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T. Morgan Dixon

Daughter of freedom fighters, karma chameleon & CEO of @GirlTrek, inspiring health movement of 100,000 Black women. TED Talk:

...and this chump is my #1 stunna. #sistersbelike


Cousins are built-in best friends. I love you Sharese and Twila.


Ahhh. Thank you @21ninety! Invite to my friends: If you need a break, join us - hundreds of kind and down-ass Black women - for an affordable retreat in the Rocky Mountains this Labor Day. Save your spot at #stressprotest


Nomnom 😋



The Manifesto. 1000 walks to save your own life! It’s called Harriet’s Handbook. Download it for free at


“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that” #RoadToSelma #Detroit #GirlTrek


Bought this vintage Pullman Porter hat from Chicago. Then immediately disrespected it by singing “Hello My Baby” 🤷🏾‍♀️


...they better be glad I didn’t come looking like this 😂 because...


PS. Vanessa and I showed up on set this morning looking like School Daze meets Porgy & Bess. That’s alright. Keep em guessing. lol 😂 #GirlTrek [Dress by @ovonion]


“Eeeennggghghhhhhhh” - Eddie Kang Jr.


...when left to my own devices, my happy place is full-on Romper Room.


This happened. I can’t even front, I’ve been waiting. Checking my inbox for photographic proof – mostly for myself – that ALL OF THIS is real. @Oprah put her hand on my back and walked me over to @Ava DuVernay and said, “Have you heard of @GirlTrek? They are getting Black women all around the world to walk for better health! I said, “…yes, and we’re starting right here in America!” 1 million Black women walking for total healing by 2020.10,000 frontline health activists saving lives. A “Woodstock” for #BlackGirlHealing on sacred ground in Selma, Alabama. We start tonight in Brooklyn, NY. A 50-city tour. #RoadtoSelma. We’ve invited the brightest stars in our community - the sister’s who make a way out of no way. The students who make the ordinary extraordinary. The spiritual warriors and badass freedom fighters. Everyday Black women who are ready to lead a new kind of health movement. It’s called GirlTrek. #RoadtoSelma


Back in the day, when smart people encouraged us to be clear about our vision of success - I never thought in terms of intended outcomes or value propositions - I always pictured this baby in a stroller with a village around her, ready to change shit. ...ready to redefine a culture, reclaim time and live, not die in the shadows. This is what I pictured. Thank you @brooklyntrekkers, @harlemsoledivas and hundreds of teams in neighborhoods everywhere who are pounding out a revolution.


Had one of those weeks. Can’t wait to tell y’all all about it. ...with every epic thing that happened, dinner with my friend Nakita and our team felt beautiful and like home. Kita took this picture of my Arsenio Hall fingers. 😂 I love her.


“Today I did a 5K with my mother. Also the first day I’ve ever seen her actually run. Started strong and finished strong. You’ve come a long way mom. I’m so proud of you!” - repost from @derek.ferganator for his mom @rochelleliveswell. #GirlTrek


Afro-Americans be like...


Ah snap! I figured out how to share the goods. Sincere thanks to @bethertv and @bet for standing behind @girltrek’s mission to mobilize a million women to walk for totaling healing. 🙌🏾