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Do not exist to please the world. Exist to live out your truth. Exist to bring happiness into your reality. This human existence is only temporary. Where as our souls journey is eternal. Do not get discouraged with the everyday mundane BS because you are so much more than that! You are an eternal being of light manifesting in this physical reality to learn the lessons which go along with having a physical form. Experience this life and all that it has to offer! Understand you are here for a purpose and live out that purpose! This world, this life is so much bigger than the fear of the unknown and so much more than the dollar amount in your bank account! It is what you hold in your heart. It is the healing you go through in order to grow. Live from a place of love and watch the beauty of this world unfold before you!


Smoke Sesh With @Ms.420Gypsy 🔥 a little Throwback jam circa #2007 #Lloyd featuring #LilWayne: #You 🎶 #2000s #Nostalgia #00sMusic #2000sMusic @liltunechi @curlyheadedblackboy • Throughout our time in this physical form we will come across many souls we have intertwined with in the past. Just because you feel a souls connection does not automatically mean this person is meant to be apart of your life. Sometimes they are brought back to show you why they were only meant to be apart of your past. And that is okay. Because you do not owe anyone anything! The only being you owe a single thing to is that of your soul. Your soul deserves to feel loved and appreciated by you. You deserve to put yourself and your needs first for once! Stop trying to please everyone on the outside world because as the saying goes, “you cannot please all of the people all of the time.” And that is so true because there will always be those wishing bad upon you, wishing you to fall from the position you have managed to climb to. And sometimes these people disguise themselves as friends and loved ones. This is why putting your souls needs first is so very important. When you are aligned and working for your souls purpose everything will fall into place. All of the struggles and heart breaks and negative feelings will wash away. You will understand why you were meant to be on this particular journey. And you will be free! Do not forget to live this life to the fullest because you never know when your last moment in this physical dimension is. Do not get so lost that you forget why you were brought here in the first place! Live from love and watch all of the beauty of this world unfold before you! Love & Light to YOU! 🔥


Let’s Smoke A Blunt 🔥 Feat: #Cassie #MeAndU Originally Released In: #2006 #Nostolgia • Remember yesterday, last week, or last year when you thought things wouldn’t turn around? When you thought you’d never get over losing that promotion or going through that heartbreak? Well look at you now, still out here doing your thing! The beauty about life is the opportunity to make it your own! To create your reality and to decide to wake up today thankful instead of being thankless! To be happy instead of being miserable! To be YOU instead of who the world wants you to be. Today is your chance to make a difference in your life and the lives of those around you! Choose love, choose acceptance, choose YOU! Believe you deserve all of the beautiful things in this world, because you do! Love and light to you pretty souls today! ❤️


Some Good Weed And Karaoke With: @Ms.420Gypsy ft: #NiceForWhat @ChampagnePapi • You are met with many obstacles on this journey we call life. It is not the number of obstacles you come across, but your reaction to each obstacle that matters. Meet each challenge with an open mind and willingness to learn and grow. Because after all that is what you are here for, why you are living out this human existences... to gain knowledge and understanding of the physical world! Focus on being open minded to new information and feelings that you come across. Do not allow the fear of the unknown to stifle your growth! Everyday is a new opportunity, do not allow the struggles of the past to be brought to the present. Learn, Grow.. and MOVE ON! Sending Love & Light your way! You got this shit!


What am I doing?! 😂💙 Dancing around like a crazy lady enjoying a little #JKWON #Tipsy circa: #2003 #2000s #2000smusic #00s • Even when everything is falling apart it is important to have fun. To enjoy every single day because the next ones not always promised! And I know times get hard and I know it can sometimes feel like EVERYTHING is going wrong. But it is important to be thankful for the little things. To understand that the path you are on currently is bringing you to the destination you prayed and manifested for! Never allow others to dull your shine and make you feel less than the amazing being you are! You can’t control others opinions but you can control how you react to their opinions! Come from love, live from acceptance... I promise it’s worth it! Have a beautiful and blessed day! 💙


The word attachment is defined as: “The condition of being attached to something or someone, in particular.” Now what happens when that comfort and attachment is introduced and the thing that you become attached to changes? You get upset and panic kicks in because the method of doing things that you are used to isn’t the same. So you become disappointed in that person or situation.. but this is only because YOU put power in that attachment in the first place! You have the power to create the future that you want. Make it a beautiful one! Love and light!


