in common:💰Rich and Going Bald😀! Some are willing to pay up to $5k! 💈 I have been licensed for 29 years and I’ve never done a Manweaveunit 😢I’m just a Master Marketer and Business Man first and barber with only one customer that is a 74 year old multi millionaire. I only cut his hair to pick his brain. I want to come out of retirement for this money, but I realize I can’t compete with you God Given Talented Barbers, so I will stay in my lane and pass this opportunity to you👨🏾💈💰!🦅 👇🏾 Leave a comment on The Who you think is the 💈🙌🏾GOAT of Men’s Hair Replacement! 💈 Share with friends! Winner will be announced on ⚫️Black Friday! Vote Below now👇🏾💈👇🏾


Free Webinar! “I did it. Over a 1,000 Barbers and Stylists have joined my Online Course this year.” - 💈 I did not brag or boast, I just said I will start showing other Barbers and Stylists how I did it. 💈 I sat downstairs in my man cave thanking God for giving me the vision and courage to create this course inspite of the naysayers. 🦅Eagles don’t listen to ducks. 🦅 I told my momma and continued about my business. 👨🏾‍💻 Do you know what it feels like to SAY you’re gonna do something and actually DO it? It wasn’t about the money 💰; it was the fact that I KEPT MY WORD TO MYSELF. Do you know that over 1,000 Barbers and Stylists in the Universe have taken this #manweaveunitolinecourse This new business model has taught me a new level of business 😌 2013 to Present: $5.4 million in online courses while I 😴Slepted 🥳 Only a few people know how I do this whole process. And I’m okay with that. I‘m going to help 1,000 Barbers and Stylists launch their own online course profitably in the next 12 months, plus I’m giving this Free “Webinar Course” to the next 1,000 people (if you want to be one of them, click link in bio & come to my class!) Or just take the Full Manweaveunit Online Course right now with LIFETIME ACCESS for only $497 👨🏾‍💻 I’ll say it again—Do you know the internet is the new money. Tag a friend who needs to hear this too 👭and let’s get started now . ❤️ P.S. When you scroll 👉🏾 you’ll see a video of me in my backyard in my swimming pool, going under water in my Manweaveunit😀💈Barbers and Stylists from all over the world enrolled in my Online Course after watching that video- click the link in bio @manweaveunit to start right now and check your email after you sign up for immediate Access👍🏾


🚨Its getting close to XMAS and I need to save my money to buy gifts. I wondered how to properly cut, install and make the units longer. There are so many Barbers teaching Manweaveunit courses, that you don’t know whose course you need to invest in. I want to take a Live Class but they they will not let me record in it and I will forget most of the things from the class, plus my notes would end up in the corner with all the other notes. —————————————————————————— 🤔Does any of this sound like you? The ManManWeaveUnit ONLINE CLASS Is Designed to arm you with EVERYTHING YOU NEED to Quickly & Easily IMPLEMENT Men’s Non Surgical Hair Replacement in Your Business For FAST Growth”💈—————————————————————————— 🤔Why should I Join the @manweaveunit Online Class? —————————————————————————— ✅Learn All Units (360 Wave Unit, Straight Unit, Low Unit, Hightop Unit, Ponytail Unit, SuperFly Unit) ——————————————— ✅Lifetime Access/Invest Onetime ✅Access To All My Wholesale Vendors ✅yes-Learn Wherever, Whenever ✅Access To Insurance Docs ✅Done For You Business Plan ✅Done For You Consult Forms ✅Marketing Video ————————————— ✅Mentor and Coaching ✅Hair and Work by @miraclebarbiemd 🚨Over 600 Satisfied Members —————————————————————————— 👀Questions? Text “Unit” 615-496-3977 or DM me @millionairebarber Start Right Now👉Click the link in bio @manweaveunit and Learn The Men’s Hair Replacement “ManWeaveUnit” TODAY. —————————————————————————— #MANWEAVEUNITOLINECOURSE. . . For Repost . . . #MANWEAVEUNIT #manweaveunit #manweaves #manweave #manweaveconnect #manweaveatlanta #manweavenashville #millionairebarber #manweaveonlineclass #nashvillesbestfemalebarber #barbershopconnect #menshairloss #barbershop #menshairreplacement #customhairunit #toupe #hairloss #manunit #hairunit #menshairunit #barbersince98 #barbersinctv


