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I created some free posters for us! We need all of our voices! #novemberiscoming ✊🏽 Dates to register to vote have already began to close in some states so make sure you are registered. You can download these activation posters for free at #hearourvoices #womenunite (please check @womensmarch for better chart of registration dates!)


🕊“Nothing is as important for the recovery of the feminine face of God as a rich and reverent understanding of the traditions of the world’s First Peoples. In them is preserved our original human relationship with Mother Earth in all her wisdom, humility and divine radiance. The songs, myths, rituals, and living customs of those native peoples 👉🏾who have preserved their truth against huge odds 👈🏾speak to us of the grandeur of earth, of the wonders of nature, of the mysterious and marvelous ways in which Mother Earth surrounds, sustains, and instructs us at every moment.” By Andrew Harvey and Anne Baring 🕊 #indigenouspeoplesday ART by #MYSTICMAMMA (“GROUND” from 2016 fundraiser for the Water Protectors at Standing Rock)


*NEW MOON* in Libra (10/8-9) asks us to honor that which abides within, as we restructure how we move in the world of relationships. It’s been a time of unearthing, sensing and deep feeling. There has been much upheaval as Truth rises to be acknowledged. More than ever we must remember that nothing goes unseen and our truth will always be a beacon when we stand in our integrity. We are in relationship with every single thing in our lives, and each relationship is our sacred mirror of Reflection. This is a powerful time of integration that serves as a catalyzing moment in our Soul’s journey to wholeness. We must be loving with ourselves during this time and find the time to connect deeply with our Soul. 𐬽 𐬽 𐬽 PAT LILES says “Venus is presently in Scorpio and retrograde. She’s empowered, going for inner truth, available for transformative experience. Venus in Scorpio is in the most powerful of the feeling-based water signs willing to go deeper into what motivates us, what is hidden, what is stagnant, what is called from the depths to be transformed. The path to awakening holds an early gate that all must pass through, the gate of self love, where we value the unique one we are, finding and holding our own internal integrity...” Full download link in profile ARTby #MYSTICMAMMA (New Limited Edition Release of “RELATIONS”


Energetic Theme for OCTOBER 2018 is Taking Inventory::: The wonderful LENA STEVENS shares: “As you continue to dig even deeper, dredging up ancestral patterns and imbalances in your relationships, you get to take an inventory of your life in a way you have never done before. ⁛ This inventory is very much about your relationship to everything you have and how you relate to it. ⁛ It is a month of discovery of who you are, what you have manifested and how you have lived. ⁛ Some of it will leave you gratified and pleasantly surprised as you discover hidden gems in your inventory, and some of your discovery may be challenging, disheartening or even painful. ⁛ The purpose behind taking inventory is to really see your life for what it is so you can make informed choices to change. ⁛ It will be important to stay out of self-judgement as you reflect on what you could have done differently or perhaps should not have done at all. ⁛ The beauty of this month is that it provides perfect timing for us to focus on our lives in a way that moves us through the log jam and into the current of what will better support us going forward.” ⁛ Read in full link in profile> ARTby #MYSTICMAMMA (“EXAMINE” Limited Editions Prints


Yesterday we witnessed what #courage looks like. Today our world is changed because of it. LEAH WHITEHORSE shared some insight on what is happening astrologically in the US chart at this time. She said: "In the US progressed chart, Pluto - symbol of power, control, transformation, abuse, the shadow, fear and sex is currently on the final anaretic degree of Capricorn - a sign associated with patriarchy, capitalism and the system. Venus, Goddess of love and harmony and symbol of the divine feminine is also on an anaretic degree in the progressed chart, the 29th degree of Aries...The two planets are tightly square each other, evoking tension...Pluto on the anaretic degree insists TRUTH must come out. But Pluto doesn't want to let go of the reins of power... The Sabian symbol of progressed Pluto currently is 'A Secret Meeting Of Men Responsible For Executive Decisions In World Affairs' (Yes, really!!!) Progressed Venus is being transited by Uranus - The Awakener. We cannot go back to sleep. This is the dawn of a new day. Venus will move into Taurus, the sign she rules, in August 2019. Right now it's hard and it hurts.. Pluto is like a crushing weight on top of Venus, the monster pawing the woman beneath. But soon Venus will be restored as Queen - and she will NOT be silenced." @leah_whitehorse #webelieveher


