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Drip, drip, drop... Got out for a slow hike today. We’d had rain and heavy fog. Beautiful water droplets hung from plants and webs. Macro heaven.




Color explosion. It’s been a bit dreary here this week. This Korean pavilion provides a bright point even if the weather is dull.


Looking forward to warmer days. Fortunately, it’s Texas, so I only have to wait til Saturday!


For those of you who think Texas is flat, think again! I’m starting to think about going to Big Bend again, but realize I can’t do the trip solo anymore. Who’s in?


The path forward. Live oaks arch over the drive at Denman Estate. I’m now getting out a bit more. I was in bed for a month because of an infection. I’m slowly starting to improve on a complicated antibiotic regimen. My spirits are better, too, now that I can get out. I’ve started to paint again as I have more energy- my latest is posted on @mimi_emig_paintings


Backlit beauty. These dangling epiphytes glowed in the morning sun, looking like nature’s ornaments on a live oak tree. On my slow walks, I often notice small details of beauty in nature- colors, textures, and the play of light. In my previous busy life, I might have walked right past these.


I’m starting to dream of traveling once again. Denali was the highlight of last year. @patricialaydorsey has been a source of inspiration and courage for me. I had the pleasure of meeting her in Detroit last year. Check out her art, photography, and stories. I’d been hesitant to share my story here, thinking people only want beautiful photos. Patricia has proven me wrong. For those who just want photos, you can skip what I write. For the rest, I’ll be sharing a bit more of my struggles, triumphs, and inspirations- hopefully to help others


Murmurations at sunset. Flocks of birds whirled against the golden sky. Moments of bliss.


Autumn in Texas starts later and lasts longer than in the north. We had high winds yesterday, with leaves swirling about as they came off the trees.


“Sky!” I’ve turned my sister into a cloud gazer. She’ll text me whenever the sky is looking magical. Even my daughter, who initially didn’t understand my fascination with clouds, has started sending me photos of clouds. It never gets old to me.


Moments to live for.... I’m grateful for all the places I’ve been able to travel. For the past month, I was house bound because of health problems. Memories of moments like this helped sustain me. I’m now slowly improving, able to get out a bit. My treatment means I can only be away for a week at a time, so my trips will need to be shorter. Two months of treatment down, 18+ to go. Glad it’s starting to work. Gives me hope that I’ll get to see more of this country.


Faded beauty. I come home from my walk with a handful of treasures- colorful leaves, seed pods, and this dried bougainvillea flower. Hey, at least I didn’t bring a tarantula home!


Memories of summer mornings


Light play. Yes, magnificent scenery can take my breath away. But sometimes so can simple sights. As I walked through the gardens, sunlight shone through cascading branches, creating vibrant greens contrasting with the shadows in the background. I live for these moments of beauty.


Flame. This tiny backlit leaf was aglow. I got out yesterday for a slow hike- first time in a month. Good for my soul, and a sign of improvement.


Today’s a 3 coffee day to clear the fog.... Who’s with me?


“Hope” is the thing with feathers That perches in the soul- And sings the tune without the words- And never stops- at all -Emily Dickinson I’ve been dealing with health problems for the past few years. The last 6 months have been particularly rough. I hold out hope, though, for better days ahead, to be able to get out more, to continue to soak in the beauty of the world around me, and perhaps to resume traveling once more. Thanks to friends and family for continued support.