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T. Morgan Dixon

Daughter of freedom fighters, karma chameleon & CEO of @GirlTrek, inspiring health movement of 100,000 Black women. *Help Nedgine: and afternoon thunderstorms...


We were already pumped and honored to teach a class on grassroots organizing in South America ...but when we found out that the @GirlTrek movement is already jumping OFF in Colombia!?! couldn’t tell us nothing. 🇨🇴 Shout out to @sharita_bonita for walking us through the mean streets of Medallin this morning. #GirlTrek #Worldwide #Diaspora #EGAFC #EchoingGreen


Took me forty years to learn to walk in the rain. #GirlTrek #Day50


“In times of hate, God help us to love and speak love.” Then Cynthia said “Thank you God” at which time the phone echoed and stopped her in her tracks. Confirmation. Love is the way forward. So grateful for 9 days of morning prayer with thousands of sisters. #GirlTrek


Heading into the week like... #eyyyy @dwpacademy


💕 Look what I just found!!! Love this picture. Shout out to @jewelisascribe, @onikatreks, @carmendharris, @engagingtheworld and every friend who calls me to task to be better, braver. I love y’all. Happy Sunday.


...about last night's "wellness revival" HUNDREDS women from all across Baltimore trained to be GirlTrek organizers...because while everyone is talking about the Supreme Court, Black women are dying in plain sight from the chronic pressure of just trying to survive. So in the footsteps of Harriet Tubman, they will complete their training with 100 days of walking. If you're down to start walking with them, take the pledge and download your a free copy of Harriet's Handbook, a list of walks to save your life, at


Wanted to introduce you to my sister, my friend, the brilliant Rev. Theresa Thames (@beautyyaya) who led today’s #PrayerTrek call. She’s equal parts spiritual warrior and round-the-way girl. All in, an alchemist of Divine light. Sharing evidence in 4 photos. 1) dopest pastor ever 2) she puts feet to her prayers to experience weight loss and personal restoration 3) today’s national prayer call on JOY call was meant to be because she was wearing a freaking JOY necklace in the picture and 4) She tried to front on me on the call when I said, “Call her Rev Theresa if you’re sexy.” And she out serving full Janet Jackson in them Princeton streets 😂. Love you sis. Thanks for holding @GirlTrek up, today and always.


I will bless the Lord at all times: His praise shall continually be in my mouth" I cannot think of a moment that tested this scripture more. ...a more seditious act, than dancing on the roof of a slave castle to Lucky Dube. The topic of today’s #PrayerTrek is Joy. To hear the whole story of how my friend, photographer @pitch_black_pictures, started a dance party on top of the dungeons that held our ancestors, call 712-775-8979 code 109763 at 9am ET. Join @GirlTrek as we pray this morning and walk all week for the total liberation of our people. #GirlTrek


This is my friend Nedgine. Nedgine is a Haitian woman, from a long line of Haitian women, who today, right now is turning the very idea of education on its head by creating a badass all-Haitian teaching force to return to their home villages to teach the next generation of civic leaders. I’ve seen it firsthand, and trust, it’s the most promising way to bring what is now the poorest country in our hemisphere back to its rightful status of Wakanda. Help her. Click the ♥️ so that others see the opportunity. Then donate $89, the amount that one teacher I know gets paid each month. (I just spent more than that at Whole Foods) If you donate this week, a funder will match your donation so it’s super important. Please pitch in. Link in my bio. -M


entire mood


Ha! Listen. When @womenshealthmag asked us about the first time we ever exercised together, we bursted out laughing. “Does going to the club count!?” Because when @VanessaTreks and I met, I was wearing catsuits and she had a fur coat that she sported like everyday. So to be in Women’s Health Magazine feels impossible. Thank you for writing a real story about friends who struggled, who cheered for each other and created space to shape-shift. Now there are thousands of us, friends, who get that some days are an actual fight for light in a world shaped to shade us. Real talk. Like, before I even posted this picture, I had to turn down the volume on my own self criticism. That’s the work. I’m proud of us. #GirlTrek #1Milby2020


Keturah, you’re the cat’s meow for organizing a whole brigade of @GirlTrek activists to march in today’s African-American Day Parade!!! ...and whoever’s baby this was with this doggone pan-African flag gave me a week’s worth of extra life. Thank you @queenketurah22 🙌🏾❤️


We’ve been awkward sisters since day one and I will forever be grateful to God ...because I have a front row seat to the color and freedom and brightness that you bring to the world. Happy birthday @vanessatreks. Cheers to your brilliance kid. ♥️🙃😭😩😘🙌🏾 [Photo: Few years ago when we were supposed to be leading a hike. Where’s our group, you ask? Good question.]


#Repost @begoodkarma: a farewell salute from this weekend’s @girltrek #stressprotest #girltrek 🙏🏾 ・・・


PS. We look like a Commodores revival band.


Ahhhh! @Ciara just reposted our video!!!!Hundreds of health activists level up in The Rocky Mountains at @GirlTrek’s #StressProtest. Thanks to @the.root for the love, @coachcassfit and @fit4dancenyc for the #inspo. #levelup #levelupchallenge


Thank you @bethertv for your relentless support of @GirlTrek and so many other dope organizations. I have no doubt that we will get to 1 million Black women walking as an act of radical self-care by 2020. #GirlTrek #StressProtest