〇 FULL MOON in Aries (9/24-25) heightens our emotions bringing our heat to the fore. Our inner fire is our sacred gift to be used wisely to activate our life force into good use that inspires, warms and illuminates. But when it’s not rightly tended to, it can become a destructive force that devastates and consumes. Our job is to learn to work with our fire, to tend to it, like we would a small child that needs attention and let it speak to us about our innermost passion and needs, so we can shift to serve them. Let’s use the power of this Full Moon wisely, by allowing it to light us up from within, so that we can emanate and transmit its creative force and allow its warmth and passion to draw our tribe near. CATHY PAGANO says “It’s going to be an initiation and a stretch for us to listen to the voice of our soul rather than the chaotic voices of our world…the Aries lunar cycle begins with the question, who am I in relationship with others? …This Full Moon’s energy is enhanced by Mercury and Ceres in Libra, Chiron Rx in Aries and Saturn and Vesta in Capricorn. These three planetary energies are engaged in a new birth – a new way of being grounded in the Self yet opened to the Other… we can either spend our time being re-traumatized by our old wounds or finally free of them.. before his wound, Chiron was the mentor of heroes..that’s his function now if we let him mentor us into a true sense of who we are that doesn’t take away from who the other is.. heal the wounds to your old identity and mentor you into your new archetypal identity, with Love at the center.” PAT LILES shares “We’re reaching back to heal what alienates us from each other. .as we heal our own inner conflicts, we heal our ancestral lines as well. “ ROBERT WILKINSON says “Despite tremendous friction and pressure, this one helps us yield to our feelings so that we can make crucial choices at the threshold of a new life.. Find ways to decrease the heaviness and take care of yourself, or decrease your defensiveness to find ways to be the wisdom of your ‘Spiritual Adulthood’ in the world.” Full download ARTby #MYSTICMAMMA (“INCANDESCENT” Limited Edition Prints >


Excited to announce that the *2019* MYSTIC MAMMA Desk Calendar is ready! For the 3rd year in a row, I'm happy to continue to offer this creation that helps support the site and keeps us all tuned in to the larger planetary cycles. Featuring my Artwork + highlighting the *NEW* and *FULL* Moons and what sign they are in, when Mercury Retrogrades begins and ends, and the upcoming Equinoxes and Solstices! * Printed on 100% Recycled Paper + Re-claimed pallet wood +Recycled Paper Gift Box + Tree Planted with each Purchase 🌲 Thanks so much for your continued support! 💗 (Link in profile)


Happy *EQUINOX* friends!! ✨ The Equinox portends a shift for all of us, and functions as a gateway from the old into the new, from one season to the next. ✨ Like a cosmic clock attuning us to the larger rhythms of the natural world, it asks that we take a moment and ground ourselves into the present, into our heart space. ✨ Whether we are in the Northern Hemisphere transitioning into Autumn, or in the Southern Hemisphere welcoming Spring, this a sacred time to check in and ask ourselves, what matters most to us? ✨ Who are we at our core level? And are we living our life in accordance to what we hold most true? ✨ What resonates so strongly in our hearts that it brings tears to our eyes? What is worth living for? What do we want to work toward? ✨ In every moment we have the opportunity to awaken to our life. Our soul is rooting for us to have the courage to become exactly who we are. ✨ We have been in the belly of collective transformation and it’s been quite a ride. As we drift in and out of the fog, the great Eagle reminds us that that the sun is simultaneously setting and rising on our horizons. ✨ May we deepen our connection to our truth, our hearts, our power, our great Mother Earth who holds us, and the invisible vibration of Creation that pulses and breathes with all of Life. With all my love! MM ✨ Enjoy posts on the site for Ritual ideas and inspiration ✨ “HEART SPACE” Limited Edition Prints


*NEW MOON* in Virgo (9.9) reminds us to anchor into our wholeness. Like the original meaning of the word Virgin, “a woman whole onto her Self,” she knows that by abiding in her wholeness, she is able to discern clearly and choose wisely, separating the wheat from the chaff. Like our Holy Sacred Mother, she reminds us to stand tall in our heart offerings, embodying our sacred duty to be in service to the whole. ⁛ Sarah Varcas says “this Moon sets out a clearer path ahead which starts right where we are, not in some distant place we think we should be by now! ..We can see ourselves as we truly are and in doing so identify what’s needed to address challenges and capitalize on blessings...(It) makes space to look with clarity upon our life to see where and how we need to shake ourselves awake.” ⁛ Pat Liles says, “We are working diligently at tidying up our karmic debts from the past that stand in the way of holding more reverence for Spirit and more light of consciousness.. The down side is getting lost in self-defeating delusions and addiction, telling ourselves a story to cover over the suffering we experience and do not express.” ⁛ Robert Wilkinson says, “Uranus is teaching us to listen to our inner voice to find our place in the Cosmic Choir... We’ve all been learning to ‘sing our song’ within a greater harmony.. This has meant changes in both who we’ve been singing with as well as songs being sung in different life contexts. Remember that in any choir, there are times to sing unisons, times to sing harmonies, times to sing solo, and times not to sing at all. Even when we’re not singing, we’re still part of the choir. What is your part to sing? Be as clear as you can about what you can offer to the harmony of the whole, and keep training to bring it forth!.. This New Moon will help us release a lot, learn a lot.. and become more whole and less inhibited or worried in some way… letting go of things that block our heart.. finding power despite the imbalances through seeing things from a higher and broader spiritual angle.” Full download > Artby #MYSTICMAMMA New Edition Release of “WHOLE” Limited Edition Prints


