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T. Morgan Dixon

Daughter of freedom fighters, karma chameleon & CEO of @GirlTrek, inspiring health movement of 100,000 Black women. TED Talk:

Listen. I was thrilled to tell @GirlTrek’s story on the world’s biggest stage. Like for real. But actually, the moment that took my breath away was seeing my former 8th grade student in the audience. Kimberly (@museummammy) was always a genius. Feels like justice that she’s now a cultural icon. Felt poetic to have her, a member of my actual community, there for one of the most important moments of my life. Sigh. So happy/rooting for you Kimberly! #TED2018 #LinkSchool #Newark


Mi familia. So happy to be home. 3 slow sun-drenched miles in Central Park. #girltrek #superherosaturday #100milechallenge #northwoods #centralpark🏡 with @keithdixonofficial


I haven’t said much in the last two days because I’m stunned by the grace of God. I’m also rooting down in what I stand for (and in equal parts what I won’t stand for) to prepare for the real work ahead. @GirlTrek will tour the country to celebrate healing traditions and build support communities. That work requires a spirit of abundance that I am just beginning to understand. One that the greatest @Oprah Winfrey understood when she sang “I surrender all” before her own blessings flowed. This photo was taken just before she called us onto the stage. She called the women of GirlTrek “The seed planters”. Thank you so much Oprah and @TED. It was the great honor of my life to tell the world just how mighty Black Woman are. We are in great need of their blinding lights and of Everyday Love. I continually ask God to deliver me from the smallness of fear. This time on the stage I felt full and present. In my earphones, @pastorjnelson said, “I'm nothing without You. Lord I'm nothing without You. So breathe through me. And live in me. Let Your glory reign in me. Help me save me.”


This is the face of a changemaker, an everyday hero, an actual activist. Pam - Ms. Jiner if you’re nasty - graduated an advocacy training program, a partnership between @GirlTrek and @Stanford University and got to work!!! In just a few months, she’s leading the whole city of #Denver, Colorado in making improvements to Black neighborhoods! Together, with her councilwoman, department of transportation and city engineers, Pam is helping to change traffic patterns, fix a fatal intersection that our kids cross and remediate an environmental issue that locals call “the swamp” - turns out, a pipe was broken and was supposed to dump that runoff elsewhere. 👀 Pam is all over it. Imagine what will happen when there are a million of us walking!? #GirlTrek #localheroes #socent #peoplepower #walkability


"When I try to describe myself to God I say, 'Lord, remember me? Black? Female? Six-foot tall? The writer?' And I almost always get God's attention." Dr. Angelou said that...and I need her words today. It feels like an injustice that today - on her birthday - I feel the furthest thing from phenomenal. ...I’m feeling not pretty, not productive, not enough and not ready. So I decided to post this picture to make public a very personal fight for worthiness, space to be myself and confidence to love who that is. ...and I feel better already. How lucky are we to live in the legacy of such giants. #mayaangelou #phenomenalwoman


...arrived juuuust in time to hear a warm welcome from Michelle Obama!!! Amped for the BET Leading Women Defined conference. Excited to share the work of @GirlTrek!! #GirlTrek #lwdBET #BETHer #BET #fortheculture #twa #naturalista


The face you make when you 1) climb three waterfalls 2) weather an army of wasps that blanket the entrance of a sacred Haitian cave in the mountains and c) Get ready to document your journey a-la-selfie and the glory of God is reigning down behind you. #haiti #fortheculture #inspo #legacy #legasi #patrimwa-n #melaninmagic #twa #bassinzim


Shout out to @sierraclub for highlighting the work of @GirlTrek this month! We are grateful for the village!! #sierraclub #girltrek #findyourpark


Day 2: Rain, sleet, snow and mack trucks. 10 miles down. 11 to go today. #girltrek #weareharriet #getfree #100miles #undergroundrailroad #harrietsgreatescape



Day 0 - Newark Penn Station: Sitting on the hard wooden pews, waiting for my train to DC. All around, so much genius, passion, pain - all broken open and speaking in tongues. It’s easy to call it mental illness. Us. All around. All the time. It especially lives in dark places of transition - train stations, bus terminals, alleyways. I’m feeling great, hopeful, strong, hydrated, lotioned-up to head out on this 100-mile sojourn, by foot, with 9 of my favorite women on the planet, along the same streams and pathways of our great ancestors. As we walk, I pray for peace of mind, for all of us who live in constant urgency. ...and especially for those who live at the intersections. God bless the man next to me whose paranoia is rooted in undeniable genius. ...and the man with the bloody right shoe. He hobbles undetected by police officers holding assault rifles and apartheid dogs. ...and the Black woman behind me streaming “No!!!!!” in perfect intervals. The music of pain. ...of a world moving too fast. Spinning the The Truly Connected into insanity. I’m am ready to strike out. I’m most excited about slowing down, walking with intention and dignity, a wholly human-sized movement, meditation of body, spirit and - if you do it long enough - circumstance. This is for them. For me. For us. #WeAreHarriet #DaughersofHarriet #GirlTrek #GetFree #HarrietsGreatEscape




Just finished dragging my luggage through the rain in Milan. Shlepping through Italy during fashion week is not a good look. No one speaks English or cares to. Rolled into this boutique and to my fallout relief, a chocolate brother offered to take my luggage. When I said, “Why is your English so perfect” he laughed and said, “I don’t know how to answer that. I’m Nigerian.” Then, @erykahbadu’s The Healer came on his playlist - bat signal; I was finally safe. He let me stay there until my apartment was cleaned, showed me around a nearby market, haggled for a Euro adapter for my phone. The diaspora is strong ...the gawds sent me a Badu-loving English-speaker. ✊🏾🙌🏾👏🏾


w/ @keithdixonofficial! ♥️🙌🏾🥂


What an honor to be in n one of the most historic Black churches in America. ⛪ Congratulations to the African Episcopal Church of St. Thomas in Philly for mobilizing the most women to take to the streets in prayer. #girltrek #prayerwarriors #fortheculture


One of the most beautiful images I’ve seen this year. Thank you for healing us @brandoflows. #trapyoga #fortheculture #kheperawellness #yogisofcolor


Last year, on this day, I was rolling hard for the community like... today, I’m drinking Bourbon 🥃 in a romper because furious times require brown liquor and tent revivals. #radicalselfcare #cmurder #nolimit


Call the authorities/2018 will require drum beats and Mississippi sorcery. #tentrevival