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shine on me


not all trails are created equal 💕 do you have a favorite? some of my favorite trails don’t even lead to my favorite views, but the trek is so scenic!


i haven’t been posting as much lately, i’m just not really feeling it right now. between the instagram algorithm, so many ‘sponsored’ posts, fake auto-comments, ads... it’s just feeling inauthentic and in-genuine to me. i still find inspiration here and am grateful for the connections i’ve made through this platform, but it’s not what it used to be and that’s okay, it means less screen time and more time spent IRL. 💙 okay, that’s my two cents today...


It’s not easy getting up at the crack of dawn when the pups are your big and little spoon, but once we’re out of bed, we’re stoked to take in the views! 📷 @dllln


Your favorites from 2018 ❤️ Happy New Year to all of you! I hope your year is filled with adventures, puppy love, truly good friends, success, and most importantly, happiness. 💫


Not being home with my family for the holidays doesn’t feel quite right, but between the headache of holiday travel, Damian’s grandma’s cookies, and celebrating Poppy’s first Christmas with her, I’m feeling comforted ❤️ Happy Holidays everyone!! I hope you’re right where you want to be this holiday season 🎄


sundays are for snuggling and sleeping in with this little nugget 💙


as we were traversing above these homes, set high in the dolomites, i had fun imagining what the area looked liked during the winter. i wonder if they have so much snow right now that they ski out their doors... 🌬


crazy to think this was just a few weeks ago - it’s a heck of a lot snowier up there now!


always trying to catch up to him, always falling behind smirking behind my camera


my best friend is coming to visit this weekend and i’m cheesin ear-to-ear!!! 🥰 on the itinerary: eating a whole batch of homemade cookies, drinking wine and complaining about being adults, and maybe even a little hike! 🥂


those wispy clouds and the bright stars sparkling through made for the prettiest night sky i’ve ever photographed


he’s my little sidekick ❤️


we had the place all to ourselves 💕