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*NEW MOON* in Aries + Mercury going Direct (4.15) marks a turning point for us all. This recent passage hopefully has brought us galvanizing growth, broader understanding, and self-forgiveness coupled with greater awareness of our actions and their effects. As a new cycle begins, we set forth with new understanding and are ready to seed our actions with our newfound inspiration. But patience is needed, as mindfulness is seeded with every step in its own good time. 𓏚 Cathy Pagano says, “a new mind-set, a new perspective is waiting to be born within us, and hopefully within our society. As you look at the news..for every attempt to turn the clock back on freedom, equality and environmental protections, you can see people rising up everywhere to stand against the regressive pull of old patriarchal thinking…we are in the ‘hero’s journey’ part of the Uranus/Pluto cycle where we have to overcome obstacles to make sure the new seeds of revolution and evolution planted in the 60s get stronger and spread their roots deeper in our collective consciousness.. Plant seeds for inner revolution and freedom.” 𓏚 Leah Whitehorse says, “Chiron is teetering on the final degree of Pisces, preparing to make his debut into Aries. With the Moon and Sun joining forces in fiery Aries + …With Mercury having just stationed direct in Aries as well, the energy of this chart is akin to a tiger being released from its cage..What we feel is raw, passionate and loud.. Uranus is an unstable, unpredictable energy yet it can also represent awakening too. We may feel jazzed up, electric, sparkling with great ideas that we want to set into motion.. But it is unpredictable. .pause for breath if possible. Take a moment, survey your surroundings, listen.. figure out our strategy first before leaping.” 𓏚 Simone Butler says, “No matter where you’re currently at, the upcoming New Moon will be your ally in embracing change..A quickening is at hand..You never know what inner seed pods will get activated when you surrender to the fires of change and allow new life to blossom.” Full download “ARIES” ART by MYSTICMAMMA Limited Edition Prints in shop 𓌕


Happy Solar Return Blessings to Baba Ram Dass!✨🌞✨ So much love and respect for this great soul and pioneer of consciousness who has been a pivotal teacher in my life and the lives of so many. #BEHERENOW (along with the I Ching) were the sacred books in my house and what guided me through my initial journey of awakening. I hope at a later time to share more about how influential he was for me personally not to mention an entire generation. Happy Birthday Ram Dass-ji! We are so grateful for you and the road you’ve paved 🙌🏽 Today “Going Home”, a beautiful short film by my friend Derek Peck, debuts on Netflix! It allows us a poetic glimpse into his experience and consciousness at this time. So worth checking, enjoy the treat! (Photos from Be Here Now, my original copy that I treasure, and Going Home) 👁✨👁


Thank you for your Patience 🌀Apparently its something we are all going to have to keep deeply cultivating this month! Energetic themes for APRIL 2018 are MINDFULNESS, PATIENCE AND BALANCE ::: The always wise and insightful Lena Stevens says: “This is a tricky month where we can be challenged at every turn. Impatience is not our friend and mindfulness is a necessary practice for survival of these times. We will need to pay special attention to what we say, how we act, and what we think… patience to accept and adapt when things do not go as planned. We will need to strive for balance around the fiery action that threatens to take us down into exhaustion, overwork and poor health. Anxiety is potentially a huge by-product of the energy this month as we try to navigate through all of what is coming our way. It is much like a run-away train. We will simply need to trust that the tracks we put down will hold, and the train will end up settling in the right place. We still have the brakes of Mercury retrograde, but when the foot is also on the gas, there can be a system failure and a burnout that renders everything non-functional for a time. This situation is likely to show up in the physical body crashing, or projects falling apart, forcing us to ‘slow down! To avoid this catastrophe, we will need to be mindful and patient, honor right timing, and balance our ‘doing’ with enough ‘being’, a tall order when there is so much landing on our plates!.. Things may not go according to your careful planning this month. Instead of being resistant and irritated at delays, changes and cancellations, be adaptable with neutrality, humor, patience and acceptance.” You can read full post (link in bio) ART by #MYSTICMAMMA “Mindfulness” Limited Edition Print available!


