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Can I just fangirl over one of my best girlfriends for a moment!? I’ve seen @kaitlinelise_ work so hard behind the scenes for @strong4mefit over the past few months especially. Today, i got to be a part of a group of women that she guided through one of their workouts and I geeked out over my friend a little bit. She was so strong, so motivating and so much fun to workout with. My favorite part of today was watching this woman standing in her power, in what is such a natural element for her to empower women through FUNctional, strength building. I’ve known for years now how incredible she is & how amazing she is at personal training but today, my heart burst wide open to see her shine so bright & share her gifts with so many women. And this is just the beginning! 🌞 I love you, Kait. Thanks for always empowering me to be the strongest version of myself (esp because you know I like to cheat on workouts 😇).🤗


Still can’t believe I married the Juan I love 5 months ago. (Wasn’t he Juan handsome groom? #HiHusband) 😍 To say that I am grateful for this love would be juan major understatement. 😉 (Could somejuan help me figure out how this year has flown by so quickly!? 🤪) Here’s to a lifetime of Juan puns and extra loving cheesiness... Te amo mi esposo, you are and always have been my dream come true @jrili. 🥰 #JuanGratefulWife #JuanBlessedLove #TooPunnyForMyOwnGood #somejuanstopme #jkillneverstop #juanpunsforlife


Inspired by so many conversations with my students & coaching clients lately, this intention comes with a loving reminder as we start to move through the holiday season: 🤗As you need, allow yourself to lovingly create space in order to protect your peace! Here are a few helpful holiday reminders for protecting your peace: 🗣💕🗣Speak up with love: When you feel like a conversation is making you uncomfortable or has taken a turn towards negativity, kindly speak up to change the narrative or excuse yourself. Simply saying “Thank you for your perspective, I have to excuse myself” is a loving way to put up a boundary and not allow negativity to steal your peace. 🚶🏽‍♂️🚶🏽‍♀️Speaking of boundaries, lovingly walk away from situations that feel toxic, they can often steal your peace before you are even physically in the situation. This means limit time with people who have a tendency to lead you to harmful conversations (even if it’s unintentional those convos can have long lasting emotional impacts). Also, stop with the obligatory visits that you’ve been guilted into making. Especially when they leave you emotionally drained after. 🙅🏻‍♀️💖Give yourself permission to lovingly say NO. This means when you are overstretching yourself, trying to fit 500 family/friend events in a 24-48 hour period, kindly remind yourself, it is okay (maybe even imperative) for you to say no. If fitting in every holiday invitation sacrifices your well being, lovingly say no or make plans for a time in the future. Those who love you, will understand and maybe even be inspired to create their own healthy boundaries. 🙃Allow yourself time and space to breathe. Creating space for yourself is the best way to really stay present and enjoy the gift of the present with your loved ones. This means getting up an hour early to have some alone time before everyone comes over, making time to go to a yoga class or even just taking a solo walk outside to breathe in the fresh air. Making yourself a priority amidst all the demands of the holidays is a righteous act of self love that will bring you deeper clarity to feel more empowered to lovingly, protect your peace. Mindfully, Mel•Lo 💖


Current situation: my heart is full and absolutely at ease. 🐾🐶 Special thank you to my sweet husband (@jrili) for the contributions he made towards making these sweet cuddles with chocolate and coffee (it’s decaf so i can still sleep tonight) all possible. 🐶💞


I don’t think one lifetime could ever be long enough but I can promise you that in this lifetime, I’ll soak up every second of this love. Forever grateful for the gift of being by your side. 💞 📸 magic by @tarasprocphoto


Happy New Moon, Friends 🌝 I took a little time to set a few intentions today, making clear a few of the things I’d like to bring more energy into starting with tonight’s New Moon. Have you set your intentions for this new moon cycle? 🌙 If not, take a few moments to set at least one intention right now & share it below 👇🏽🤗


Open your eyes, breathe in deeply, let your reawaken. Beautiful things are blossoming all around you and for your ALL the time, just waiting for you to see them clearly. 🌺 I had so much fun in this wedding photo shoot with @winshipphotography at @dragonflyfarmsfl for the upcoming launch of @forevermagazinefl. Seriously though, can I just wear beautiful wedding dresses and be surrounded by beautiful flowers in beautiful places with beautiful people every day? #SoGrateful💖