I was down in my Man Cave playing Ping Pong by myself and I was wondering, how you were going to LEVEL UP in 2019. What investments in yourself are you going to make in order to take your LIFE and INCOME to the Next Level. ——————————————————————————✅I have provided several systems, strategies and programs that I personally helped me and other industry leaders move to the 💰FINANCIAL Level! Are you ready to move to the next level? If YES, explain to me what’s stopping you? 🤔DM me @millionairebarber or Text “Level” to 615-496-3977


So proud of my #openyourschool Millionaire Student Kumasi Barfield who owns 3 Schools @networks_barbercollege —————————————————————————— 🤔I remember when I first met Kumasi years ago at a Bronner Brothers Hair Show in Atlanta. I started mentoring him and helped him get his school Accredited and now he takes a vacation each month. ——————————————————————————✈️Kumasi is on a family vacation right now with his wife and 3 children for 2 weeks in Africa. 🙌🏾That is what my #openyourschool online program is all about “Helping Barbers and Stylists” live the life that they truly deserve. Nothing is greater than a man providing for his family! Let’s be honest, we love our craft, but you don’t want to spend your life standing behind a chair. It’s almost 2019 and it’s time for YOU to Level Up —————————————————————————— Kumasi, thanks for believing in me and my #openyourschool program! Since you and countless other successful school owners took my course and accepted my Mentorship- Heck everybody wants to take my online program, open a school and Live a Life of 💰Financial Freedom, plus more Free Time⏰——————————————————————————🤔 If you are still reading this post, you must want a School. DM me @millionairebarber or Text “School” 615-496-3977 _________________________________________________ #manweaveunit #manweaves #manweave #manweaveconnect #manweaveatlanta #manweavenashville #millionairebarber #manweaveonlineclass #nashvillesbestfemalebarber #barbershopconnect #menshairloss #barbershop #menshairreplacement #customhairunit #barberschool #cosmetologyschool #manunit #school #menshairunit #manweaveunitonlineclass #barbersinctv #openyourschool #miraclebarbiemd


"You have received a payment of $497.00 from over 537💈barbers / 💇🏽‍♀️stylists and made over $266,889 in one single day on Autopilot..." Imagine driving down the interstate with your @manweaveunit hanging off your head and the video goes viral, all the barbers laughing at you, sharing your video...I’m on vacation in Florida and I keep receiving notifications saying you have a new payment for $497 from someone purchasing your online course... while you were sleeping... out eating...watching sports ...or watching everyone on Instagram comment on your Crazy Video 🙇🏾‍♂️ . That's what happened to me. And I'm sharing my secrets with YOU 👩‍👩‍👧‍👧my exact system 👨🏾‍💻on my Step by Step Online Course (Free IPhone, $50 Mic and $99 Ring Light) is all the equipment I used! DM me @millionairebarber or Text “2019” to 615-496-3977! You'll learn how to turn your expertise into YOUR own online course and make money while you😴Sleep! . Having my online course has given me the ability to 🛑STOP 👉Trading Time For Dollars🌴 Escape The 🐀Rat Race and most importantly, EARN from anywhere 24-7. I've also watched people's brands & businesses like Razor Chic TRANSFORMED as a result of my courses. 💰💰Getting paid for teaching people what you know is the *ultimate* Business. And I'll break it all down in my Online Course! __________ Learn how to: . 1. Create YOUR own online course content in just 1 day (Haircuts, Hair Styles, Units, Make Up, etc YOU Name It 👉Someone in the world will buy it online) . 2. Set up your course platform in 29 mins and for $0 (it’s true) . 3. Guarantee you make $50,000 or more in 2019 (I'll teach you my EXACT Formula I used to make over $500k from my ManWEAVEUnit Course and I had no social media following) __________ Join my Online Course! Think about all the barbers and stylists lives will be upgraded when you teach them the skills you've sharpened over the years. 🛑STOP giving away your gifts, talents and your expensive education for FREE! Having a course has made me the easiest money I’ve ever made, and it will do the same for you, too. It’s like having a VCR or DVD on any electronic device🙇🏾‍♂️DM me at @millionairebarber or Text “2019” 615-496-3977 #millionairebarber