*FULL MOON* in Libra (3.31) is giving us all the feels. As always Libra teaches us about right relationship to everything in our lives. At this particular time, in this Year of Dog with all the planetary action at play and Mercury Retrograde, we are being asked to bring the focus inward and gaze deeply into the mirror of Self so we can truly come into right relationship with all our relations. There is so much that is out of balance coming up for reflection for each of us on many levels. Being conscious is being aware of the impact our actions have on others. We are all in relationship and our actions have rippling effects, whether we are aware of it or not. Now is the time to bring our focus inward and create some healing space for ourselves to self-reflect, so we can ground into Source connection, gain understanding, and bring about some good healing as we course correct. Dynamics will shift as we ourselves shift. So let’s harness our energy so can more consciously realign our actions with our hearts. 𓐒 Pat Liles says: “This Full Moon will bring into intense foreground how our relationships reflect like a mirror who we are and what we are grappling with in our inner realms.” 𓐒 Cathy Pagano says, “How do we ‘do unto others what we would have them do unto us?’ ..Our identity and destiny are aligned with others.. If we approach life with responsible action, we will benefit not only ourselves but everyone else.” 𓐒 Divine Harmony says, “An honest self check in is needed to see which edge is the edge you are being challenged to step into! ...The Dark Goddess is very involved in the Full Moon chart.. sees into the shadows and exposes what is hidden or toxic..Luckily..Venus who just moved into Taurus… reminds us (to) stay aligned with our deepest values.. receptivity and relatedness is key to healing right now.” 𓐒 Full download > ART by #MYSTICMAMMA 〇 New Edition of “HEART ALIGNMENT” Prints available 〇



So Mercury Retrograde has begun (3.22 - 4.15) and in Aries it will be something⚡️We will all be learning about patience, mindfulness and restraint. Personally and collectively, we will be looking at the ways in which our anger and frustration need to be dealt with and unraveled so we can transform our relationships. This is no easy task as most of us have never been taught how to properly communicate. I super highly recommend (if you aren’t already tuned into) the teachings and Audible book of *Nonviolent Communication* by the late Marshall Rosenberg, such a powerful and super helpful tool!! (link in full post) Divine Harmony shares, “The coming months of Mercury Retrograde (and the following Mars Retrograde in June/July/August) is a time to master our masculine side rather than indulge in reactivity, impulsivity and rashness.. Having the wisdom to see the long-term repercussions of actions taken and words said right now is key.. a pressure cooker kind of energy can be present in communications and interactions with others right now. Be aware and navigate with care! This is definitely an intense Mercury Retrograde- there is no way around that…Doing shadow work and self-inquiry around the triggers arising can be very fruitful at this time." Leah Whitehorse shares, “The point is to slow down, to listen first before speaking, to think before doing.. Silence may be exactly what is needed as we move into the retrograde period.. Beneath silence is the real conversation which goes beyond words… If we’re quiet, we can hear the call of our soul as it whispers ‘this way’ as well as hear what is unspoken between us.. Arguments could erupt around this period due to increased frustration with the slow pace.. Everyone needs to take a breather and stop revving the engine.. The best way to navigate this stormy period is to practice patience.. a willingness to listen will go a long way” Full DL 𓆃 Also check out Kaypacha's guidance up on site. Mantra: "The more I watch my temper, The more conscious I become, Of how I need to change my life, So I can have more fun!" Art by Paul Fouché, #MYSTICMAMMA


◒ EQUINOX ◒ There is a primal longing from the Life force within us, seeking to connect and feel a resonance with the Life force outside of us. ◒ Most of us have grown up in a culture that upholds illusional barriers between us and the natural world. But as we awaken to the wisdom that is experiential and older than Earth, we can reclaim that lost connection to ALL that we are. ◒ This universe that we are a part of is infinitely intelligent and alive ✨and the significance of the Equinoxes and Solstices is to function as a reminders of this. ◒ These planetary axes points serve as promptings for us to access our direct connection with Energetic Stream of Life on Earth. 𓉔 Like our ancestors before us, this is something we can only do for ourselves, for this journey of reconnection is experiential. 𓉔 To experience it we have to allow ourselves to feel with all that is, opening our receptivity centers and taking take a moment within time eternal to connect our hearts with the heart of the Earth. ༓ This pure simple act/intention can have profound effects. ⁛ We don’t need any intermediary. We are the intermediary. ⁛ We all have direct access to this stream of wonderful Life force that is you and me and the plants and the trees and the birds and the animals and the sun and the wind and the waters and all the invisible worlds from the micro to the macro that link us in the most stellar tapestry of Life. ◒ On this Equinox as our beautiful planet turns around the Sun to align its center with ours, let’s take a moment out of our busy modern lives to link with this pulsing Life force within and without. ◒ Let’s bridge the gap and become intimate with the Life stream that breathes us for the short time we are here on Earth. It’s a time to remember. 𓉔 And as the Earth and the Sun bow to each other, so do I take a deep bow to the Life force within you ⁛⁛⁛⁛⁛⁛⁛⁛⁛⁛all my love 💖MM (ART by #MYSTICMAMMA "Center" Limited Edition Prints Available)


