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Hello #Walensee, don’t be shy! The small bit of water hiding behind the mountain is the western edge of the lake, which straddles #StGallen and #Glarus. In the centre of the photo, you can make out the small houses of #Amden and in the background are the peaks of the Glarus #Alps. But enough about the view – you probably want to know where you can experience this panorama for yourself. Simple: from the summit of the Leistchamm, a mountain at the edge of the #Churfirsten range in @toggenburg_ch. The easiest place to begin your ascent is from the Arvenbüel bus stop (located roughly where the houses are in the photo). The hike itself isn’t quite so straightforward, with a 900-metre climb and descent over a distance of nine kilometres. But as you can see, the view at the top is worth the effort. Thanks for the great photo, @worldinsteps


Is there a better way to end the day than with a sunset? Well… perhaps with a sunset over the lake. This photo by @reneschaedler shows #LakeZug @inlovewithzug in hues of yellow and orange at sunset. You can see this view for yourself from #Walchwil. The wine connoisseurs among you may have already heard about Walchwil pinot noir, which grows here thanks to the mild climate around the lake. And that’s not all. The slopes of Walchwil’s local mountain are also home to chestnuts and even figs! So to answer our question: the best way to end the way is with a sunset while enjoying a fine glass of wine and some tasty figs ;-)



It may not be the famous Creux du Van – but it sure looks like it! On closer inspection, it’s the #Wandflue – something to add to your bucketlist. The area around the Wandflue is full of surprises – or did you know already that the ridge used to be under water? It may sound strange, but it’s true. The Wandflue is part of the original #Jura chain and looks over #Bettlach in the canton of @visitsolothurn. In the photo, you can see part of the 50-metre-high rock face. The mountain chain rose up millions of years ago… back when #Solothurn was under the Jurassic sea. The region had a tropical climate and the shallow sea floor was covered in dunes made of fine sand-lime. The original sea floor was then squeezed together into the “folded Jura” ten to five million years ago. So dive in… I mean climb up and enjoy the sights! Thanks for the great photo, @mischagasser!


Bonjour Pierre Avoi! Pierre who? We’re not talking about a person but a peak north of @verbier in @valaiswallis. Its French name is translated as “the rock you have to see”. Although at 2,473 metres, it’s a bit bigger than a rock – and offers a beautiful panoramic view. @gasparottorayana definitely had that in mind before heading up the mountain to take this great photo of the sunset. A hike up this mountain never disappoints. The sweeping views are spectacular – from #GrandCombin in the south to #MontBlanc, Aiguille du Midi and #GrandesJorasses in the west. Have a good hike!


Dark, foreboding clouds swirl over the #Steinsee on the #SustenPass in @madeinbern and create a magical atmosphere. But what makes the pass and the mountain road especially majestic is the view waiting on the other side. Walk down to #SustenHospiz from the pass and experience a remarkable panorama of the #Gadmental and #SteinGlacier. The tip of the glacier extends into the Steinsee, as you can see in this photo by @denny.jay_. But it’s not only the views that make this place a must-see. The Susten Pass is the gateway to one of the most spectacular pedestrian suspension bridges in the Alps. It’s called the Trift Bridge and is 100 metres above the glacier. The best way to get there is by postal bus from #Meiringen in the direction of the Susten Pass. Change at #Nessental and take the cable car up – it’s then a 1.5 hour hike to the destination, where you can expect the full Swiss package with views of the lake, pass and glacier.


This photo by @michelphotography_ch shows a typical, balmy midsummer evening. It perfectly captures the warmth, beauty and colour of the Swiss summer, as the sunflowers bask in the setting sun over Buch am Irchel. Where is that exactly? Buch am Irchel is a municipality in the region around #Winterthur. It’s about a 20 minute drive to the town – with views like this, it’s definitely worthwhile. Did you know that Winterthur is home to Europe’s biggest continuous pedestrian zone? So it’s perfect for shopping or simply taking a stroll through the town to one of 17 museums. What’s more, Winterthur is extremely green and is often referred to as the “garden city” thanks to its many gardens and parks!


No, this isn’t Ireland… although the lush green hills may look similar. This photo by @insan0r shows part of the #Walenpfad – one of Switzerland’s most beautiful high mountain trails located in @engelberg.titlis. What makes it so remarkable? Not only can you enjoy an exceptional train journey and scenic Alpine views, but cable cars are also available at the beginning and end of the trail for convenience. To really enjoy the fantastic panorama, however, you need to work up a sweat – the route is 560 metres up and 670 metres down. En route, you can enjoy goat’s milk, goat’s cheese, meat and yoghurt at Alp Oberfeld. And at the top of the Brunni chair lift station, you can make a stop at the “Kitzelpfad” (tickle path) around Härzli lake. Take off your shoes and tickle your senses as you walk on various natural surfaces. So, where to next? Ireland or the Walenpfad trail?


Feel like a prince or princess at @ChateauChillon, the most visited historical building in #Switzerland! Hardly a surprise when you consider the castle’s idyllic setting. Perched on the shores of #LakeGeneva, its 25 buildings and three courtyards can be explored on a discovery tour. But Chillon Castle isn’t the only local highlight. Board a boat to #Vevey @montreuxriviera and you can meet someone very special: Charlie Chaplin! Not in person, of course, but his statue ;-) The former country estate of the Chaplin family was located in Crosier-sur-Vevey, where today you can trace the history of the famous man with the bowler hat at The museum offers an insight into Chaplin’s work as a director and actor as well as housing some of his original film decor. So, what are you going to do first? Visit Charlie Chaplin or the castle like @christofs70? Thanks for the great photo!


Hot, hotter, Switzerland. With temperatures like these, any ways to cool down are welcome, whether in the mountains, in lakes or in rivers. Have you ever been to the pretty village of #Brugg in the heart of @aargautourismus? You can enjoy a dip in any of the three different rivers that converge here: the #Reuss, #Limmat and #Aare. One of these is the longest in Switzerland and travels an impressive 291 kilometres from its source to its estuary. Do you know which one we’re talking about? Tip: it also flows through our capital city ;-) If you’re looking for a place to cool down without having to leave your local town or city, you’ll find plenty of inspiration on our website – simply search for “cool urban oases”. Thanks for the great photo, @_mojotheone_


Did you know that part of the Matterhorn is in Africa? What? But the Matterhorn is on the border between Switzerland and Italy?! What has Africa got to do with one of Switzerland’s most well-known and highest peaks? We’ll tell you! But you have to go on a short journey back in time. The reason for this strange fact can be found millions of years ago, when the Alps were formed by the collision of the African and European tectonic plates. This caused sediment and volcanic rock from the African tectonic plate to be thrust up, traces of which can still be found today in the region of Zermatt. This means that here you find a concentration of African and European rock as well as marine sediment, such as – you guessed it – the peak of the Matterhorn, which consists of rock from the African tectonic plate! Consequently, part of the Matterhorn indeed comes from Africa – at least geologically speaking. So, next time you go skiing in Zermatt, you’re actually not just visiting two countries on the same day, but two continents: because you can actually ski from Switzerland to Italy in the ski region @Zermatt.matterhorn. And if you belong to the mountaineering elite, you can also make the ascent to the Matterhorn’s African peak ;-) Thanks for the photo @alex.yurko