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92 metres high, 280 metres long, 1.4 metres wide and weighing 57 tonnes – this is the Goms Bridge in @valaiswallis. The bridge opened three years ago and spans the #Lama Gorge, connecting the hiking areas of #Bellwald on one side and #Ernen on the other. It’s accessible all year to hikers and cyclists. Whatever time of year you cross it, you’ll be rewarded with a spectacular view of the #Rhone and surrounding scenery. A circular trail leads over the #Mosshubel hill to the historic gallows at Ernen, where things get a little macabre. In 1447, the high court for the whole tithing of Goms was assigned to #Ernen. Not all thieves were immediately condemned to death here: most of them escaped with prison sentences or fines, while some were put in the stocks. Happily, times have changed! After visiting the village centre, you continue the hike to #Mühlebach, which has Switzerland’s oldest wooden village centre complex. Then it’s back over the suspension bridge to Fürgangen, ending the hike where it began. Thanks for the great photo @miracolei


“I’m sexy and I know it” – we laughed at the caption that @michelphotography_ch came up with for this great photo, taken in @zermatt.matterhorn. The question is, what is sexier? The goat striking a pose in the foreground – or the Matterhorn in the background, which always leaves us speechless? We really can’t decide. And if you’ve never seen the Matterhorn in real life, it’s definitely time you did. Not only is it one of the highest peaks in the Alps, it’s probably also the most photographed mountain in the world. The Matterhorn experience is for day-trippers, hikers and mountaineers alike. If you’re a day-tripper, you can get a wonderful view of the mighty mountain from the #Gornergrat or #Rothorn. If you’re hiking the five lakes, it makes for a stunning backdrop. And if you’re a mountaineer, you can scale it as part of a two-day tour. But whichever way you choose to see it, the Matterhorn should be on your bucket list.


Length: 23 kilometres, weight: 11 billion tonnes, ice thickness: 900 metres. This is the Aletsch Glacier – the longest river of ice in the Alps. @aventouro, who you can see in this photo, looks spellbound by the beauty and size of the glacier. You can get a good view of the glacier from a number of vantage points, such as the #Bettmerhorn above the #Bettmeralp. But perhaps the most impressive way to experience the gigantic #seaofice is to take a guided #glaciertour. Led by an experienced mountain guide and always well secured, you can walk across the ice. And if you’re brave enough, you can even abseil down one of the immense crevasses. It’s an experience you won’t forget in a hurry. Unfortunately our glaciers are also receding – which is sad to see. Let’s make sure we all do our bit for the environment so that we can all enjoy the beauty of the glaciers for many years to come. Thanks for the photo, @aventouro and @long.explorer.


No, that’s not a painting. It’s real. Beautiful, isn’t it? The shot was taken by @mindz.eye in @ilove_lucerne and shows the #JesuitChurch – the first sacred #baroquebuilding in #Switzerland. Although the church is 350 years old, it is as stunning as ever and easily recognisable from a long way off. And if you think it looks good on the outside, you should see what it’s like on the inside. Google it, or better still, go and visit in person. We promise you won’t regret it. Oh, and if do go to Lucerne, you really must take a trip up one of the local mountains – #Pilatus or #Rigi. To see why, click on our account and check out Tuesday’s post... Thanks for the photo, Michael!


Green, gold and white: the wonderful autumn colours of Grindelwald, which you can see in this picture by @cbezerraphotos. In the summer months it’s a hiker’s paradise, while in the winter months you’ll find the biggest ski resort in the Jungfrau region here. But no matter which season you choose for your visit to @grindelwald_eiger, one thing never changes: the imposing mountain scenery – featuring the world-famous Eiger north face and the Wetterhorn. Did you know that the north face of the Eiger is one of the most spectacular and difficult climbs in the world? Eiger expert and mountain guide Marco Bomio once said in an interview that it was easier to climb Mount Everest. Which makes it all the more surprising that the first ascent of the Eiger north face actually took place as long ago as 1938. So if you’re a professional climber, Grindelwald is not to be missed. And if you’re not – and you prefer to take things a little easier – don’t worry: the region has an unbelievable amount to offer anyone who visits.


