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Dear friends of the heart, for the past 10 years, I’ve devotedly tended to the MYSTIC MAMMA website for it to exist, purely, as a reflective well of our collective wisdom. I’ve felt it’s been my dharma to hold that space for all of us, to the best of my ability, to transmit an expanded consciousness by carefully selecting and sharing resonant soul guidance that flows to us from so many varied wisdom keepers, from present day and across the ages. I created it as a result of a direct assignment given to me from Spirit in 2007 to help anchor this energy on the planet for us. Since it’s inception in 2009, it pioneered a new vision and look from what was previously considered “New Age” to a fresh contemporary aesthetic, which spoke to our collective energy and evolution. Since then, the landscape has transformed greatly, and those that have been on this journey from the early years can attest to the profound transformation that has taken place in our collective and “social” landscape. For better and for worse, it’s all been a part of our unfolding. Which brings me to today, the beginning of 2019, ECLIPSE+NEWMOON in Capricorn, making clear what needs to be released in each of our lives before we can truly move forward. We are all shifting and expanding in monumental ways, and as a fellow sister on this journey, the time has come for me to flow with the current energy of endings and new beginnings that this ECLIPSE heralds. A new way has been wanting to emerge for many moons and the time has come for me to give way to this metamorphosis. This is not a goodbye, but like a caterpillar going into her cocoon, I must let go of the old form, so I can truly move into a new expression. This is something that, on one level or another, is occurring in each of our lives. I am deeply grateful to each of you for your support through the years. These are powerful, transformative, quantum shifting times we are living in! I’m so excited for what’s to come and I really look forward to sharing with you what will emerge! My Art shop will remain OPEN + active where you can find my 2019 Calendar+Prints! Love you all. Here’s to new horizons in 2019! ARTby #MYSTICMAMMA *POTENTIAL*


*FULL MOON* Cancer Moon (12/22) within the Solstice *vortex* anchors us into our hearts. Mother energy, the ground beneath our feet, holds us steady as we walk this journey on. It’s been quite the year, feeling the depths, the limitations, the injustices. So much heartache in the collective. The Mother feels it all. And through it all, through all the challenges and the obstacles on the path, she brings comfort and understanding. So on this FULL beautiful Grandmother MOON, wrap a blanket of comfort around yourself and your loved ones. Like her, reflect the Sun’s light until, the Light returns. The beauty is the remembrance that it will. 〇 LEAH WHITEHORSE says: “With the Moon strong in her own sign, this lunation takes place at a magical time of year..The great wheel of the year this is holiday season too, this is often a poignant time of remembrance. Cancer is associated with family, home, ancestors, history, memory…squares from the Moon and Sun to both Mars and Chiron may mean we feel absences more sharply during this time. Difficulties we encounter during this period may have Cancerian themes such as parent-child dynamics in our family or relationships or issues connected to where we live. Work-life balance too could generate some heated feelings… with the lights at ‪zero degrees‬ of their signs, there is a strong sense of the promise of things to come.. We can’t go back. We can only move forwards..This is about changing the guard, raising a new standard. What we aspired to in the past isn’t relevant any more. Give yourself a hug and a pat on the back. You made it! The old fight is done, let it go! A new year is almost upon us.” 〇 ROBERT WILKINSON says “This one is extraordinarily mobilizing, and many will shift direction or allegiances in their lives.. remember that many things are ‘tidal’ right now, so learn to feel which way the tides are flowing and you’ll make progress despite the imbalances, cross currents, and general inner and outer friction! .. “Keep laughter in your heart as you move into the future, and claim your power to live a more effective life!” Full download ‪‬ ART by #MYSTICMAMMA “Comfort” L.E. Prints mysticmammashop


Solstice Blessings::: Born quietly from the deepest night 🌀 A poem offering from the late great John O’ Donohue: “No one knew the name of this day; Born quietly from deepest night, It hid its face in light, Demanded nothing for itself, Opened out to offer each of us A field of brightness that traveled ahead, Providing in time, ground to hold our footsteps And the light of thought to show the way. The mind of the day draws no attention; It dwells within the silence with elegance To create a space for all our words, Drawing us to listen inward and outward. We seldom notice how each day is a holy place Where the eucharist of the ordinary happens, Transforming our broken fragments Into an eternal continuity that keeps us. Somewhere in us a dignity presides That is more gracious than the smallness That fuels us with fear and force, A dignity that trusts the form a day takes. So at the end of this day, we give thanks For being betrothed to the unknown And for the secret work Through which the mind of the day And wisdom of the soul become one.” ~John O’ Donohue (GIF by #MYSTICMAMMA )


