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not a bad place to call home...


every year @damianschmitt and i backpack up to this little alpine lake. this year we marked our third anniversary with the trek. with our lives as busy as they’ve been, all we wanted to do was disconnect from the real world and spend a quiet night under the stars with the pups. ❤️ i couldn’t have asked for a sweeter celebration


watching this little ball of fluff run around in the mountains brings me pure joy! #poppytheadventurepup 🐾


showing the swiss alps a little gratitude 🙌🏼 🙈


sun’s out tongues out 😂 these two make me so happy. they say dog owners live longer, and i don’t doubt that for a second - these little nuggets have me smiling and laughing everyday 💕


would you live in a car free village 7000ft above sea level, only accessible by cable car? this little piece of heaven had me seriously entertaining the idea...


caught at just the right moment... heart eyes.


i feel like this milky perrywinkle lake was made in willy wonka’s factor


my very little adventure nugget... it melts my heart how cute this girlie is


tonight will be the second night in our new home. three weeks of vacation was followed by a whole lot of ‘adulting’ and as hectic as it’s been, i’m really diggin’ this home ownership thing. who knew mowing the lawn would be so satisfying?! haha 🙈👵🏼 (pictured here: not my house hah)


in need of shade! this summer heat wave is kickin my butt! i’d also take a plate of nachos and a strawberry daiquiri 🙇🏻‍♀️


it took us hours of hiking to reach this valley in the dolomites, a valley some people apparently call home! i couldn’t help but try to imagine what the area looks like in the winter. how often does the snow get so high they can’t open their front door?! i’d say it’s definitely worth it to wake up to that view every morning - would you live here?


i’m having a hard time getting my butt out of bed for sunrise lately, so this picture is serving as a motivational reminder to myself to get movin’! Hah


directly behind this church, just beyond the roaming goats and a small stone wall, is the largest glacier in the alps. aletsch glacier is one of the biggest glaciers in europe, yet it’s shrinking. since 1870, it has retreated 2 miles, and that retreat is apparently happening faster and faster... seeing the negative impact that we as humans have on our planet is simply heartbreaking.


the day we hiked to this lake, we first visited Pragser Wildsee, a more popular, more easily accessed lake. we spent about 20 minutes walking around the lake then anxiously decided to escape the crowds, lace up our hiking boots and head on to our next lake of the day. from my experience, the longer the trek, the more magical the place, and this lake left me in awe. i don’t think i stopped grinning the whole time we were up here 🙈


i have some SUPER DUPER exciting news to share! @damianschmitt and i are officially home owners!! here’s to many more years of being in the high desert ❤️ and to our new home sweet home (@littlecitybungalow)


when the trails are as beautiful as the views


four years ago i packed up my car and drove from new york city to bend. 3000 miles now separated me from my family and longtime friends, but my journey in bend has brought new friends, new family and a new place to call home, and i wouldn’t have it any other way.