Everything that you go through is set up to get you to where you need to be. Holding onto negative emotions will not solve anything. In fact it will only bring more negative situations to your reality. Everyday won’t be perfect. But everyday is about what you make of it! You might see people with more material wealth and think “wow I wish I were them” .. not knowing how dark their reality actually is even with all the money they could ever need. Just remember not everything is always as it seems. People will always have something you think you want. They might have that new car, a new house, or a new boat.. but at the end of the day how is their soul?! Only you can focus your intentions on living a fulfilling and beautiful life. And when I say this it’s not based off of material wealth this is about the richness of your soul of who you are deep down! So instead of wishing you had what someone else has be thankful for the beauty and the gifts YOU have, before the universe takes that goodness away because you were too busy not appreciating what you had! Sending positive intentions your way today!


Blunt rolling with @ms.420gypsy 😂 Featuring: #InDaClub By: @50Cent #2003 #50Cent • The most important thing in this life is not how the outside world views you but how YOU view yourself along with how you see the outside world! No we won’t always have a perfect day, shit we might not even have a good week.. but there is GOOD to be seen in the little things everyday. That’s what is important to hold onto. The little beauty shown to us daily. If we focus always on what’s going wrong we will never be able to see what is going right! Live for this moment. Let go of fear! Let go of doubt! Let go of insecurities and live this life for YOUR SOUL! ❤️


smoking from my roach crystal and singing @nicolescherzinger’s part of #Stickwitu badly 😂❤️😜 (I try haha) #2005 #Nostolgia #05 #ThePussycatDolls #2000s #00s #Nostolgic • Everything in life is always changing for the better or for the worse. As much as we’d like to believe we are in complete control of every single thing that goes on in our life, and every single emotion we will feel.. that is not always the case. Yes we can manifest the life in which we want, but we cannot however control the steps, the struggle, the ups and downs that come along with fulfilling our manifestation. Just as as we cannot ALWAYS control how we react / feel ALL of the time.. we are human we are meant to feel.


#SugaSuga #BabyBash #2003 #03 Sometime your thoughts will make you feel as if you are drowning. Make you feel like you can not breathe. And sometimes it feels like you are fighting a losing battle with everything you try. But these battles, these obstacles are set in place to test your strength - to test how determined you actually are! Do not get discouraged and give up just because things get tough. Follow through with everything completely, keep persistent in everything that you do and see the beauty of your labor come to reality! They say nothing good comes easy and this is the complete truth. Nothing worth while will ever be easy, it is about putting in the work and energy in order to make things prosper! You got this! 💯 Love And light pretty souls!


You deserve every single thing that you want! Do not settle for what is easy. Challenge yourself every singe day to be a better version of you than yesterday! Get out of your comfort zone and explore the world! There is SO MUCH to see and experience. And a lot of the times life is about pushing yourself to DO different, to BE different. Change can be so scary, but it is always necessary in order to grow. Do not get stuck in your head and stuck in place! Go out and live your life as it is meant to be lived, to the fullest! Manifest the things in which you desire and focus your energy on the things that make you happy! Be the difference you want to see in the world. ❤️ Love & Light to you pretty souls today!


Blunt rolling with @ms.420gypsy 😂 • Stop and remember how amazing you are. Remember what a kick ass soul you are! This world can make us so cold. So heartless. Do not allow the negativity on the outside to dull your shine! Stay true to your soul. Be a good person. Live and act in a manner in which you would be proud to claim. It only takes a single second to decide to not be a dick. There are PLENTY of ass holes out here. We need some more good, decent, loyal humans! So take a step back and realize that not every action needs a reaction. Not everyone you meet is meant to be in your life for the long term. So focus on feeding your soul to help you grow, and focus on being the type of person you would want to meet. Do not let the bullshit you’ve been through in this lifetime turn you cold. Hold onto your light and spread that shit to everyone you meet! Love and light pretty souls! ❤️


How I roll my blunts 😂 • Even when shit gets real and shit gets inescapable, remember that you can do anything! And yeah it sounds cliche, but it is so very true. Regardless of outside circumstances if you are true to YOU at the core then nothing on the exterior will ever be able to take that away. The happiness and love you hold for yourself will always be there. Sometimes the outside world makes you feel alone or not accepted so you change yourself to please everyone else. The only thing that does is take a toll on your soul, because you are not living out your truth! Do not allow anyone to make you feel bad for being who you are. They can either accept you as you are, or they can move on! And as harsh of a truth as that is... it is the way to live. Believe in yourself completely, and know you deserve all of the happiness you desire! Do you, go after what you want.. and stay focused! Love and light to you pretty souls today!