ํ NEW MOON in Pisces on 3.17 is being called a healing Moon, for it will reveal much that is needing to be healed. With a lot of fiery energy in the air, it’s vital to take deep breaths, slow down and take time to turn inward for reflection and revelation. These seas must be traversed with much compassion for self and other. This current passage has the potential to bring about a great healing, as we feel and address the spaces that have been stirring deep pain for us. We have an opportunity to become more aware in the midst, opening our hearts and our perceptions. We are all in the ongoing process of personal and collective evolution, and everyday we are being challenged to surrender the choices that bind and open up to new way, while holding ourselves and others ever so gently. Pam Younghans says, “As we acknowledge truth, we transmute the fear and other negative emotions that have held us captive. Eventually, we emerge as more empowered beings, having learned that we are capable of navigating through the darkness. As a result, we do not merely survive the journey; instead, we triumph.” Leah Whitehorse says “if we’re willing to go within and allow for silence, profound soul healing can occur.” Chad Woodward says, “For those deeply sensitive, you might feel connected to the rising of collective fear, anger, and rage.. And reflected in that pain, is your own piece of it.. (it) can be emotionally overwhelming and acting out or projecting frustration could easily hit the wrong targets.. Situations which arise under this lunation are not as dire or hopeless as they may at first appear.. Use this New Moon as a dynamic starting point for learning to surrender.” Pat Liles says, “Here is the opening to take the deep dive into the Void – a deeper intelligence permeating all life. Here we are called to surrender our burdens as we are held by the limitless ocean of consciousness.. our own ability to forgive and accept ‘what is’ is strengthened so we may extend the same to others.. There is a time for being and a time for doing. This is most definitely a time for being.” Full DL > ARTby #MYSTICMAMMA “Opening” Prints available ํ


This was my maternal grandmother Olga Núñez Abaunza de Saballos. She passed away before I came into this world, but I continually feel her spirit so strongly by my side. On this international women's day I wish to honor her by sharing her story, for she was an early feminist who broke boundaries dedicating her life working for Women’s rights and Equality. She was born in the small town of Masaya, Nicaragua, and empowered herself through seeking higher education. For high school, she attended an all boys school and continued with her studies until she became the first woman lawyer in Nicaragua. Her thesis was on Woman's Role and Rights in the Nicaraguan Constitution. She then came to the US and continued her education in international human rights at John Hopkins and completed a Master's at the American University College of Law. During that time she attended many feminist conferences and served as a delegate to the Inter-American Commission of Women. She then went back to Nicaragua and got to work by becoming the first woman Vice-Minister of Education. She founded the Liberal Feminist Wing (Ala Feminina Liberal) on which she and two other women were the first women candidates to run for office. She ran on a feminist platform and became the first woman deputy to serve in the National Assembly of Nicaragua. She introduced many pieces of international legislation and by both her example and her actions, helped to empower women in getting an education and working for equal rights for all women. I marvel when I imagine what those times must have been like and the strength and drive she had to push through barriers and use her skills and will to create change. My grandmother and all our grandmothers are rooting for us to continue to move with our passions and use our voices and everything we have to lift and protect all women everywhere. On this day I pay homage to my grandmother and to all the women that have come before us, for their struggles and their triumphs. We have generations of women rooting for us. Happy #internationalwomensday (Photos of my Grandmother and her Nicaraguan stamp in 1975 for Int. Year of Woman)