Hey friends! As many of you know, I used to do a lot of work with voter education when I worked for President Obama. If you know me, you know I geek out for Election Day and I love helping other people vote. So, here is a friendly reminder, just in case you haven’t voted yet DON’T FRET. 🗳 Polls are open until 7 pm. This means you HAVE to be IN LINE to vote at YOUR polling location by 7 pm (please don’t let anyone turn you away just because you haven’t voted yet when polls close, if you are IN LINE AT 7 PM YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO CONTINUE ON TO CAST YOUR BALLOT!!!) 🤔 Don’t know your polling location? Check out www.rockthevote.org for more info. Note: there are resources on here that will tell you what identification you need based on the state you live in and will answer any questions you have, it even has a map showing you where your polling location is! 🚙 Need a ride? Call uber or Lyft as they are both providing free rides to the polls. ✊🏽For most of us, our right to vote was fought for, sacrificed for by our ancestors. There was literal bloodshed for you to be able to have a voice in this democracy. And many people, still need your voice to help theirs be heard today. For those that have fought and passed, for those who aren’t able to vote because they have been systematically disenfranchised, stand up for them and cast your ballot. Your voice is needed now more than ever so please, for the love of God DO NOT take for granted your ability to let your voice be heard. 🤝We cannot create a better future by succumbing to the painful disappointments of today and that starts by using your voice! 👉🏽Also, please note: If you experience anything odd or are turned away from voting when you are registered and able to vote, please don’t let this deter you. Call Election protection at 1-866-OUR-VOTE and check their twitter for updates. 🔥GO VOTE & MAKE SURE YOUR FRIENDS VOTE TOO! 🇺🇸 📸by my amazing friend @cameronmora / @pitandpeakfilmsandphotos


Hey friends!! I’m still offering 3 classes a week at The Yoga Garden but we are changing things up a little, Starting THIS week! Of course I’ll still be teaching what I call my Sacred Sunday morning class, Gentle yoga (with lots of good vibes) at 9:30 am! I will only be teaching the 6:00 pm Flow and Restore Class on Monday evenings. On Wednesday’s I will now be teaching the 4:30 pm Gentle yoga class!! (Super excited to offer a mid week, evening yoga class to unwind and disconnect from the outside world!) 🤗 My group schedule at the Yogi Perogi, Aquarian Dreams & Beach Yoga will remain the same for now (maybe some new, exciting updates coming soon!!) If you have any questions, please let me know! If your intuition guides you, I hope to see you on your mat this week! 💖 📸 @cameronmora / @pitandpeakfilmsandphotos 💖


A lack of feeling worthy is something I’ve uncovered in my life over the past few years. Through a lot of deep internal work, & the guidance of some amazing teachers near & far, I realized that lack of feeling worthy is what led me to so many painful experiences, like toxic relationships (personal & professional), putting my dreams on the back burner for too long, making unhealthy lifestyle choices, etc. In those moments when I realized it all came from a lack is self love, a lack of feeling worthy, my mind was utterly blown. 🤯 Since realizing this, I’ve been doing a lot of work with the words I AM. Making sure to put conscious, love rooted words after them & although it felt really difficult at first, it opened my eyes. I realized, I had a tendency to call myself awful things, or stupid, or crazy - things I’d never say to others but I said them to myself ALL THE TIME. Lately, when I feel myself start to follow the words I AM with anything less than love, I pause to forgive myself & reframe it in a way that pours a more love into my subconscious mind. So yesterday, while I was filling out my application for to study under @yoga_girl at @island.yoga’s teacher training, I felt the pull by the words I AM to go into the direction of I am not good enough. It’s a raw an vulnerable process to put myself out there & apply something so BIG, something my soul has been yearning for. I realized the feelings of unworthiness were creeping in & stopped writing.I stood up & took a few deep breaths with my hands on my heart & said over & over again I AM WORTHY. (Until I believed it). I brought myself back into a space of love, took a few deep breaths & submitted my application with a heart full of love, worthiness & hope. Of course I then cried, hugged my husband & my dog & smiled in gratitude. Here’s the thing I realized: I AM WORTHY: OF MY GREATEST DREAMS. OF STUDYING UNDER MY DREAM TEACHERS, IN A COMMUNITY THAT TOUCHED MY HEART SO DEEPLY, ON AN ISLAND I FELL IN LOVE WITH. OF AMAZING, BREATHTAKING, BEAUTIFUL EXPERIENCES. The best part is that YOU ARE WORTHY OF YOUR SOULS DESIRES TOO. YOU deserve amazing things-don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, ESP YOURSELF!💖


I needed this smile so much lately, especially today, maybe you did too. 💗 Whatever you’re moving through, please remember you are loved, you are powerful and you are not alone. 🌺 #TheSunIsALWAYSShiningSomewhere #RightNowItsShiningThroughSashasSmile #grateful


Today’s practice in between teaching and acupuncture. Savoring these moments on my mat, to slow down and create a little more space in my lower back and hips. Much needed time to breathe in the middle of a busy day. Grateful. 💖


