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🖤My fave position is CEO🖤 ☁️Not from this planet☁️ 👽Serial entrepreneur 🔪 ⭐️Fashion, fitness, health⭐️ ⬇️BLACK FRIDAY HAUL


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💗🎥Black Friday haul in my bio😙👽👏🏼 These pants by @spvceisland + @stevemadden heels were my favorite by far🤤 Thanks @merrgg for the tip!


👅Come shopping with me! 💸 My #blackfriday haul is live on my channel 🛍🛒 Link n bio! 💖


💗Surrounded by sooooo much love💗 (& attempting to walk through it 😂) Love from my customers who make the choice to unconditionally support me. The ones who come back every year. The ones that visit monthly, and weekly. Black Friday y’all was nice but cyber Monday came & you kicked my ass👏🏼😅💟Work may get lonely some days but when I see all your names on these sparkly packages my heart welts up thinking ab the moment you open them & my soul bursts into your arms. 👽This dream is rewarding due to the aliens that fuel it.🚀All I can think ab now is putting all the $$ into bigger & better products for you next year. Thank you is an understatement. Cheers to another successful #blackfridaycybermonday and cheers to many more 🥂ilyx1000 💜 ~#missmothership Ps: thank u to anyone who private messaged me last night after I had a complete mental breakdown. I got some good sleep and was well rested today.. y’all the real MVPs😙😌


💣Shoutout to all my girls (and boys) makin it or breakin it this weekend🧨 Cheers to the dream chasers, small business owners, black sheep of the family, and anyone kickin a$$ to pay they bills. Remember to #supportsmall when you shop this weekend! It makes the 🌎 go round 😙 go over to @alienoutfitters and watch me on live tell my success story!😝


🦋 Brick by brick 🦋


👽Life update:👽My studio window finally got replaced and my floors are getting redone tomorrow👏🏼💖It’s been 2 months since the hurricane and I finally feel a bit back together🦋My liver is still recovering from my birth celebration🥂 but today I took a break from being at home to recharge da soul🔋funny how most people stay home to. I live in my pajamas so having to put on real clothes is a treat, but helps me perk back into myself🍭I’ve been reading a lot lately, my mind is craving to learn so much.. there’s just too many books and not enough time📚 I’m super stoked for Black Friday. Mentally preparing to work 14 hour days for the next few weeks. I’ve learned that stress is not a “problem” but simply my body activating a higher energy to accomplish things that ultimately create happiness. Learning to accept the responsibilities I’ve created and to take deep breaths along the way🐣 Situations are only as problematic as you perceive them. Just treading lightly this quarter and trying not to loose my balance☯️


CULT😈MUSIC SING A LONG 🎶 tee from @threadless 😝💙


🛸BEST DAY EVER.❄️ I’m not used to this much sugar in the morning 😂 hyper af 🍰🍭🦋 enjoy da beach slow mos👅🛸🦂