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Handmade custom guitars from Copenhagen. If you like what you see send me a mail and let's make something happen! WORLDWIDE SHIPPING 👌

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I’m normally a Makita guy, but my new Dewalt router is pretty awesome!


One of us is 8 months old today ❤️


Here’s a maple headstock to warm up your day. I’m a big fan of the @sperzel_guitar_tuners staggered locking tuners. They are really hard to beat! Do you prefer locking or non locking tuners?


As the nights draw in and the weather turns I really wish I made two of these so I could keep one for myself! Perfect guitar for an evening session. I’m still so proud of this build. . #archtop #hollowbody #jazzguitar #humbuckers #handmadeguitar #dreamguitar


Just catching a #teletuesday Incredibly light alder body, with ergonomic body cuts, set neck joint, rosewood board. It’s gonna get a Tru-Oil finish and it’s gonna be yummy! #customtelecaster #handmadeguitar #dreamguitar #telecaster #luthier


Hey guys! Sorry it’s been so quiet on here, I’ve been on a vacation these past two weeks restoring a really old wooden house up in the Faroe Islands. No internet, no WiFi, no tv, no heating and no hot water 😉 I’m behind on my emails, so please bear with me if you’re waiting on a response, I promise to get back to you all within the next day or so.


It’s gonna be quite a pretty one this. Totally hollow ES shape with a big old arm comfort cut. Also it’s made of wenge. #wengeguitar #es330 #hollowbody #guitarbinding #handmade


I’m not sure if I love this body shape or the grain on the bubinga top moar (see what I did there) #dadjokes #handmadeguitar #customguitar #gibsonkiller #guitarporn #gibsonguitars


I’ve gone and done it again. An extremely thin hollowbody ES shape guitar. Wenge with cream binding. Really excited to see this slowly coming together. #es330 #wenge #hollowbody #handmadeguitar #customguitar


The back of the baritone thinline is starting to look a bit more like a guitar. I’m really enjoying the contrast between the oak body and bubinga neck. Both woods are pretty dense and fun to work with, but they look so different! #baritoneguitar #handmadeguitars #thinlinetelecaster #hollowbodyguitar #bubinga #oak #luthier


My terrible tower of toan in the workshop. It’s basically all the amps I should have thrown away. Any amp builders following me here on insta? I need a better amp for the workshop... Edited to add that I do own a few great amps in my home and rehearsal studio, I just need a small valve amp to test guitars and pedal builds in my workshop. Nothing really loud, but still inspiring to play. #amphell #solidstateforasolidmind #zeroheadroom


Nice to share something a little less finished after all my latest posts. First coat of tung oil on this bubinga top is pretty exciting! This guitars been on a back burner for months and months, but I’m finally ordering hardware for it and will be finishing it soon. Will be up for sale on reverb 👌 #baritoneguitar #customguitar #handmadeguitar #madeincopenhagen #guitargasm #thinlinetelecaster


After a brief stay in the US customs agency where I had to prove I wasn’t importing illegal plants, this one should be arriving at @beers_and_dogs place today. I can’t wait for it to finally be in the hands of its owner! (Just wish it was me delivering it and not UPS guy.) #customguitar #archtop #handmadeguitar #hollowbody #humbucker


Very messy table, but a very beautiful guitar! #sperzeltuners #mapleneck #customguitar #mahoganybody #guitarbuilder


My fiancé didn’t want me to send this guitar off to @beers_and_dogs as it looks so good on our living room wall. She’s even given me clearance to make myself one 👌 #handmadeguitar #customguitar #hollowbody #archtopguitar #guitarporn


A beautiful angle on the RD. bubinga top on a mahogany body, should be in @disciples_of_icarus guitarist @losfer_words hands and over the next few days!


Ok so who wants to commission the next one if these? My prices don’t bite, and it doesn’t cost to ask!