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Coffee and morning rays. I’ll save you a spot.


First time out of the house since Friday, and oh what a glorious sunrise greeted me. Grateful for each day I’m well enough to be out.


Multicolored blossoms of prickly pear cactus


Nature’s origami. Moon flower blossom. These tightly coiled flowers are a form of morning glory, unfolding in the evening to reveal large (6” / 14cm) diameter white flowers.


Liquid gold. First rays of light shimmer across the water.


Feeding time. The ruby-throated hummingbird beats its wings 50 times per minute, and is only 3” (8cm) long.


Gulls whirling at daybreak, reminding me of children’s drawings of birds.


When the fields are painted with color.....


Pipevine swallowtail, always in motion, even when feeding. Pro tip: For photographing butterflies, I use a wide aperture (low f-stop) to allow fast shutter speed. I shoot a couple frames to check exposure. This particular one was shot using a macro lens, f/2.8, 1/2500 sec, allowing me to freeze the wing motion.


Morning rays. Have had a few days of feeling poorly. In bed, fluids, meds, Netflix. Occasionally duck outside and catch moments like this. Changed physicians last week. I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to get my adrenal insufficiency better controlled.


White ibis fly over in formation


Paper kite butterfly


Textures and patterns in nature- cluster of tiny barrel cacti I only got a little of these cacti’s “textures” in my palm and thumb getting this photo


Sunrise paints the water with moving whorls of color Pro tip: use a zoom to compress and intensify layers of color


Indian blankets I’ve had 3 decent days in a row- the most I’ve had in more than 2 months. I’m back to painting ( @mimi_emig_paintings ), and did a slow hike today.


Mallorca, 2015. I dream of traveling overseas again. I’m on IV treatment for the next 15 months, so for now it will wait. Australia when I’m done, perhaps?


Wildflowers, sunrise, and a coffee. Great way to start the day.


There can never be too many wildflowers.