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The is a multitalent. The mountain in the @ilove_lucerne region has everything a mountain heart desires: Multiple #cableways and trains up to the peak, tobogganing and hiking trails, #snowshoetrails and #skipistes, wellness programmes through to #paradgliding, as @flootograph shows us so beautifully in his photo. But it’s also got something for those of you who want to do nothing at all: Enjoy the fabulous views; either across the #seaoffog, with the mountain peaks emerging in the distance, or, when the weather’s clear, across picturesque Lake Lucerne.


I pack my rucksack: #skis, #fishing rod, #climbing rope. A strange combination? Not when your destination’s called @melchseefrutt in the @ilove_lucerne region. Depending on the season, there’s a whole lot to do here, in the middle of #CentralSwitzerland. #Winter is entirely given over to snow sport, as enjoyed by @pamhuegli. In the #summer, on the other hand, the Melchsee is an enticing lake for relaxed fishing, and the surrounding rock faces are a draw with sporty climbing routes and ascents. There’s something for everyone in the smallest of spaces, just like Switzerland itself. :-)


After just over one hour by #train and cable car from the city of @ilove_lucerne, you’ll find yourselves on the #Klewenalp in the canton of @nidwalden_com. The contrast couldn’t be greater: From urban life into sweeping #nature, from overcast skies to high above the #seaofclouds and from the #lakeshore to two metres of #snow... That’s how it goes in Switzerland ;-) Incidentally, if you’re embarking on the journey onto the Klewenalp, pack your #skis or #snowboard – you’ll be in your element on the pistes! Thanks for the photo, @christianbetschart!



@engelberg.titlis is a refuge for the wild at heart. It’s the meeting place for insatiable fans of winter and ski freaks who crave deep snow – and the location in @obwaldentourismus in the @ilove_lucerne region has indeed developed into THE freeride location par excellence in recent years. Can it be because of its central location? The monastery village’s charm? The warm and welcoming locals? Yes, probably – but, with absolute certainty, the biggest freeride draw is the mountain backdrop, the #snow, and the dream descents that go with them! Join in on a skiing course: Get your skins on to conquer the peaks, and as @cloudsn puts it so brilliantly: Drop in!


With descents like this the everyday life is far away. But who wonders with his view? The 30 kilometre large skiing area Moléson-sur-Gruyères in @fribourgregion is the most important winter sports resort in Fribourg. It includes a funicular, an aerial cableway and six ski lifts – with unforgettable slopes and descents for both, beginners and advanced skiers. In addition, you will find numerous snowshow trails and a four-kilometre toboggan run. So what are you waiting for? Cancel your appointments and off in the snow! Thanks @lagruyere for this shot!


Which way’s up and which way’s down? Difficult to say given the virtually perfect reflection. @michel.visentin photographed this beautiful sunset by the #Schwarzsee – a small mountain lake in the Swiss Canton of Fribourg. Did you know that close by you can immerse yourself in a fairy-tale world of ice and light until mid-March? Two kilometres away, ice artist #KarlNeuhaus will enchant you with a world of ice and snow – complete with caves, grottos and fantastic ice formations in the “Schwarzsee ice palaces”. A fantastic family experience that you definitely can’t miss out on.


#Charmey holiday resort in @fribourgregion is surrounded by lots of fantastic viewpoints. One of the most beautiful is the one from #Vounetz. From here you can see the mighty peaks of the Vaud and Fribourg Alps in the foreground. Behind them you can see all the way to the Dents Vertes and even Mont Blanc in France. And the #LacDeMontsalvens reservoir glistens far down in the valley. You can reach the Vounetz by cable car. Up here, six ski lifts, a snowpark, illuminated cross-country ski trails and various snowshoe routes await you – not to mention a wonderful view. 😍 Thanks for this great photo @lagruyere!



Bonjour & hello Fribourg! Did you know that Fribourg, Bern and Valais are Switzerland’s three official bilingual cantons? This means that the capital @fribourgch is bilingual too – a pleasant medieval city that boasts old façades and lovely fountains. The tower on the photo is the 74m tower of the gothic cathedral of #SaintNicholas. Climbing its 365 steps is well worth the effort: from here you can enjoy a great view of the city and of the Fribourg Pre-Alps. Thanks for the photo, @fribourgregion and @pierrecuony_photography!



Who wouldn’t want to drink their morning coffee here? No way we would say no :-). Depending on how the light falls, the #Schwarzsee in @fribourgregion shimmers in various colours – from black through to turquoise. You’ll find the Schwarzsee holiday resort around the mountain lake against a backdrop of rugged limestone mountains – the gateway to the family-friendly #Schwarzsee region. 22 kilometres of pistes and signposted snowshoe trails await. And as soon as the ice is thick enough, the frozen lake is open to ice skaters, walkers and cross-country skiers. A great winter sports region for young and old. Who knows where the Schwarzsee gets its name from? 👇🏽Thanks for the great photo @carim83.