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↟≋↟ Photo + Motion Graphics . Abiquiu, NM ↟≋↟

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Days away, quick dip, clothes drying by the fire, hammock hung by the water, map scouted, tired legs, a few toots of whiskey left in the flask, clean thick socks I’ve been saving for days, some failed attempts at catching fish, a friend to share the failures with…if I didn’t know how real (and good) it was I wouldn’t dream about it so much.


Skipped all the main plays and went straight for the après


From my favorite wild horse honey hole




Since water has been so responsible for the shape of this landscape, it’s particularly exciting for me to see the snow highlight its movement in stark white slow motion. It gives a form to something whose footprint I only ever see, like the desert drank an oral contrast agent ⚡️


Work and holidays have been keeping me indoors lately but I heard y’all like this rock 🌊


I follow a general rule of not zooming w the iPhone camera but sometimes I forget that I’m not shooting a story. Here’s hoping your screen is small ✌️


I’ve been feeling like a real shell of myself lately but I like to think that’s how the snake feels when it sheds its skin ☯️


I’m getting a random influx of new followers rn and wondering if any of you bbq-newbs could tell me where you came from pls 🙏




The only condor I saw


We spent yesterday morning in our underwear and kokopelli socks chasing sunlight up a side canyon and jumping into every swimming hole it lit up on its way. By evening we’d followed it up the other side of the river and were running across a plateau to watch the very last drops turn into star beams 🦅🍄✨💚🌀⚡️


I live on the other side of that mesa thing back there now and the force of fall has laid the moods on thick lately. It’s been so long since I’ve taken a photo that I felt like a different person when I made this, like I was looking over my own shoulder


Shoutout to all my ghouls, beams of light, and rutted fissures out there. Y’all all beautiful!


When I see this photo I can feel that warm desert breeze blowing in like the best hug. This is still one of my favorite places. There’s stillness there, it’s numbingly peaceful, and somehow with just the right touch of intervention. Like most great things in the desert, its isolation allows this distinct atmosphere to flourish, as if it were existing outside of time. The details of this night are just speckles in my memory but the feeling of that wind, of being fully there, is as crisp as a coot call at sunrise (there’s lots of coots there). I do recall insisting we drink Lime-a-Rita’s that night though, that memory is intact 😈