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Handmade custom guitars from Copenhagen. If you like what you see send me a mail and let's make something happen! WORLDWIDE SHIPPING 👌

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Moar RD goodness. Maple on mahogany with an oil finish. Really smooth, easy access neck joint 😊


Check out this bubinga!! Gibson’s RD doesn’t look this good 😉


It’s hard to show how ergonomic this thing is in real life. It just totally fits the players body. It’s also a little bit pretty 😉 all it needs is knobs and it’s done 😊


I often plane planks down just to relax. Am I alone in this? I find it so satisfying. I love my Stanley No. 5


It’s a bit curvey this one. Fits the body like a glove 👌


This guys been on a bit of a back burner for ages, but to starting to take shape. I’m think I’m going to go for a cut traditional tele bridge. It’s a 28” baritone guitar with a bubinga top on an oak body, totally hollowed out. Bubinga neck with a violeta fretboard. Really cool guitar!!


This guy is all but done. Got a few little jobs here and there left, but the electrics and set up are done and it sounds and plays like an absolute beast! @righteoussoundpickups your pups are really versatile, this thing is has so many tonal colours available. Really incredible sounding pickups. It’ll be on stage with @disciples_of_icarus in no time!


I’m going to need a lot of coffee.


Let’s get to it! Got a big hammer, a reasonably sharp chisel and loads of material to hack away to make this into the smoothest neck joint you’ve ever seen!


I felt like adding something playful and personal to @disciples_of_icarus ‘s RD so hand made this output jack plate from some 3 ply scratchplate material. I think little touches like this make guitars so much cooler. No one else in the world has this output jack plate! Anyone else like this kinda thing or is it just me?


I wanted to triple check the pickup/bridge/neck alignment before attaching the neck pickup a few days ago on @disciples_of_icarus custom RD. I like to fit the two outside E stings to use as a clear visual aid, but all I had in the workshop were some banjo strings 🙈 I’m so so so sorry. I promise it won’t sound anything like a banjo when it’s done. #banjo4lyfe


In love with the simplicity of my new workshop knife. Only constructed with 4 parts, comes razor sharp and costs less then 2 beers. Any one else using Opinel knives? I’ll probably give it a wipe down with some tung oil when I get the urge. #rustictoolporn #moarismore


I woke up like this. #moarismore #moarguitars


Making a custom bone nut 👌 I compensate the distance between the strings to allow for the different string diameters. I also use a plane to cut a pencil into half to mark the perfect string slot depths (@crimsonguitars Showed me this trick). This guitars done soon!!


Oh hi there! I’m putting strings on this one today, just to check for the fit of the nut and saddle slots, but I’ll be able to see how it sounds acoustically. Pretty excited for it!


Filing frets isn’t fascinating. In my head it’s a great idea to use 24 stainless steel frets, but it makes this job a drag!


Caught my rig looking quite photogenic this morning.


Truss rod routing! I’ve seen some really complicated jigs for this job, so really enjoy the simplicity of my method 👌