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You're one of the only people that genuinely made me laugh and made me feel welcome and warm. Such a beautiful baby boy... An incredible soul. I can't believe that that your physical presence is no longer here. But there are so many of us who love you and we feel like you're still right here with that goofy smile of yours. Thank you for welcoming me into your world.... I appreciate every little moment that I had with you. Life is precious... If you care for someone don't take that time for granted. Every moment with that person matters... Let the people you care for know that they matter and that you love them. Because you don't know when that time will end. I'm surrounded by people that love you right now. You still light up the room for us. If there is an afterlife.... I hope that you have that cheesy grin on your face and that you are happy. 🖤


It's good to be back home from the west coast excursion. Ready for Halloween and spooky times 💀🧟‍♂️🎃


I'm not saying it was aliens... But it was aliens... #mrgrey #aliens #obsessed #xenomorph #hrgiger #horror #scifi #ancientaliens #giorgioatsoukalos


I have some catching up to do it seems on my socials! I've been pretty quiet minus the random story post here and there. There have been many changes happening in my parts. Positive ones! So here's catch up post #1 2 of my favorite people ever came to visit from Colorado. My ex wife @ritualaesthetic shot a killer music video and played a rad show while in town. These photos are before we decided to kill ourselves with alcohol.


I made this years ago but I just recently found the full version of it again. Haven't seen it in so long!!! #brideoffrankenstein #horror #art #artist #mrgrey #greysoto #goth #bride #frankenstein #womenofhorror


@annetillusion immortalized me. I'm in love with the work she did! #illusionart #picture #darkart #portrait #drawing #cat #mrgrey #artist


"Can you hear the violins playing your song?"



Don't fret precious I'm here Step away from the window Go back to sleep




So I'm in Albuquerque NM playing a show. #empyreanthrone




Flashback to when flip phones were still a thing #fbf #flashbackfriday #creep


Got to take part in the new music video for Motionless In Whites ~ Necessary Evil. Had a very hot but awesome day hanging out with some familiar faces and some new ones. Go to to check out the full video. * * * Thanks to my friends and new faces for making it a memorable experience. @miwband @chrismotionless @gaiapatra @sashamassacre @michellexstar @daveysuicide @cervenafox @katopunk @_d_punk @triplesix @thatlittlewhiterabbit @victoriaedenn @eri_anthropy @draculangelica


Currently available for: -Album art -Logos -Apparel/T-shirt design -Magazine spreads -Custom art ~ (digital, sketches, paintings etc) -Website design/page layouts -And more... Message me for questions, details, rates or more samples. #artist #creator #darkart #graphicdesign #greysoto #mrgrey