:::Energetic Theme for September 2018 is Restructure -Recalibrate::: Lena Stevens from The Power Path shares: “We are busy pulling out the last pieces of old wounds and patterns, the last threads that are keeping things put together in an old and outdated way. We are leaving the old comfort level of known territory and moving into the unknown.. This final dissolving is leaving us fragmented and somewhat ungrounded... We may even feel like there is something wrong with us that we are not functioning like we are used to. Welcome to September! The good news is that there is tremendous support for restructuring and recalibrating your life in all areas.. It will take courage, be uncomfortable to your identity, and you will have doubts along the way.. There is however an underlying excitement, inspiration and enthusiasm that this is the right path and there is some comfort in knowing that there really is no option at this point but to move forward. The other word we could use is ‘remodeling’. Remodeling takes place when you wish to improve something. The process creates upheaval and chaos until it is complete. During the remodeling, you need to be flexible and resourceful to survive. And when it is complete, you have a new form, structure and space.. A challenging but productive month for personal growth..  take all experiences as ones that are leading you forward.” Check Lena’s detailed guidance in full > (Link in Bio) ARTby #MYSTICMAMMA “Recalibrating” (Limited Edition Prints available


⚪️FULL MOON⚪️ in Pisces (8.26) is calling us from her watery depths urging us to take the time to go within and bathe in the sacred waters of our Soul. We need time to be with our Soul to listen and discern all that we are moving through. The triad of summer eclipses have washed over us transforming our inner landscapes. Now we turn within to forage these changes and make the choices that will nourish us to the depths. ⚪️ Robert Wilkinson says “This Full Moon brings forth lessons of learning to trust ‘the god within,’ and go deeper into the transformational process… We have had about 9 weeks of withdrawing from old projections.. This Full Moon will help us become perfectly clear about what works and what doesn’t, what we need to do quickly to move into new effective realms of activity, and tunes us into the larger ‘feeling field’ in which we all live, even when we’re unaware of the soupy quality of the collective unconscious. There’s a lot of ‘cutting, grinding, and polishing’ energies in the air at present, and any sense of unfairness, inequality, or exaggerated vanities will be obvious for all to see… remember our integrity, and evaluate the integrity in situations we find ourselves in.” ⚪️ Pat Liles shares, “Seek out the watery places near you and make an offering for the ‘flow’ in your life. As this is a Moon of great compassion, you can offer her your burdens and sorrows and ask her to use her strong power of the night to turn them into love and kindness for all.” Full download > ARTby: #MYSTICMAMMA (“Soul Speak” Limited Edition Prints


*NEW MOON* Solar Eclipse in Leo 8.11 ⁛ Oh the power of presence. Our presence=our power.  In each moment we live we have the opportunity to stand in it. Truly stand. Our Lion heart is so big. Our need to connect and feel loved is so strong, but sometimes looking for that external validation is what trips us. Our inner Queen and King remind us to abide in the heart of Love. Roar who we are relative to Creation. Feel in our body that we are worthy and wonderful. With compassionate love for Self, respect for Self and trust in Self, we can safely stand as Queen and King of our own jungle. Our inner well is continually filled through our connection to the land and this animate universe that we are part of. Once we are filled from that inner well we can step forth with maturity,  poise, and a compassionate open heart ready to hold our pride. When we anchor that acceptance from within, we create a sense of safety that allows for all to come out and play so together we can revel in the deep passion of Life. ◉ Leah Whitehorse says “At a solar eclipse, the Moon (the unconscious) takes bites out of the Sun (consciousness/ego), eating away at it until we’re in the dark. Often, we’re uncomfortable in the dark. Things look different. Shadows merge together to form strange shapes and nerves tingle as we try to figure out what exactly we’re seeing. This is the nature of the eclipse. It turns off the power to the conscious mind/ego and forces us to confront what is in shadow..The key is to sit with the dark.. Our hearing becomes more acute in the dark to compensate for our eyes.. stop for a moment, listen, pick out patterns.. What is revealed now will be a lesson on how to find the light within and shine brilliantly from the heart.“ ◉Cathy Pagano says “The great alchemical work we are engaged in is to bring our soul’s passion and purpose into the world, despite the forces that work against our individuation…A solar eclipse is an extra powerful New Moon that weaves together our solar consciousness and our lunar consciousness...So take time to meditate, imagine and listen to Spirit so you can shape those new seeds of solar light.” ARTby #MYSTICMAMMA L.E. Prints