🚨Class Just SOLDOUT 9:36pm CST! Behind The Scenes for my Last Mentor Coaching Class “How To Open A Profitable School” —————————————————————————— If you did not get in this class, you can always take my Online Class 24-7 365 days from any electronic device. You can download ALL the Done For You Documents. There are literally over 1,000 Documents and I am not exaggerating, ask some of my previous Successful School Owners. 👀See y’all in the class. You are going into 2019 with New Goals, Dreams and Visions! See you soon Eagles🦅🦅🦅#openyourschool


🚨I’ve been looking at The Ultimate Manweaveunit Online Course. I been 🤔thinking about taking it for a long time. I 👀see barbers and stylists all on Instagram making a lot of money with this new system. I just don’t have the $497 to invest right now, but I can pay a down payment today and pay my balance in low weekly payments. Will I get full access to the Online Course when I make my down payment? ✅🙌🏾YES, of course! —————————————————————————— Is this you? Just need a little help and someone to trust you?🙄 —————————————————————————— I have an answer. DM me NOW @millionairebarber or Text “Unit” 615-496-3977 —————————————————————————— I started the @manweaveunit Program to teach barbers and stylists all over the world Non Surgical Hair Replacement, All Styles, Business Plan, Best Wholesale Hair & Supply Vendor-@miraclebarbiemd , Client Consult Forms and Immediate Lifetime Access from any electronic device. Barbers and Stylists from all over the world take my course each day, now it’s your time. USE ME AS A RESOURCE🕺🏽 —————————————————————————— This is your opportunity RIGHT now just for you. —————————————————————————— 🙌🏾🙌🏾 DM me NOW @millionairebarber or Text “Unit” 615-496-3977 💃🏽🕺🏽And tag + share with a friend! 👨🏽💇🏾‍♂️💇‍♀️💈 _________________________________________________ #manweaveunit #manweaves #manweave #manweaveconnect #manweaveatlanta #manweavenashville #millionairebarber #manweaveonlineclass #nashvillesbestfemalebarber #barbershopconnect #menshairloss #barbershop #menshairreplacement #customhairunit #barberschool #cosmetologyschool #manunit #school #menshairunit #manweaveunitonlineclass #barbersinctv #openyourschool #miraclebarbiemd


I opened my school in 1998 after almost 🤬killing one of my co-workers in the shop. The shop became a place that I hated to go to everyday, because of the negativity, bossy clients and just standing on my feet 12 plus hours a day. I never had any free time and I could not continue to live my life like this. Everyone thought I was 😀happy, but I was dying 😰on the inside. I felt like I was running an adult daycare center at my shop. —————————————————————————— I opened my school and my blood pressure went down. I got a new meaning to life. I enjoyed teaching the students and they ENJOYED APPRECIATED and RESPECTED me😊! I loved it- after I got Accredited and got GRANTS I made more money than I could ever imagine. My best month was $274,000 in one Month. You’re a great barber / stylist. You are already retraining students that graduated from a school that they paid $20,000 - why not open your school and get PAID for teaching students. It’s time for you to level up and move to your next level. I’ll take you through my #openyourschool MasterClass where I teach you how to #openyourschool and this is the last time you will get Lifetime Mentoring and Coaching. I’m only taking 12 students for my last class of the year. DM me @millionairebarber or Text “School” 615-496-3977 Let’s do this!