⦁NEW MOON⦁ rising in SAGITTARIUS ‪on December 6th‬/7th, same day Mercury goes Direct. There are many moving parts right now as our worlds are being recreated and renewed. Sagittarius New Moon coupled with Mercury going Direct is unleashing an inspired energetic stream moving us toward liberation as we long to explore new pathways and new avenues. The energy is exciting, fiery and inspired wanting to dismantle and begin anew. But we must be mindful in harnessing this energy and take caution against going too far into extremes. Rather than getting carried away, we can harness this deepening force asking us to face and creatively engage in the transformation afoot. For on the deepest level, it is calling us to rise and meet our own deepest needs and longings. May we navigate these changing tides with grace and ingenuity! ➸ APRIL ELLIOT KENT shares: “Sagittarius is a freedom-loving, papa-was-a-rolling-stone kind of sign.. You may feel a strong urge to roam.. Where you feel trapped, you will find yourself yearning to wriggle free. But you don’t have to firebomb your entire life and start over.” ➸ ELLIAS LONSDALE says of the Chandra Symbol: “Resiliency to keep finding a way to do it, to keep discovering how to get through the deepest quandaries, the greatest karmic traps.” ➸ LEAH WHITEHORSE says of the Sabian Symbol: “If we constantly expect others to ‘feed’ us, ultimately, we end up feeling empty because we don’t know how to feed ourselves… Everything you’re searching for is right here, right now. Reality is shaped by your beliefs.” ➸ And ROBERT WILKINSON says, “Do not drift, or allow the fogs and seductions of mass consciousness to confuse you.. reconnect with the sources of Life and Love at the core of your being, and open to the coming freedom to move onward and outward into broader horizons of Inspired Mind.” Full download ➸ ‪‬ ARTby #MYSTICMAMMA “RENEWAL” L.E Prints ‪‬


December 2018::: Dear friends, as times are changing, our truest guide is our own inner truth. It is the compass by which we know what direction to take, which way to move. ⁛ On a subtle and not-so-subtle level, we are affected by the thoughts and energies that enter our stream of consciousness, our field. ⁛ Some can bring a great sense of expansion, connection and deepening, while others can instill fear, or define reality and our choices in limiting ways that are not empowering. ⁛ The purest diet is to drink directly from the mana of Life itself which streams from our own hearts and our own Being. ⁛ While our natural tendency is to become explorers of the outer world, seeking connection, guidance and clues in the external world, the exploration of the most quantum intergalactic kind is that of the inner journey within, as we become direct explorers of consciousness. ⁛ Thus the true witnessing and beauty unfolds from the lotus of our own heart as it rises to meet us. ⁛ And so to say that no matter what the weather report currently is, what the collective energy of the times we are in is, we always have the power to move into a new frequency that allows our full truth to bloom, become unbound and simultaneously held in the Real prairie of vibration and feeling. ⁛And so perhaps for some of us this month, it will be about navigating this SHAPESHIFTING from the way it’s been, toward the new that’s emerging. How do we transition? Step by step, tuning in to our own Self for the guidance that is directly available to us. And above all, by staying true. Time to become ever so vigilant to our sovereignty and our ability to choose what is right for us. ⁛ LENA STEVENS mentions in her theme for December 2018 that we are working with 2 key energetic patterns this month, a stabilizing force and a de-stabilizing force and that we have to work together with them to “creatively make the changes” we need to make. Read more ‪‬ ART: “INNER TRUTH” L.E. Prints in shop ‪‬


This framed “Ambassadors of Spirit” 11 of 22 Limited Edition Print is part of a Fundraiser raffle for @saphichay and @speaknahuatl organized by my dear sister @mariacauldron All funds help support indigenous language and culture revitalization. Lots of wonderful gifts on the fundraiser page, you can scroll to choose tickets for the individual prizes of your choice. Go to @mariacauldron for link to raffle ❤️


*NEW MOON* in Scorpio (11/7) teaches us about Life and Death, the SEEN + UNSEEN, the meaning beneath the words, and the new life that awaits us when we allow ourselves to go beyond the Known. ⊹ With Eagle as her Guide, She sees the Landscape she is embedded in more clearly, and CHOOSES with her Divine Will, A New Point of Assemblage, A New Foundation as her point of Reference, that informs who she is from an INNER PLACE, Resetting Her Compass To New Frontiers. ⊹ ::: Cathy Pagano says “we get to settle into the watery depths to renew ourselves.. and lovingly deal with our Shadows.. Healing, mothering energy will do the trick. Open to it.” Pat Liles says, a Grand Trine in water signs further suggests “the receptive, feminine way of the water element, staying truthful to our hearts, speaking our truths, and forgiving the experiences we needed to experience in this lifetime (or any other lifetime)” Divine Harmony shares “We have a rare event of Solar and Lunar gates aligning- a Hierosgamos, a sacred marriage in the depths.. massive endings, releasing, letting go and completion of old karmic patterns.. a linking of Alpha (New Moon) with Omega (Samhain)- we are at the moment when the Ouroboros eats his own tail symbolizing eternal return. Something massive is ending, something quite significant is about to begin- and right now we are in that fallow period where the degree to which we can let go, surrender.” And Leah Whitehorse adds “There are things we must release to open a door to a fresh start. It’s about being open to going into Scorpio’s deep waters. Let yourself FEEL.” Full download ART: New Ed. Release of “TRANSMUTE” 12” x 12” in shop #MYSTICMAMMA With love from the depths❤️