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every morning the mountains were socked in, but the sunsets sure made up for it


poppy, was it a little windy? 😂😭


we stumbled upon this church, perched perfectly on a hill, accidentally. we were driving around narrow country roads looking for a different church but our map had led us astray. and just as the clouds began to turn pink, we rounded the corner to find this! 🙌🏼✨


golden hour is pretty next level this time of year 🙌🏼🍂


it was a dusty weekend, but it’s always worth it to unplug in the playa (i don’t think i’m ever getting all the sand off my tent!)


winter is just around the corner, which means so are cozy nights by the fire snuggling with the pups and listening to records 💕 I can get down with winter


i was scrolling through my facebook feed today and saw this disgusting video of a pos beating his pit bull. we adopted charlie from the humane society three years ago, and to this day if i scold him by saying ‘badddd’, he pushes his tail between his legs and hunches down as if i’m going to hit him. it breaks my heart every time. thinking about what sort of life he lived before he came into ours makes me sick. all i can do is give this little man the best life i possibly can, love him unconditionally, shower him with treats + kisses, and keep that tail wagging as often as i can. 💙 i love you little man


a restaurant set in the clouds ✨


love me some yummy layers 💙


took my little lion to the desert this weekend 🦁


obviously contemplating taking a dip 😋


switzerland completely swept me off my feet… i’m not usually one to quickly return to a place after my first visit, there’s so many amazing places to see in the world, there’s no time to see a place twice! but Switzerland may be an exception to my ‘rule’ 😏


forever daydreaming about this place... ✨ do you have a favorite fairytale place?


taking my dad to portland this weekend to look at fancy furniture, eat too many @bluestardonuts (is that even possible?!), and get a little city time in. i love bend but sometimes i need a big city fix. (not pictured here: portland, or 😋)


snow is in the forecast but i have no idea where summer went?!


feeling that ocean itch coming on... i only made it to the coast once this summer, and that really doesn’t seem acceptable hah


charlie + poppy’s first canoe trip was a success! we have since purchased float coats for them, just in time for the end of summer haha 💁🏻‍♀️


i couldn’t tell you where they use that canoe but i bet it’s pretty spectacular