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A lakeside gem: beautiful buildings perched on the shore – a perfect example of Ticino charm. In the region around #LakeLugano in @ticinoturismo, houses are built directly on the shore. Delightful, isn't it? Want to enjoy the same view as @withlai? Then make sure to take the Magic Tour offered by Lake Lugano Cruises. From @luganoregion, you can visit the most beautiful spots by the water. Who could fail to be moved by these magnificent views? 😀


From large to small: the #Talalpsee is like the little brother of the #Walensee in @glarnerlandtourismus. You can hike from #Filzbach – directly on the shore of the idyllic Walenseee – to the much smaller but no less beautiful Talalpsee in around two hours. If the climb is too much for you, you can take the #chairlift in Kerenzerberg and cut out at least two-thirds of the walking. Feel free to get out your fishing rod when you reach the mountain lake... There are lots of #pike here. But make sure you’ve got a fishing licence first! An easier option is to buy your food: Restaurant Talalpsee has heaps of tasty dishes on offer. Thanks for the wonderful photo, @haus_stef


#Lavaux: vineyards, views of the lake and... jazz! The @montreuxjazzfestival is world-famous, of course, but did you know that there’s another high-calibre #jazzfestival just a few kilometres away? The village of Cully has been holding the @cullyjazz for the last 30 years. The secret of the event’s success is to present renowned artistes in intimate locations. And what better place for jazz than on the shores of #LakeGeneva? A glass of local wine, the sun glimmering in the water, enchanting cafés and period architecture – the perfect backdrop for the playful tones of the trumpet or the saxophone. Thanks, @markies for this great photo!


Could you describe #ValPoschiavo as unique? Of course! Here are some good reasons why: Firstly, the valley is one of the few areas in @graubuenden where Italian is spoken. Secondly, because it is served by the #BerninaRailway – which has @unesco #WorldCulturalHeritage status. Thirdly, in Val Poschiavo you can find #crotti – stone igloos that have been used since primeval times to store food. Fourthly, it has picture-postcard scenery throughout the valley, as the photo by @dado_pola shows! Fifthly... we could keep counting for ever, but it’s best if you visit the magnificent Val Poschiavo and see for yourself. :-)


When the curtain falls... an idyllic lake suddenly appears. To be precise, #Arnisee in the Canton of Uri. This tranquil scene is at 1,370m above sea level. You can reach it in a mere three minutes from the upper station of the Intschi-Arnisee cable car or in around 20 minutes from Amsteg-Arnisee station. Surrounded by forests and meadows, the lake entices you to linger. In summer, there are lots of hiking options here – from a 20-minute family stroll around the lake to a slightly longer hike up to Alp Furt. There is something for everyone here. Please note: the Intschi-Arnisee cable car will be closed until the end of May due to conversion work, but the Amsteg-Arnisee cable car will continue to operate. Thanks for the photo, @as.phohography


Spring in the front, winter in the back ;-). This picture shows perfectly, what spring has to offer in Switzerland: we have something for everyone. If you can’t wait for summer, you can go hiking. If you haven’t finished with winter yet, you can still have fun ski touring in the mountains. Are you a summer or winter person? This magnificent photo by @sandro_pollinger was taken in @valaiswallis, looking towards the Massa Gorge. This impressive gorge was gouged out by water from the largest glacier in the Alps – the Aletsch Glacier. You can traverse the gorge in the company of local mountain guides. What are you waiting for?


#River Aare + #Burg (castle) = #Aarburg. @lik_photography has done justice to the town’s name by including both features in this photo. The town is on a bend in the river, a little to the west of #Aarau. The huge fortress and church preside proudly over the settlement – and have (probably) done so for nearly 900 years. Times were wild back then, and proper town defences were essential. The Canton of #Aargau is particularly well endowed with #castles and #fortresses. It is home to more than 40 noteworthy, historic strongholds.



Somewhat like a #LunarLandscape – the #EarthPyramids of #Euseigne are extremely unusual rock formations and are unique in Switzerland. If you look more closely, you can see that the tapered stone towers have “small” stone hats, although considering that they weigh up to 20 tonnes, small is probably not the most fitting description. Euseigne is located in Val d’Hérens, south of Sitten in the Canton of @valaiswallis. Thanks for the photo @thefulfilment


#Sun-kissed #LakeLauerz – is one of a number of similar captions that we could give to this photo by @yingxingdelia. You can enjoy this view from the Mythen Region in the Canton of #Schwyz. The first stage of the journey up #GrosserMythen mountain is by #CableRailway from #Brunni. From the upper station, a pretty exposed albeit well-secured mountain path takes you up to the peak. We don’t need to describe the breathtaking view that awaits you at the top; you can see it for yourself – magnificent isn’t it? :-) The mountain flank that shines in the sun belongs to, another mountain highlight in Central Switzerland.


The capital of peace – @genevatourism. The #city that sits beside the eponymous lake gets its charming nickname from its humanitarian traditions and its cosmopolitan flair. And it really does look peaceful here doesn’t it? :) The gigantic #fountain that you can see in the heart of Lake Geneva is also known as the Jet d'Eau. It shoots water 140 metres into the air. The story behind the city’s #landmark is simple: its former purpose was that of a standard pressure relief valve. Thank you for the photo @deensel