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@blockmonsterarnie rocking the LS striped top and old school Moon beanie on It was all a Dream (8A) in the Grampians, 🇦🇺. 📷: @damo.taylor.79 #moonclimbing #bouldering #grampians


@christof_rauch on the stunning Ubuntu (8B) in Rocklands, 🇿🇦. 📷: @_burney #moonclimbing #rocklands #bouldering


Ok I know this has nothing to do with climbing or Moon Climbing and the only vague connection is Sylvie’ surname but what the hell. I’m quite proud of how this photo turned out and the Slippery Stones is such a beautiful spot especially in this weather and the water wasn’t even cold. I feel very fortunate to live in Sheffield and have access to places like this so close to home.


@dv_fitzgerald climbing from the bottom to the top of New Baseline (8B+) in Magic Wood,🇨🇭. A fine effort 👏🏻. 📹: @mytherapyphysio #moonclimbing #trainhardclimbharder #magicwood #newbaseline


come to #cliffhanger2018 in #Sheffield and come and have a climb on the #moonboard and bag a #bargain #getthesheffieldlook


@michielnieuw with his Mystic Stylez (8B+) in Magic Wood. #moonclimbing #magicwood #trainhardclimbharder


@dv_fitzgerald taking down New Baseline (8B+) in Magic Wood,🇨🇭. Bravo 👏🏻. 📷: @mytherapyphysio #moonclimbing #magicwood #trainhardclimbharder


@michielnieuw making the most of summer temps on Ill Trill (8B+) in Magic Woods,🇨🇭. Beast 💪🏻!! #moonclimbing #bouldering #trainhardclimbharder


A free ascent of the Chatsworth horse today by Sylvie Moon. #trainhardclimbharder #buildering


The Rocklands season seems to have kicked off for 2018! Have a great time to everyone visiting this bouldering Mecca. Here’s a shot from 2015 of @davidmason85 on King of Limbs (8B/+). #moonclimbing #rocklands #trainhardclimbharder


Okay folks this is what you’ve been waiting for....we’ve cleaned up the MoonBoard 2016 set up, deleted a load of spam problems and now it’s open to new problems and we await your creative delights. Here’s one of mine for you to sharpen your teeth on A Minor Test of Strength Font 7b. Hope you enjoy. #moonboard #moonboardbenchmark #trainhardclimbharder @moonclimbingna


@christof_rauch on the second ascent of Viva la Evolution (8B+) at Flirsch, 🇦🇹. First climbed by @berndzangerl in 2002 it’s waited 16 years for a repeat. Nice one Christof 💪🏻. 📷: @saxtontoby #moonclimbing #trainhardclimbharder


He’s at it again but this time in Sydney! @blockmonsterarnie having to turn on the focus after getting higher than expected on an exploratory attempt. The Crazies at Galston Gorge, 🇦🇺. #moonclimbing #bouldering #trainhardclimbharder


Where are you off to this summer? Here’s a throwback to 2016 and @davidmason85 climbing the iconic Ammagamma (V13) in the Grampians, 🇦🇺. 📷: @edgiles #moonclimbing #trainhardclimbharder #tbt


Wow!! What a line! @blockmonsterarnie on Diplomatic Immunity, his new addition to The Settlement in the Grampians, 🇦🇺. #moonclimbing #trainhardclimbharder #firstascentsfordays


Managed to avoid the royal wedding today by heading to Gogarth for a climbing reunion with a couple of climbing friends from school. Back in our early teens we set up a school climbing club and had some great trips together. It was nice to tie on to a rope again together 40 years on do Gogarth and Northwest Passage in glorious sunshine. #gogarth #tradclimbing


So after taking a break from Northern Lights in 2017 to recharge motivation levels I’m back again in 2018 and feeling good. This was a redpoint attempt yesterday, day 5 this year or day +60 since I first started trying this route in 1993. It’s been the biggest battle of my life and amazingly even at the age of 51 I think it’s still within my grasp. It’s such an incredible route first climbed by Steve McClure in 2000 with repeats from @adam.ondra and @alexandermegos. 15m long, no shake outs and nowhere to chalk, just 2 minutes of intense climbing. I feel I have it in me to do it I just need everything to go right and a bit of luck as well! This clip pick me up at the 3rd bolt just after the technical crux and sees me falling at the redpoint crux jump above the 5th bolt. It was too warm yesterday but the next few weeks should give plenty more good opportunities. @borealoutdoor @dmm_wales @moonclimbingna #trainhardclimbharder #climbingprojects #climbing


@miquelet_navarro squeezing his way up Indian Secret Garden direct (8B) in Albarracín, 🇪🇸. 📷: Kiku #moonclimbing #trainhardclimbharder