The Bernese have a saying about their city: “Bärn i ha di gärn”. Which means something like: “Bern, you are in my heart”. And when you look at this photo by @michelleahunziker, you can see why. Beyond these trees with their beautiful autumn colours is the old part of @ilove_bern – and hidden behind the clouds are the snow-covered Alps. On a clear day, you can see them towering above the city. When you ask people what the #capital of Switzerland is, they often say #Zurich or #Geneva. But in fact, it’s Bern. Just a few steps away from the main railway station is the #ParliamentHouse, the official seat of government. It is usually open to visitors. And if you’re lucky, when you visit you will bump into a member of the government. They tend to walk around quite normally without any fuss. As anyone living in the city will tell you, it’s not unusual here to see a high-ranking politician walk by! Thanks a lot for the great photo, Michelle!


Turn, turn, turn... Here’s how it looks in Switzerland when autumn goes and winter comes. Did you know, researchers at @lifeatkings in the UK have found that autumn colours – like the gold of the leaves on these trees in the Engadin – can ward off stress and depression, and lift your mood? So it’s good that @engadin.stmoritz is one of the Swiss regions with the fewest foggy days, according to a study by @ethzurich. But enough of all this research. Come on, what are you waiting for? Head for the Engadin, where you’ll find scenery straight out of a picture book and the Swiss National Park, giving you a fascinating insight into the plant and animal world. There’s also the fresh mountain air and snow-covered peaks to enjoy. Thanks for the wonderful photo, @rthommenphotography.


"The Swiss Stairway to Heaven": that’s a nice description by @mindz.eye, who took this great shot on Pilatus, the mountain overlooking @ilove_lucerne. Standing here on a clear day, you get a fantastic view of Lake Lucerne and as many as 73 Alpine peaks beyond. Amazing, isn’t it? How to get there? Well, it depends where you’re starting from. You can take the world’s steepest cog railway, which has a maximum gradient of 48%, from #Alpnachstad to Pilatus. Or if you prefer to travel by gondola, we recommend the new Dragon Ride aerial cableway, which carries you flying straight to the summit: the ride from Fräkmüntegg takes just three-and-a-half minutes. But whichever you choose – cog railway or aerial cableway – we can tell you it’s definitely worth the trip! Thanks for the photo, @mindz.eye.


As you know, red and white are Switzerland’s colours 🇨🇭. But they’re not just the colours of our flag – you’ll find them in our scenery too, as you can see from this beautiful shot by @sebastianmzh. The photo shows the world-famous Landwasser Viaduct, covered with the first snow of the season. Beautiful, isn’t it? At 36 metres long and 65 metres high, the viaduct is the biggest and most imposing structure on the 63-kilometre #AlbulaLine, part of the @rhaetischebahn. The line runs from Thusis @graubuenden to the spa town of @engadin.stmoritz – over an incredible 144 bridges and through 42 tunnels and galleries. No wonder it’s revered as one of the most spectacular narrow-gauge railways in the world.


The great outdoors – right on the doorstep of the city. Believe it or not, this picture was taken just a few kilometres outside @aarauinfo. And that’s not unusual for Switzerland. Not only will you find plenty of green spaces within Swiss cities themselves, you don’t have to travel far to get out into nature itself – so you can easily combine your city break with an excursion to the surrounding forests, meadows and mountains. In this photo by @dimitri_w, you can see the landscape around Oberhof in the canton of @aargautourismus.


What happens here when it rains? Don’t worry: the Diesse Tower in @neuchatelville does have a roof – it’s just that you can’t see it. The impressive tower is in the heart of the old town of Neuchâtel, which lies on the shore of the eponymous lake. If you love culture, you’ll find the tower is a real treasure trove, with its art works and galleries. There are plenty of discoveries to be made in the surrounding area, too. Neuchâtel Castle is one imposing landmark, situated on a rocky outcrop and with a fantastic view of the lake. The Collegiate Church, another unmistakable feature of Neuchâtel, is also close by. And if you are looking for something a little less grand but equally interesting, take a stroll down the city’s streets and alleyways, where you’ll find wonderful little cafés, restaurants and boutiques. Thanks for the photo, @federico_magini