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🌲Marc J. Hotzfield 🌲 Seek Value|Not Success 📍 48.4106° N, 114.3353° W 🗺 #Montana


Oh how I can get caught staring at the littlest of things; Simple Life.


So happy to have friends that enjoy the adventure unconditionally. 👤: @melydekker


Don’t take that fresh mountain air for granted.




If we wait for the moment everything, absolutely everything is ready; we shall never begin. I’m so grateful for the friends I have, the adventures I’m able to join, and all the laughs between. Life truly is sweeter with people that share passions and fuel each other.


He once said he would be here for two weeks. He hasn’t left since. @jwirtalla


Here’s to summers full of adventures. 👤: @trev.hull


A smokey day makes you appreciate that clear mountain air.


Nothing beats adventures with the right kind of people. I’m beyond grateful for the community of photographers and creative minded people I’ve met along my journey. Each and everyone of you has been a staple to progression personally and professionally. Here’s to a summer of sunsets and a lifetime of friendship!! 🤙🏽 👤: @coral_schulz


Mornings on the South East side.


Your beauty started the day you believed it first. - Negativity can pollute the most amazing minds and physically gifted people (i.e. Athletes, Models, Actors and Actresses). like a storm cloud rolling in on a sunset soaked evening. It can affect the brain as much as the body. The words we choose to say is the concrete we pour. It may not seem harmful but yet when words dwell on someone in such a manner, they becomes written in stone. Give a compliment, smile and wave, or simply just say hello to a stranger in passing. Giving someone the ability to pick themselves up from rock bottom can be a life-saving moment. The will to see others live is far greater than my will to succeed. The struggles will never outweigh the positivity life has to offer. I’m hurting from the x amount of friends that have ended their lives due to mental depressions. - #starttheconversation DM me if you are struggling and want to talk!


First light or last light... Which do you prefer to see?


“Nature always wears the colors of the spirit.” - Nature by Ralph Waldo Emerson -Something I’ve been reading a lot of recently as a way to find a deeper connection with the places I see and the people I go with. Can’t thank @danfranzzz and @addiearcher enough for joining this adventure.


When I think “Turquoise” - I think Grinnell Greens and Glacial Blues. When I think of you, i think of the smiles, laughter and the love we always share.


Wild and free in the mountains is all I long to be.


An after work send to Lake McDonald to find northern lights turned into me laying on my back staring at the stars, listening to the wind howl and the crashing of waves on the shoreline. Nature has its own music to share, all you have to do is be in the moment. I shot a handful of shots though and barely caught the faintest glow of green after about 3 hours of waiting.


Ever get the feeling where you could just dose off anywhere like this mountain goat on patrol?


The first point of attraction and the last.