Do not allow outside opinions to make you feel any less amazing than you are. Because you are so lucky to be you! You are blessed to be here experiencing life through these eyes. We can sometimes be the hardest on ourselves, but at the end of the day you need to be your biggest cheerleader! You need to be your number one fan. You need to remember who you are and what a wonderful soul you have! You are so amazing and beautiful and special! And it’s time to start reminding yourself of that everyday! Love and light to you pretty souls - have a kick ass day! ❤️


Today on my day of birth I am reflecting thoroughly on the past year and its lessons. Each year that passes it really amazes me as to how far I have come, but also makes me blatantly aware of how far I have yet to go! Remember, you are in charge of where you are going in life. Your focus and your determination is everything in leading you to your ultimate goal. Growth comes from stepping out of your comfort zone and taking a chance. By only doing things that are “comfortable” you will forever be stuck running in place. Take that chance you’ve wanted to take, make that move you’ve been too afraid to make... and take that leap of faith into the universe. Everything will work out as it is meant to, because the universe will always have your back! Do not be discouraged by road blocks because these obstacles are merely there to help better prepare you for your life path. Nothing good comes easy. Life is all about learning, and growing, and allowing yourself to let go and live in the NOW! Love and Light to you pretty souls! ❤️♉️


Nothing that makes your soul happy can be bad for you! Regardless of outside opinions! What is good for the soul is good for you! Sometimes you may encounter obstacles along the way, but there is nothing that falls across your path that you cannot overcome, and learn from! It is all about growth and being able to learn from the bumps in the road to gain a better understanding of the path you are on. It is all about understanding one another! Supporting one another! And growing together! Love And Light to you awesome souls! I appreciate all of the love and support that I do receive on this page! Without y'all I wouldn't be here, the kind thoughts and intentions I receive brings me joy, so I appreciate y'all!


In every moment that passes by we must remember to keep those we love close to our hearts as we never know when their time in this dimension will be up - stay close to the ones you love! Closeness is a beautiful thing. Letting your guard down and showing people the real you is beautiful! It can sometimes be a battle, but so worth it in the end! The reason this can sometimes be so hard is because we seem to ALWAYS be so worried about what others might think of us. So we mold ourself to what we think the outside world wants. And obviously this is not the way to go about things! Because FUCK the ones who do not support you for being you. FUCK anyone who makes you feel bad for living true to your soul! FUCK anyone who is not supportive of what you are doing because their opinion is not worth the stress! The only opinion you need to think about is what YOU think of the last move you just made! If it is bettering your overall life and making you a more loving person, then you are doing it right! Keep up the amazing strides you are making in this lifetime! YOU GOT THIS! 💯 @MasterP • @RomeoMiller • @Worldstar#IGotTheHookUp


IG cut my original video short for some reason 🤓🙃 So sorry for the repost of the exact same thing! 🔪😂🔥 • #Jumper#ThirdEyeBlind • #1998 • #98 • #90sMusic#Nostalgia • @ThirdEyeBlind • @MasterP • @RomeoMiller • @Worldstar#IGotTheHookUp • Take a moment to live a happy life in this glitch in time. Stay true to your purpose and live from a loving place, because it is the right thing to do. Only focus on making sure you are a better version of yourself in this moment than the moments past. If we focus less on out doing one another and more about helping each other this world would be a more beautiful place! Competition is healthy, but unnecessary, because if we work together WE ALL EAT - and is that not what we all want most? And to be honest, for me I'd rather eat with a bunch of people who have supported me then by my self! Support one another. Help each other grow! Sending love to you pretty souls today!