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I live Near Basel and I am always interested in shooting with new people so just write me :) • My 2. Account : @ps.moritz.enderle • My website:

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We just needed 2 days and drove to the location 4 times to do this shot, but slowly we are getting better at this. Hope we can do this more often @carojuliana


Almost exactly one year ago I got myself the first usable camera. Since then I was into night photography. I never really did other photography, it is kinda boring to me. Well in the whole time, I never really photographed myself I realized. This is me. I'm 17 years old, come from Germany and still at school. ° This image is made out of 7 different pictures, stacked on top of each other. To reach the top I stood on my vespa, which was kinda instable, but it held me. At the end of the shooting, the police arrived asking me what the heck I'm doing there, at the end they liked it, I admit that the Pixelstick must look very strange for other ppl xD


Even if I grew wings and escaped, i would still be trapped in my own mind. ~unknown ° ° This was actually the first time I used my finished version of my homemade pixelstick. It's harder to use than one may think, we tried this so often until we got a good result. But it was definitely worth it. This wouldn't be possible without @pascalefelber , so big thanks at this point, I'm looking forward to do more of this 👍


This is the first time I captured the iss passing by. It was a beautiful evening on the blauen Germany, the lunar eclipse was amazing! There will be more pictures coming soon :) @kartoffelchris @jerrit_kawa @juu_kawa


The best part of nightphography is making things visible you can't see with your eyes.


Summer is a pretty hard time for nightphography. It gets dark so late your not able to go and shoot most days. But on the positive side the milky way is visible in Germany, well if you don't live near Basel.


I drove on the so called "hochblauen" yesterday, because I wanted to know the way there when I want to drive there at night sometime soon. Well the sunset turned out so amazing, I know this isnt the usual photogaphy I do, but I always try to do sth different :)


I spend the past month trying to get a fitting tube to do this, an with the help of @andriezzo I finally got all the pieces together, so thank you for that :) Yesterday, I got the chance to try it out with @sina15k and it turned out pretty good I think ^^


Remember: the time you feel lonely is the time you most need to be by yourself. Life's cruelest irony.


I had this idea for a very long time now, but you need 2 persons to do that, which was holding me back for a long time now. This weekend I finally realised my idea ^^ so big thanks to for helping me out with this one 😊


Watching the stars rain


We tried to shoot this for so long, but the weather wasn't really good recently and we never really found a good day. On Monday we finally got to shoot this and for the short timespan you have while shooting it turned out amazing ^^ ° Thanks to: @carojuliana @leo_fantastico ° Also i passed theory exam for my driver's license today, I can drive my vespa really soon and finally get to new locations


Went to Basel with @__morx__ on Monday, with the goal to capture my first hyperlapse. At that point I had no idea how long it will take to shoot it. We went there at 11pm and finished shooting at 1am. It took way longer than I thought, especially because the ground was uneven and I had to correct it every single shot on the tripod. Another obstacle were multiple chairs standing in the way. Sometimes you just have to look what's in your way first before you start shooting 😂 If you came all the way down here, I thinking I talked enough for today, let me know, what do you think about it? Was it worth the time?


Creating something completely new isn't easy anymore, bc everyone has the chance for photography nowdays


This is just one cut of a huge panorama out of 30 images. You can see it on my website soon. ° I'm sorry I can't post regularly right now, I've been really busy lately and now, when I finally got time, I got sick.


Not moving for 30 seconds sounds way easier than it is. There is always movement in these longexposures, but she did a great job there


Over 150 pictures fused into one single shot! It took me about 45 min for all of the exposures, each 10 seconds long. Check out my website if you have interest in buying a print


An old and broken umbrella, a model, steelwool and some creativity is all you need for this... Sitting there must be scary af xD Would you try it? ° Contact me if you want to participate in a shooting as well, I'm always open to work with others. Use dm or my mail (