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Montana Visuals 〽️ Marc J H 〽️

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Just one of those places I will always go. The entire area truly is magical; no matter the season, no matter the time of day. This cabin has been a constant through so many of Montana’s seasonal changes. If you had the opportunity to stay here... would you?


The air was colder, the breeze had a bite to it, and the sounds of silence became interrupted by the shaking of leaves falling off nearby trees. A little bit of r & r down by the lake was just what the doctor ordered. Nothing like being able to enjoy a night with my pup in one of my favorite places. Couldn’t have asked for a better night to test out my @roanfootwear for the first time. #determinedtodiscover #ad


This last weekend will be a moment to remember. - Flew to Las Vegas to enjoy some sun and witness my sister’s wedding. High temps tested our patience at times, but we carried the positive momentum into the evenings filling our @airbnb’s with the sounds of games, laughter, and the nieces and nephews splashing in the pool💦 . Though we are now all miles apart (most with families of their own) ; it’s moments like these that reveal our individual passions and love we have for each other. Life is a blessing when you’re apart of something special. Being connected to something bigger than ones self whether family, a group of friends, a meaningful project, a team, etc. it truly is extraordinary to relate with others; I am blessed beyond reason. - Having an @airbnb a couple miles from the Las Vegas Strip and using @uber really gifted us the R & R we were looking for as well. I’d definitely recommend the combination between these two companies the next time you’re in Las Vegas. 🍾


Window seat to anywhere. Or do you prefer aisle?


Frantically packed for a weekend away from these gentle giants all night. Double checking my gear, making sure I’ve packed properly, but couldn’t forget my @gnarbox. Stoked to test it out on travels. See ya in a few Montana. 👋 #gnarbox


Down in the valley.


Through all adversity; i choose to be happy.


Nothing but love for this place and this pup. @enya_orange ❤️


Every sunset I see is always a reminder that life can bring a smile to my face no matter how the day.


A place I will always go.


Seeing somewhere for the first time is always exciting but my favorite places are always the ones that echo the sounds of past experiences.


West of the divide. #odf_contest3


Meet me at the sunrise.


A spontaneous trip to the lake with @enya_orange


The soul that sees the best in life may have to walk alone from time to time.


This place is an adventurers fairytale . @glacier_national_park


Early mornings in the water. 👤: @model.celeste


Ever go to a place and the moment you leave; you’re already planning your next trip? - notice how the tree line slants with the mountain? I did. 🤷🏽‍♂️ 🤯