Today, I proudly repped #GayleNation as I early voted here in Florida. And of course, I came out with a good story about why it is so important to early vote when you can (forever a community organizer and voter education nerd at heart). This morning, Juan and I realized we had 1 hour to go vote if we wanted to do it together. I was so excited to cast my vote for Andrew Gillum and a few other humans who bring me a much needed sense of hope, I told Juan to make sure he had his ID, rushed to get dressed and ran out the door to pick him up and get to the closest early voting location. Once we got there, I filled out my sample ballot with all the reminders I needed and started to walk inside with Juan. There was a nice guy outside reminding us to get our IDs out so I reached into my bag to grab my ID only to realize, I LEFT IT AT HOME! 🤦🏽‍♀️ Of course, Juan went on in to vote and I sat outside talking to a group of ladies representing @andrewgillum and wondering how on earth, the voting preacher that I am LEFT MY ID AT HOME!? 🤨 Thankfully, since I was early voting on my day off, I dropped Juan back off, picked up my ID and made it back to vote right in time before I had an appointment to be at. I’m sharing this because, while I love the elation of Election Day voting, had I waited until the last minute. I could’ve missed the opportunity to vote in this election. This is a simple scenario, but a reminder that you never know what can come up. VOTE EARLY WHEN YOU CAN! The lines are shorter, you have more cushion time & why wait to do something as important as exercising your right to VOTE (especially for those of us who have the opportunity to cast a vote today thanks to people who fought for our rights to vote). I kind of laughed at all of this, knowing I had the intention of voting today in honor of a pretty amazing human @tyronegayle - if I would’ve told him this story, he would’ve told to share it and call all my friends to make sure they were planning to early vote. So that’s what I’ll do now. And if you’re reading this, make your plan to vote. If you need help finding out where or what you’ll need PLEASE message me - I am more than happy to help! 💙


This week my intention is all about gratitude. The past couple weeks I’ve experienced or watched some of my loved ones endure a fair amount of challenges, trials, and growing pains. While we live in a world of duality, we know things will not always be smooth sailing but just because you’re in the middle of a storm doesn’t mean you can’t find a beam of comforting light, or a little more love. My favorite way to transform challenges into blessings is to find a deep and profound foundation of gratitude to move into. It’s not always easy but there’s always something there, there’s always something to be grateful for. My practice of gratitude is my key, when I feel overwhelmed and I struggle to have understanding for life’s difficulties. Gratitude helps me to remember that if we didn’t have growing pains, we’d never have the ability to transcend into higher space because we’d be stuck in what is. When the seasons of life bring changes that are often stressful and full of discomfort or growing pains, why practice gratitude grateful? Think about the beauty we would miss, if it wasn’t for the fall providing us a space for transformation. We’d never see the beauty letting things go 🍁the peace of surrendering to a time of stillness (sometimes frigid and dark) ❄️ and beautiful opportunity to watch a new world blossom 🌺 in front of our eyes.🌞 Tell me, have you experienced the transcending powers of true gratitude? If not, what are you waiting for? Take the first step of gratitude with me, using this intention this week. 💖


As I feel the need, I disconnect from the outside world. Life has a funny way of forcing you to slow down in the most unexpected way. I’ve been the disconnecting past few days and likely will continue the next few days. I’m focusing on breathing in deeply and spending time with my love and his family. We’ve had some trials that turned out to be major blessings in disguise this week. From those experiences, I know right now what my soul needs most, is time to step away from the world and connect with my loved ones as much as possible. 💗


I’ve been brainstorming better ways for me to share some of my work with you all & that is where this week’s intention is rooted. 🌴 Creativity is something that I’ve struggled with for good portions of my life. I’ve frequently felt like when it came to being creative I had a roadblock or I needed permission from someone who I felt like was a professional. I’ve sat with that a lot since our trip to Aruba (where Juan took this photo) and from making time for self reflection I was able to become clear on where my creativity struggles stemmed from. What I realized is that ALL of my creative limits stemmed from one limiting belief: 🧐I’m not good enough. 🔦🔦🔦 This belief manifested by my consistent thinking, should I share my work? Someone else has done something similar, their work is probably better. Someone else could do a better job. Does anyone really want to hear from me anyways? Is my voice significant? I need approval to know that what I’m creating is good enough. I can’t do this. Translating my heart into shareable work is too hard, sloppy and sometimes unorganized. My brain is all over the place. ➡️I’m not good enough. 🤯 Diving into more self reflection and self work gave me the space to come face to face with this belief. I stared it down. I cried. I wrote a lot. Then, I stood up and said EFF THAT 💩. 😤 While I have a tendency for those old thoughts to pop back into my head, I’m finally realizing that I wouldn’t be here - experiencing everything I’m experiencing, learning everything I’m learning, if it was not meant for me to share it (because THAT is exactly what my heart tells me). 💗 So my intention for this week (and the foreseeable future) is to BE CREATIVE. 🌞Write more. 📝Take more photos. 📸Take what I’m learning and create interactive, beautiful content so that I can share more with the world. 🌎 I know the process may be sloppy and it will never be perfect, but I AM GOOD ENOUGH and SO ARE YOU. 🤗 Will you make space to be more creative with me this week? 🌞