Energetic theme of MARCH 2018 is CREATIVE ADAPTIBILITY ⁛ Lena Stevens from The Power Path shares: “Many of us are leaving February in a state of grumpy resistance to how things are unfolding both personally and globally. It will be both a challenge and a relief to have the opportunity to work with something new… It is time we change all that and step into a more proactive role in how we experience our lives… facing each challenge not with resignation, but with creative inspiration to find a new way…Adaptability is being open to change, paying attention to how it wants to manifest and then taking action. This is not adaptability in the old way of being flexible by resigning yourself to accepting a situation, but still harboring disappointment and resentment. Creative adaptability takes it one step further and actually uses the opportunity to try a different approach or make an actual change... embrace the possibility of something new that you haven’t thought of before… A good month to literally re-invent yourself by taking your attitudes, challenges, hopes, dreams, and current experiences of life, and creatively making changes to adapt to a new dream… The most important thing this month is not to stew, complain and wallow in what you think has failed or not worked out. Be patient, stay away from blame and look to what can be new and different by being creative and adaptable…The creativity comes in around how you adapt.” Full read www. “FLOW” Limited Editions Prints in shop ⁛


〇 FULL MOON 〇 in Virgo (3/1) on the Pisces axis calls us to ground our roots deep into Mother Earth to anchor ourselves through the emotional seas that have been surging. The more we open up, the more we feel, and the more attuned we become to the suffering of others and our dear planet Earth. The injustices and the tragedies are numerous and we are all aching for change. Virgo is the healer within, reminding us to embody our Spirit so we can bring forth real change in our lives for the benefit of all. Her medicine is love in service, and her practical magic helps us streamline our directive so we can focus on how best to be in service of our collective healing. 〇 Leah Whitehorse shares, “There are six bodies swimming with the Fishes. With Mercury, the ruler of this lunation amongst them, it could feel like everything we touch just flows through our fingers. It’s hard to contain and difficult to organize..What’s more, the atmosphere is super-sensitive.. Focusing on the practicalities, something Virgo is good at anyway, will help to channel the rising tide of emotions into something constructive.” 〇 Pat Liles says, “If your mind and head talk are holding you at arms length from self acceptance of all that you are, take up Jupiter’s offer to free you from the psychological skeletons.. turn over guilt, burdens and sufferings to higher power.. Your task is not guilt or suffering, but gratitude.” 〇 Cathy Pagano says, “we have the ability to dig deep into the soul, facing the wounds of this lifetime and many previous ones.” 〇 Pam Younghans shares, “Much is coming forward now that has been held hostage by our desire not to face reality. The revelation of truth may not be comfortable, but it is the first step toward finding solutions to our problems. What will we see when the veil is snatched away, and how will it affect our journey from here?” Full download ➸ ART by #MYSTICMAMMA “EMBODY” Limited Edition Prints in shop 〇


Today begins the Tibetan and Chinese New Year of the Earth Dog. After an extreme Year of the Fire Rooster, which stirred our passions and ignited us to rise and mobilize into action, we now move into the grounding energy of double Earth in this New Year of the Dog. 𐄢 Integrity becomes central in all we do, as we continue to re-build a more solid foundation that is rooted and aligned with our universal values of love and respect for all. 𐄢 In this cycle we ground down and take our power back. We use discernment with what we take in and consume in all ways, be it television, social media, thoughts, attitudes, the food we eat, what we buy etc. 𐄢 Dog shows us the importance of being loyal and how that deepens our relations. We are reminded to use our bark against injustice as we team up as guardians and caretakers of our planet Earth and all that we hold sacred. 𐄢 Chinese Astrologer and doctor Narrye Caldwell says, “The inevitability of change is a fundamental principle in Chinese astrology. And the ability to skillfully adjust to continually shifting cycles, is considered to be a longevity art. Wisdom tells us, that no matter what difficulties you are facing, no matter how hopeless or frightening the situation seems, if you wait it out, a turning point will come. The important thing is to maintain your composure, and recognize the moment when appropriate action will be effective. That turning point is now." Like Sting once sang, “There is a deeper wave than this, swelling in the world. There is a deeper wave than this, listen to me girl" Full post > ART by #MYSTICMAMMA "Loyalty" Limited Edition Prints available